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Flushing Stones From The Liver Does Not Require Oil or Lemon Juice
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Published: 8 years ago

Flushing Stones From The Liver Does Not Require Oil or Lemon Juice

- "I have had success with the olive oil flush procedure, but I have found that by clearing out the colon and doing a coffee enema alone yields more stones and material." -- Rob

- "I have passed "tomato seed" light tan stones with only a coffee enema. My Mom has passed 30-40 pea-sized green stones using only the enema. She was having active GB attacks / abdominal distension and a lot of pain when she did them." --Curezone Member

- "The green stones are definitely gallstones. How do I know this? Because I've passed them myself when I've eaten NO olive oil. I've seen plenty of bile in my life since we raise and kill our own chickens. Bile is a very bright green. One day I had a pain in my gallbladder - not severe, but a mild pain. A day or two later, in the toilet I saw, a bunch of what looked like bright green peas floating." -- Laurel

- "Around the time I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, I was having a lot of gallbladder attacks and after each one ended, I noticed there were beige and green balls floating in the toilet the next day." -- Reagan

-- "I have also passed stones from Epsom Salts alone, before I drank the olive oil mixture. This is how I know Stephen "Quackwatch" Barrett and other big pharma snakes like him are 100% wrong." -- Curezone Member

- "I got a couple of medium stones out the very first time I did a coffee enema. While releasing the enema, my abdomen made a gurgling sound and when I looked into the toilet I saw the green stones floating among the debris. They looked exactly like the stones that come out with a liver flush." -- Jerome

- "Some people including myself have seen gall stones purged just by using the coffee enema itself. But nothing compared to the good ol’ Liver Flush when it comes to confronting gall stones, sluggish liver etc. If you are in a mood for experimenting a really powerful flush, just add a table spoon full of Epsom Salts in your coffee enema and you will see the difference." -- Curezone Member

- "The green stones from the liver and gallbladder flush are made from the bile that is made by the liver and stored and concentrated up to ten times it's strength in the gallbladder. I have released the same green stones from doing the coffee enema by itself which has no green pigments and where no olive oil was consumed. I have also released stones with the castor oil pack and The Master Cleanse fasting drink. Liver disease patients have reported passing these same green bile stones after Water Fasting because they were too sick to eat and water does not have any green pigments either." -- Jordan

- "I just took the second Epsom Salts drink, couldn't go to the toilet so took a water enema and passed about a dozen very large stones after a series of bowel movements. They were lime green. I'm quite pleased to be passing stones firstly on apple juice alone, and secondly before even drinking the olive oil mixture." -- Curezone Member

- "My preferred method of flushing is a combination of Niacin (Vitamin B3), Epsom salts and coffee enemas to establish a safer flush experience. The coffee enema not only dilates the bile ducts but also stimulates the liver to go into a detox dumping mode. I can't say enough about the coffee enema, it is an integral ingredient in the Liver Flush protocol. People, including myself have released liver and Gallstones by doing the coffee enema itself." -- Fatty Liver Website

- "Quite a few individuals, including myself have sometimes passed green cholesterol stones on the evening of the flush, even before the oil mixture was ingested. Others have reported releasing stones during the apple juice phase, all without the help of oil. The stones that come out on their own have no different shape, size, smell or color than the ones released during the flush. " -- Andreas Moritz

- "It is a medically proven fact that millions of people regularly pass a huge volume of green sludge, sometimes consisting of Gallstones after eating a very fatty meal." -- Andreas Moritz

- "I personally experienced over forty gallbladder attacks over a period of ten years and my gallbladder was packed full of stones, causing a painful, short spinal scoliosis. Since my first liver cleanse, I have never experienced another attack. The scoliosis along with all of my other health problems vanished after my 12th cleanse and since then, I haven't yielded any more stones during my yearly maintenance flushes." -- Andreas Moritz

- "Thousands of people have reported releasing stones of all different colors: black, yellow, green, white, beige, red and tan. Olive oil doesn't have coloring agents in it to produce stones of different colors." Andreas Moritz

- "Olive oil does not assume the putrid smell that emanates from most released gallstones. The smell is unlike that of any fecal matter. " -- Andreas Moritz

- "The olive oil mixture does not even go through the liver, as it would if it were combined with food. Therefore, during the liver cleanse, the liver does nothing but release Gallstones and bile. Neither the liver nor the small intestine can act as a soap stone factory." -- Andreas Moritz

- "Because of intolerance to olive oil, some people have used for example, macadamia nut oil during their cleanses and released precisely the same green-colored stones. Cholesterol stones that exactly match these green stones are found in the bile ducts of dissected livers." -- Andreas Moritz

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