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Re: Is going for alternative health with aggressive cancer a good or bad idea
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Is going for alternative health with aggressive cancer a good or bad idea

thank you #85605 this was extremely helpful

Please ignore that all the words are underlined below.,that is not how it looks when I am typing but for some reason despite multiple attempts to fix it still showing underlined when I post I hope it does not make it too had to read

I have some questions and I put them in red ink for your convenience to be sure you see and and answer them all

is COPTIS the same as (berberine HCl) would this be acceptable as it is a little cheaper />
is this different than normal digestive enzymes?

I did not see it on some of the bottles of digestive enzymes I have what about herbpharm is this what you mean as well />
thanks ok as far as the Natural Healing Paradigm can you provide a link is this a book by Dr Sutter and is there anywhere to get this info without having to buy a book as my funds are so limited?

is there a specific protocol with it I did find these chapter excerpts is this the principles to follow for the 100% cure />
they said I have about a year when it returns spread so I am on a time clock to beat this cancer and live as much harder if it was in a blood vessel in the tumor so I do not know if it spread yet. I am scared to get the marker test as I don;t want to lose all hope as cure rate for all metastasized cancer and if spread only 2%

All I know is she did a marker test during cancer surgery in may and it was fine but she said they are often inaccurate and it am not at this point willing to see if it spread via a blood vessel it was in but want to beat it before any symptoms show up.

I did not do chemo or removal/biopsy of lymph nodes as recommended by all  4 doctors so they all said it will come back (notorious for that) and I will die when they were vague on all they committed to was likely to come back in 2 years or maybe 3 and will definitely be dead at five years form when I found it and that was over a year ago now. i want to live I am too young to die.

I could not find the systemic dewormer you use at the oldfashionedspices link can you give me the name of the product or link directly to it please as I have been fighting a yeast infection not vaginal but focused around the urethra that spread to anus for 3 months apparently due to diabetes and the high surgery urine..nothing helps and maybe this product will and of course that makes me suspect it is all over and saw it is correlated with cancer.

is is regular activated charcoal you are referring too
. It is in the intestinal two formula by Dr Schulze and I also have some of the activated much should I take by tbs or something.

The clay how do you use it internally or do you do the baths or the slurry?

Also for how  long do you use it ((months years?) as due to very low poverty income I cant only afford to do a few things long term and there is so much out there but I want to get rid of any yeast in my body.

I have some cleanses but how do you clean the lymph..I cant do re-bounder as many back etc problems but have been jumping a few times a week at the side of the swimming pool when I do water aerobics. Is there a lymph cleanse you know of?

I did have radiation the first time I had cancer when I knew less 20 years you think that will make my cancer terminal even when so long ago?. ..I do know it causes cancer and makes it more aggressive as mine now is..they had to give me more than normal but I was taking 153 supplements and a special anti burn cream I made from fresh aloe, calendula and vitamin E --was taking mainly antioxidants and I did not get the 5 symptoms they said I would definitely get..the doctor even had cancer and radiation and told me what I would get and have for life and I only had 1/2 of these 5 things,..they did not know I was taking all this and kept saying how lucky I was I should be xx by now but was not but did have a live blood test a week later and it showed every cell in my body was free radical damaged so not sure how much that blunted the effect.

Now they tell you don't take antioxidants as they blunt the damage from the radiation so i am glad I took them or maybe would be even worst.

I suspect if I was not eating as healthy as I was, it may have come back sooner. I attribute this cancer in part to genetics but also in large part to my diabetes out of control, my decline in nutrition the previous year and my wish to die then and severe least that cured me of wishing to die as I realize at this late stage after decades of being depressed and even suicidal for 20 years that I have a lot of good in my life and I want to trying to change my thinking but it is hard as I am very negative in many ways and it is habitual. i feel now my constantly wanting to die and my hated for those who hurt me for decades and other emotional factors lead to my getting this so trying to work on this.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to change my thinking and not be so angry, depressed, frustrated, resentful and anxious please pass it on.

I kind of feel if I do not fix this, maybe nothing will work be it regular or natural as so maybe people who cured themselves or others have said this. this robs one of hope if they are such emotional and deep people as myself who over thinks and over feels etc

I really thank you for the info you gave me and in advance for being so kind as to answer my questions.

You can be assured if I live I will post and pay it forward and continue to help others as I have done for so long.

I know this is a lot of questions I asking of you but I would deeply appreciate it if you can take the time to address them all as best you can..thank you for this info

I am also excited as I was the furthest acidic on the litmus paper lower than 5. no matter what i ate even if 85% produce and vegan. I never ponce saw it change. I am now taking one teas of baking soda and maple syrup and was excited to see the paper change to 6.5 not normal yet which is 7.2 or at the 8.0 or 8.5 I need to be at for 4 or 5 days to kill cancer but very excited to see I am moving towards more alkalinity even though not supposed to take the baking soda more than a limited amount of weeks.I know disease grows in acidic environment and this the first, tangible indication that something positive is happening with the things I am doing thus far.

anyway thanks for answering these additional questions.

I put them in red to make them easy for you to find


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