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Re: Okay everyone, let's talk about your Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program is doing for you....
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Okay everyone, let's talk about your Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program is doing for you....

Here is the conversation someone posted on YouTube on cancer the forbidden cure about auto immune diseases

+wowbenji tomorrow am, get 1 whole egg RAW, wash like you would your hands then toss in blender with cup of ice, taste like 1% milk, add a banana, ice cream to make flavorful, the living collagen in the egg's shell membrane will get in your pryors patch, and the GALT (gut associated lymphatic tissue) and expose your immune system to this collagen molecule and then turn off attacks against your collagen it is called "oral tolerance" we use it ever day on every food we eat, if it did not work your immune system would attack everything you eat, the egg shell membrane is living collagen molecules and they are IDENTICAL to ours in our body collagen type 1,3,4,5,10 is in the membrane (you cannot cook it or you destroy the matrix) if you really have AI going on you will know it within 30 min's to 4 hours, (could take a few days) but usually will hit you like a drug pretty fast, if you have no AI going on it will just be a tasty shake, and do nothing at all, - MY first ones felt like I was breaking a fever and within 3 days pain was diminishing, that was 9 months ago, and I have regained 30 lbs and cut pain meds by 70%, wonderful,

when FDA approves stem cell's for bone marrow transplants ill be first in line, look at Peyton Manning, he has had bone marrow transplant for AI already good luck, I'm copying this to the top

Feb 12, 2015


+Dan Webb

Dan I am confused.
What does AI stand for.

Is this for cancer? or pain in joints

Are you saying keep the egg shell on it when putting in the blender

Dan Webb
Feb 12, 2015

AI = AutoImmune, I have been to a dozen doctor's over my life, all to say I have MS, Raynaunds, Lupus(SLE) RA, OA, SS, you get the drift, In 2008, I was working and nearly went paralyzed from waist down could not feel any thing but the Burning and pins and needles in feet, (Neuropathy) all the doctors could/would give me was Neurontin, Gabapentin (we sold gaba before it became prescription) My quest began then to find the cause and treatment and or cure, I found both, currently FDA has banned stem cell transplants in humans calling it a drug, however Peyton Manning got it, so did a senator in Texas, (look at Peyton a few years back and now, he is now regrowing his own collagen and doing better, Stem cell transplants from our own bone marrow/blood/fat can be regrown into literally a baby's immune system and installed now and eliminate these AI attacks, FDA has stepped in and said they are a New Drug, once again we are FUBARED by FDA !

Egg's contain collagen type 1, which makes up 90% of all of our body's collagen, it also has large amounts of collagen 5, it has lesser but significant amounts of collagen 3,4,10 all of these are in the egg shell membrane,

I could literally write a book on this it is so indepth, however I will keep as brief as possible,

Stage 1, from exposure to pathogen, or injury your immune system (T-memory cells) attacks and takes out the trash - this is normal, then your MAC complement system shuts down the attack, as  it is supposed to do however these are MEMORY T cells, when they die they release chemical dna identifiers to next generation T cells that the meadiator cells do not shut down if/when they find more of this collagen they attack and send for re-inforcements, this is

Stage 2, and when you first notice a Twinge, Pain, Acha, feel a tad fatigued, we pop a pain pill and keep pushing on, (Unfortunately at this stage it can be treated by rest and oral tolerance from ingesting the collagen that is under attack to stop it,

Stage 3, by now you have no doubts you are taking pain meds, you are searching out doctors, they are giving you advice and diagnosis that simply sound Nutz, one says you have this another says you have that and so on,

Stage 4, No denial here all doubts are gone as you probably can hardly stay up for any lengths of time let alone do physical exertion as you have in the past,

These 4 stages are ignored by most people (Like Myself) I had to have been in stage 3-4 for 5 years, before seeking medical help, and all I got was PALLIATIVE CARE for pain management , basically they are saying your dead and they want you to be more comfortable, (this is fine for end of life if you want to give up) but I have been a body builder super athlete, 6'3" 265+lbs   packed muscle, and involved with nutrition and pharmaceutics, so the search is on,

here is a link to a bunch of research I have on Inspire (join its free) then look up no help no cure, and look up my research on this link, their are hundreds of links

Yes it is long but rewarding and you will see how you can shut down the AI attacks with Oral tolerance, and yes I started with 1 egg am and 1 pm, for first weeks, moved up now doing 4 a day, 2am 2pm, here is how I mix them
wash egg's, (we buy in sealed case now sterility) you wash them because it is peoples hands your hands that contaminate the eggs, egg packagers have taken the human contact out of the pack lines, contact now is the 100 other people that have opened the container to check for cracks, after washing toss in blender with favorite fruits, ice cream, yogurt etc,

I use 1-2 bananas with 1-2 cups of ice with (rarely ) a scoop of ice cream yogurt, vanilla, coconut egg's takes on bout any flavor and makes it richer, or you can just blend em up and eat them, the goal is not just the nutritional benefits it is the collagen 1,3,4,5,10, in its LIVING form, I emphasize Living form a

s if you cook it you destroy it like burning a piece of paper,

our body's pryors patch uses (GALT) to expose immune system to molecules of food you eat, this way they do not attack your food, (interesting, if immune system attacked food molecules we could eat nothing) the challenge I faced was finding the collagen's in a food source, in living form, it is the egg, short of being at the food CO-OP with barbq and a chain saw to cut me a slab of fresh ribs each day ) obviously this would not work, so had to find a living sterial source and the egg has 5 inside the shells membrane, its that simple,

when you make it if you have autoimmune attacks going on it will hit you like a ton of bricks (like you took a drug) I broke out into a sweat like breaking a fever and immediately started feeling a tad better, that was 9 months ago, now wife, and bout half my entire family are making these each day, for RA, OA and various other conditions, Good luck and let me know how your fist week goes

gary smallwood
Feb 12, 2015

+Dan Webb That was awesome!!

Dan Webb
Feb 12, 2015

read what I posted, and hit the link's, they will teach you more, and lead you to even more, when I first started in 2007-8 nothing was available on oral tolerance, suddenly after finding tid bits on collagen and how they injected collagen to cause autoimmune and oral tolerance to turn it off, that is where I headed research, the living collagens are in the fridge, egg's, the egg' shell membranes are living collagen and they work, just make a shake as i described, 


you will know in hours to a few days, if it does not work then you do not have AI of the collagen type 1,3,4,5,10, it will just taste like a banana or whatever you mix em with shake, for me, I broke a sweat like a fever in 30 min's, 4 hours later started feeling better, 9 months later I don't miss a shake, one for breakfast one at bedtime, 70-90% pain relief and healing !!!

stem cell transplants are cure but we have to wait on FDA now good luck

edit-oh the first line in the last post had a type that should read three doctors have told me I will die (not did) as I refused chemo.

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