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Re: Help with Diabetes Parasites

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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Help with Diabetes Parasites

Good morning, adanian!

I have a friend who was treated as type 2 for 6 years, before he was finally given insulin. I think the first clue to look at is heavy metal buildup in the body, and secondly, parasites.

Nutritional balancing is something a lot of folk do to get things moving again, though parasite issues usually interfere something horrid with that.

And parasitic infections (aka biofilms, myucoplasma, FODMAPS) are a huge part of that.

Yes, zapper treatment is effective, but it's low-powered, and herbal therapy and the whole shebang is necessary alongside it.

Rife therapy is the big cave bear ancestor of teddy bear zapper treatment, and -much- more specific against parasites. Both zapper and rife therapy bear loose relationships to a gentle electro therapy already in use against diabetic peripheral neuropathy, called TENS, which is done sometimes in Germany and England.

Of detox, you'll have to continue learning since it goes hand in hand with killing bad bugs. So far (type 1Diabetic here), my reading and learning says both type 1&2 are caused by gut dysbiosis coupled with heavy metal pollution resident in the body.
Infrared saunas are the best way to get heavy metals out, alongside specific mineral and vitamin therapy. Iodine is considered the fastest and best at chasing out lead, mercury, aluminium and several other pollutants. The iodineVWT support forum is vital learning in this regard.

From 6 years of experience...? There's a lot of ground to cover. I recently finished my dental Amalgam cleanup, and every blood Sugar rise gives me funky mouth (biofilm/plaque buildup). I want a rife machine and a portable infrared sauna unit, I'm tired of plaques!

There's simple ways to fight the battle though. Look at borax water first of all (I use it!), And secondly n-butyric acid enemas. Both boron and butyrate are excellent anti-fungals, with anti-inflammatory properties.
On boron water:
On Butyrate:

Butyric acid is also vital in the production of the relaxation neurotransmitter 'gamma-aminoButyric acid' in the pancreas, and in regulating and encouraging insulin production at beta islet cells. Butyrate also encourages differentiation between alpha islet cells and beta islet cells.

Your fluctuations between type 1 and 2 are likely due to cycling between different types of gut flora. Many types produce Butyrate, but the factors pile against them in the lineup of Antibiotics , pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metal pollutants, and food addatives like preservatives /refining agents.

I'm a bit of a fan of the spooky2 rife machine and may be investing in one soon.
Sauna treatments have been easy but hard at the same time, using supplements don't treat anemia quite so much as prove that it's a problem. Anemia is very common when we're talking about Amalgam or metals. It goes hand in hand with biofilms (also known by the classic term candidiasis).
If you want a head start against the biofilms and improving your gut flora diversity, start with fermented foods.
Kefir, kombucha, red beet pickling with a starter culture, homemade dill pickles, saurkraut, home fermented teas and fresh juices, three-brean salad made from home ingredients and a starter culture.. Ferments are probiotic, inexpensive and nutrition-rich and very effective in typing the scales in your favor. Unfortunately store-bought fermented are heat treated, sealed and kaputski. And store bought yogurts are limited- the probiotics active in a yogurt strain only digest lactose and milk proteins,. We're talking 500-1000 different strains of gut flora in the healthy human digestive track in just ONE human alone...
And people wonder why dogs eat poo? They're maintaining gut diversity, those weird critters!
Yuuuugh, I know. ;)

PSSSSt. Brainfog is the FIRST thing you'll run into on almost all treatments. The fix?
patience, tolerance testing, lots of water, B-vits with all their goodness and coenzymated forms, methylfolate, tri-methyl glycine (TMG), high-quality MSM, ascorbic acid vitamin C (lemon juice!), phosphatidyl choline (free-range, organic egg yolks!), methylselenocysteine and selenomethionine (seleniums aka brazil nuts)...

Kitty-litter-in-a-pillowcase baths (pure calcium Bentonite with no addatives), oil pulling with extra virgin olive oil or homemade ghee/butteroil, herbal teas like milk thistle and dandylion root (they taste milky and good <3), chamomile tea, castor-oil packs over the liver..

There's a -lot- of ways to address the issue of brainfog. the IodineVWT support forum and others address brainfog very often. Brainfog is a byproduct of thrush/candida overgrowth being battled with in the body. Dieoff produces loads of ammonia, aldehyde and ethanol. ( source and indepth info: )

That's why it's important to start slow. :o

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