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E.C is infection Backed up
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Published: 5 years ago

E.C is infection Backed up

People who have eczema be it just on their hands or face and no other place usually have itching and inflammation on their skin which flakes and sometimes crusts a bit like e.c.
sebbhoric dermatitits is eczema of the scalp otherwise known as dandruff (Macmillon guide to family health). Its usually on going, they do not have peeling cycles. Its also often begins with itching, and irritation of the skin.
My lips don't itch, never have, nor do they become inflamed unless I did something silly like put neat T tree oil on them. My condition did not start as an irritation, or scratching. My lips were fine I was 12 years old I bit them a lot one day, the next day they were very dry I bought chapstick and then they started the peeling and crusting and flaking etc, I went from 24 hours of not having e.c to 30 odd years of living with it, it took place in a space of 2 days. I now know that mine was self inflicted trauma and I now know I infected myself with my saliva and the biting
opened the door to infection, mine was not on ongoing build up to e.c one day I didn't have it next day got it.
So people with eczema don't have peeling cycles like we do their skin flakes and it is on going. When mine peel the skin is smooth until we lead up to the next designated peeling day according to what condition they are in, if peeling is within a 3 day period (skin is usually in a soggy state), 5 day period (skin is being more betterly maintained),if it peels within the average 7 days then the skin is being well maintained as best as can be as long as the sufferer avoids getting them wet in the shower, drinks with a straw, avoids foods like speggetti sauce, then on day 7 maybe or on day 8 the finally the predisposed
peeling will take place like clockwork as if their is a time factor involved in the skin shedding which there is and will explain later.
Yes E.C. the origin of it is a messed up immune system,
infection got in and we can't over throw it, perhaps this is the similarity we share with eczema sufferers but like I said my sysmptoms are somewhat different in regards to itching, and the way the disease came about into my life and the condition of my skin which does not have dandruff like flakes never has done, just straight forward peeling.
IMURAN and Daniki, Jsl you say when she got cured that Imuran does not destroy infection that it weakens the immune system and kills the white blood cells you are almost right. Basically you misunderstood what Imuran does so here goes. Imuran is the trade name for Azathioprine which is an immunosuppressive drug, it is a Cytotoxic drug (check Azathiprine and cytotoxic in Wiki) the cytotoxic activity of Azathioprine AKA Imuran invades the T cells of the persons immune system and produces toxic granules containing enzymes to kill pathogens (medical speak for bad bacteria, microbes etc..etc..etc.)in those infected cells.
As you may know the T cells are a part of our immune system (the good guys) what's happened is that they have become infected by pathogens ( bad microbes) so that they have become traitors as it were in our body and to our health, and the cytotoxic drugs like Imuran target and kill them because they are a danger to our health. It actually said in Wiki and in another study I read that the microbes once they have entered and broken through into the white cell whose job it is to protect us they move in and continue to replicate their disease inducing poisons in the cells making us sicker and sicker so the cytotoxic drug is a bit like the equivalent of a nucleaur bomb which kills them and the fallout of this, is that anyone who has used Imuran will be susceptible for major infections because the bodies resources will have been used up in fighting that particular major infection. That is why Imuran and cytotoxic drugs are used in medical situations as in liver or kidney transplants where the bad microbes, the pathogens or destroyed so that they do not jeopardize the success of the operation by creating infection. So they are killed to prevent infection.
Check out American Osteopathic College of Dermatology,, then look up Azathioprine
and Imuran.
Daniki got healed because the Imuran knocked out at a very subtle level of infection (which I hope I have explained was coming from her infected T cells, that was the cause of her e.c and was coming out via her lips. You will realise that Imuran is not always a guranteed cure for eczema. Doctors don't know how to cure this kind of disease its like the luck of the draw if whether its going to be steroids that will do the trick or olive oil, Imuran or prayer. You will also notice that some organ transplant patients given immunosuppressant drugs like Imuran die because of organ failure sometime due to the body rejecting the treatment, this happens. When we talk about the autoimmune system we enter into the world of microbiology, where the microbiota of each of us is so unique and is effected by our diet, race, sex, health, climate, etc. it is so varied that doctors can't have a pat cure for all of us with our various illnesses and meanwhile microbes are
growing and morphing into different pathogens all the time. how do you think MRSA came about?
So outwardly we all have e.c but inside our bodies its all different, so one person uses Vaseline and says it helps their condition, another says, no Calandula is better,
another says No both Vaseline and Calendula are both Bull.... that's because we have diffent microbiota inside which affects the medication we use. Tacroliminus is another immunosuppressant and targets the sick infected T cells as I have previously covered, it is also cytotoxic, it is a major Staph buster which is why Denial got cured, my condition never looked like Danikis, more like Danial's
but not as bad, like Danial I read he said he never suffered with inflammation just peeling.
Yes e.c could be triggered by an allergin , lip stick or notoriously in my case Chapstick, but I got infected because my immune system could not protect me, what effected me doesn't bother a person with a healthy immune system we keep coming back to that, and we got this way by the way we eat,live, were inoculated, given Antibiotics , acutally WS always talks about this I only realise now how important it all is while researching this condition that we have.
So the reason I keep mentioning infection is because where the skin weeps or is broken infection is a given in that situation, the lipid bilayer of our skin in e.c is also hardly there andso we don't heal and the infection continues.
So what we have is a combination of a weakened autominnune system and infection in our lips and because bacteria notably staph which is behind nearly all skin problems has a cycle of 7 days in its behaviour, is that cycle familiar to anyone?, in SSSS (scalded skin syndromw a horrible condition which is like e.c of the whole body as well as eczema where the staph live off the bodys' skin layer and exfoliates the skin in a 5-7 day cycle check out SSSS on internet and you will see it being staph related I dont't rule out fungus or yeasts just that Staph has this 5-7 day exfoliating period. Fungus is in comparison similar but has an on going flaky skin situation there is no exact 5-7 day skin exfoliation deadline as it were.
From Text....."Staph aureus produces proteases and targets proteins (skin Lips) and produces exfoliative toxins a poisonous substance which causes superficial cells of the epithelium to detach and shed. Staph produces hyalaurondise enzymes which digests the tissue of connectivity of host(your lips). It also produces lipase and Eats Oils, so that the bacteria can colonise the skin more easily"
From Foundations of Microbiolgy by Kathleen Park, Talaro and Barry Chess," The brackets are mine FYI.The pathogen "
It eats oils" is that why why our lips are like they have no sebum in them, and no matter how much we try to moisturise them they will stll eventually peel. Is that why when I used Noxema when I started to suspect infection my peeling went from day 7 to 16 they obviously did not like the carbolic and other anti-infectives that were on the menu now. Staph has a 5-7 day period of where they digest protein as mentioned in the scholarly research by Katleen Parks et al and they go to the next fresh layer of skin when they have finished with the top layer, I explained all this in the post the Science behind exfoliative cheilitis. By the way Staph aureus is THE bacteria behind the flesh eating bug I am not sure how many of you are aware of that, so with this and other pathogens as yeasts etc is why derms and doctors have a problem in curing this ailment, you are all perhaps also aware that your immune system which is uniquely your own blueprint plays a part in your cure, since what cures one person fails with another. The infection of Staph and beyond lets use pathogens the whole shing bang lives in our guts, is in our saliva, and in the stratum corneum of the lips, the mouth and lips all of course being connected to the alimentary system there is no way we can separate any one part from the rest of that system, so the pathogens continue to live in our guts, saliva, stratum corneum, and the last stop is your lips which the last thing to happen is that the skin drops off.

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