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Re: After taking several drugs my symptoms keep coming back. I know I have tapeworms but maybe others???
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: After taking several drugs my symptoms keep coming back. I know I have tapeworms but maybe others???

Very nice write up my friend,

I think this through every day and it infuriates me - I use the fury to fuel my studies in Naturopathic Medicine and, once becoming licensed as an ND, to go up on stage and help put this medical tyranny to an end.

Doctors not only ignore the root causes of illness, but work against the body's own healing efforts by suppressing symptoms. Symptoms are the body's own survival responses trying to heal itself, to regain equilibrium or prevent death.

People are told by their super-hero in a white lab coat that symptoms are big green monsters out to kill them, their family and their dog. From this perspective, attacking and suppressing symptoms makes sense, so they cling onto the practitioner as if he is the hero - meanwhile what he is actually doing is preventing the body from healing itself and ignoring it's root cause, therefore bringing the person closer to death's door and the statistics prove that.

120,000 people drop dead every year from the side effects of properly prescribed, pharmaceutical drugs, and another 2,000,000 are injured. 75% of drugs come from natural medicines in the first place, so not only are there natural, non-invasive replacements, but the active ingredients are being stolen from nature and then nature is being suppressed under the name of quackery. The only quackery that exists is the medical philosophy that makes it's patients believe that nutrition is bad and drugs are good. I don't care what kind of a drug it is, a statin or heroin, a drug is a drug, which carries out massive collateral damage on the body - hence the long list of side effects and risk of death each pose onto their patients. Every five minutes, someone drop to the floor and breathes their last breath, all in the name of attempting to gain instant relief and gratification through symptom suppression.

"Conventional" medicine is now the leading cause of death in America, killing over 780,000 people annually. If this isn't enough of a sign that burning, cutting and nuking the body goes against the laws of health, I don't know what is.

Some examples of symptom suppression:

LDL Cholesterol found throughout the arteries; Is a patching mechanism for scars and abrasions along the artery walls due to thickening and hardening, mostly caused by protein poisoning, smoking and of course, pharmaceutical drugs.

The Doctor, without doing any real investigation on how these arteries became so brittle or informing them that by simply eating oatmeal for a matter of days, the problem can be solved, he immediately prescribes a statin (anti-cholesterol) drug, which forces the liver to stop producing cholesterol. This is like having stone masons come into your home to fix the hole in your wall, and you pull out a gun and shoot them because they are in your way and smell like cigarettes. Not only is LDL required for patching arterial walls, but is needed to construct and repair healthy cells, so by doing this, you are doing the patient a great disservice and breeding more symptoms to appear as a result down the road, hence the long list of "side" effects.

Osteoporosis; Is both a survival response and a result of poor digestion and absorption of nutrition. It is no coincidence that those who suffer from Osteoporosis often complain of bloating, gas, indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome. When food is not digested properly, bone building cells cannot keep pace with bone deterioration. When foods aren't digested properly, they also acidify the blood, causing the body to pull alkaline calcium from the bones to maintain pH balance and prevent stroke due to poor oxygenation to the heart and brain.

Without finding the root cause of indigestion, Doctors just hand out calcium pills and drugs like candy to create a nice little, residual income stream for big pharma. Taking pure calcium on a residual basis has been proven to increase risk of stroke, kidney and Gallstones and calcification in the brain, breaking the blood brain barrier, leading to symptoms of Alzheimer's.

In almost every single case, the root cause is poor bile output, due to a highly congested liver with chronic volumes of inter-hepatic Gallstones blocking the bile ducts throughout both the liver and gallbladder. I personally suffered from this and as soon as the last batch of stones was released from my liver, my bones immediately returned to high density and began growing back into their original structure.

Depression & Anxiety; Almost always due to either subconscious overload or blocked bile ducts. To say brain chemistry is the condition itself is like saying rain is the root cause of a flooded basement. Millions of people are on anti-depressant drugs, which have been proven to increase suicide risk, increase risk of stroke and spinal fracture by 40 percent and suppress the immune system. Depression and anxiety are the easiest conditions to cure. Hypnotherapy which focuses on resolving all emotional retention from the subconscious cures Depression and anxiety every time. Liver congestion can also cause it, so Liver Flushing may also be necessary.

Every symptom which they have somehow convinced people are diseases is a survival response carried out by the body itself.

To suppress a symptom is to suppress the body - what they are doing is a crime against humanity,

The great news is that people are waking up at a rapid pace, and the day will come when the truth is brought to light,


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