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Re: Okay everyone, let's talk about your Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program is doing for you....
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Okay everyone, let's talk about your Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program is doing for you....

Thank you for your kindness. I have also been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer this year. three doctors have told me I will did as I refused chemo.

Hope is healing Jinzo and Dr Schulze said he gave people hope and since he curd 90% of his patients many given up and told to get their affairs in order or incurable, his hope was real,

Our negative emotions and fears are very connected to our health and immune system..I attribute my severe negative thinking, 35 year depression, continual worrying and anger and resentments to my cancer as a very contributing factor.

Since you have a kidney program, I strongly suggest you fully read my big thread on what can help. One lady said my words and that of someone on YouTube inspired her to change her diet and life and she reversed her kidney disease form stage 5 to normal shocking her doctor. In her case, her diet was very bad--the SAD diet-- and going vegan and including many raw and healthy foods was enough to reverse it but I always recommend a very comprehensive program which is what I plan on doing for my cancer once I get more organized.

it is very important when doing the incurables program to not leave anything out..Schulze said some people left parts out picking and choosing and they did not get well..they later redid it doing it all and they did get well so doing it all now can save a lot of time and money.

I know in the clinic doctor schulze did other things specific tot he disease and this is what the 35 plus steps represent from my decades of research. Particularly do the frost 15 steps and the "works like a modern day dialysis" post info found here

// natural works like modern day dialysis

I have recently been very excited about the Water Cure having read the books "your body's many cries for water" and obesity, Depression and cancer:their common case and cure" and how the Dr author links it to over 100 diseases including high blood pressure which he said results from dehydration on a cellular level and lack of free water. A dry mouth is the last sign of dehydration.

I did not see much on the website about the kidneys but here is the link if interested in people who helped promote the ideas of the author

click on kidney problems

I also wonder since this is an autoimmune disease if this post someone did might help you.

I will repost it here in next post

Be sure to read how he modified the program for someone with kidney disease

He had the really sick only juice fast and not sure how that would affect you, but the raw vegan with lots of juices, green juices and green smoothies along with the superfood should be plenty of nutrients.

Since it is a vegan diet, look for what deficiencies are common to that diet like take a b12 supplements and maybe d3 and a few sure to use a lot of greens for calcium and protein, green powders, seaweeds and the like.

I can't remember now but it seems that Victoria Boutenko solved the problem of how people could do green smoothies and not get too underweight but I cannot remember what she said. I bet if you emailed or contacted her or one of her kids on their site raw family maybe they can give you some direction that may help.

Take beet juice for the anemia but since it is so powerful do not make more than 25% of the juice beets..add the rest carrot and greens, maybe some Celery for your blood pressure.

another thing that lowers blood pressure is chia seeds (sold as salba)..this is also very high in the omega three fats that slow down the progress of your disease.

I once had a chia pudding at a raw potluck that was delicious.

Mix chia seed or salba with plant milk like coconut, hemp, brown rice, oat, almond or soy or if raw with a raw almond or nut milk made by blending raw nuts with water and straining.

Add some dried fruit and or fruit and /or nuts. Garnish with fruit once it sets like kiwi and berries.

Let me go get that link to the steps whihc are a must read for you or anyone with kidney disease


also read what schulze says about kidney disease and how he modified the incurables for those with kidney disease




best of are already ahead as less work needed on your diet.

Remember it took some time to get this sick and it will take some time to get well at least one month for every year of illness. And do not revert back if you get healed but stick with most of the program components and diet.

Ad Dr Schulze says tomorrow is what you think and do today..there are no incurable diseases both Schulze and His teacher Dr Christopher found working with so many people if you do the work.

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