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Re: Thyroid vs adrenal glandular
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Thyroid vs adrenal glandular

Thank you for writing back...

My problems I think are purely adrenal.

I did not have one symptom of low thyroid prior to this. It started b/c I was overtraining and under eating. I would get very breathy during a workout to the point where I would get oxygen debt that would lead to almost a panic attack. I now realize it was my adrenals going south. Then I went from feeling fatigue and poor recovery from exercise to full blown stsge 1 AF. Couldn't sleep, waking up at 2 and 4 am, anxiety, panic attacks, depression.

Doctors tried to treat this hormonally but that just aggregated things. Made anxiety worse despite being given progesterone the calming hormone.

Where I am at now is that I have insomnia - can't fall asleep with a benzo sleep aid.

Wake up at 4am - anxious - want to jump from my bed and start pacing. Racing thoughts. Headache.

Inability to handle stress - any interaction makes me sweaty and want to bolt from a situation. Feel best when I am in my house where it's calm.

It would seem like I have high cortisol but then there are times when my eyes feel tired and I just want to shut them from exhaustion but my body wants to keep moving.

My skin has become very thin. Loose crawly and paper like.

I am trying nutritional balancing b/c the test results were more in line with how I was feeling much more so than a saliva test.

Their protocol involves complete overall of your diet. More vegetables and protein. Am in agreement but not to hip on the idea of eating 2 cups of cooked vegetables with every meal including in the morning. Just not practical for my life style.

Lots of supplements to replace trace minerals. I had tried this approach before and didn't see any change in my condition.

Also they want me to take a copper eliminating supplement. Copper is associated with estrogen which for me is already low normal. They want a liver cleanse supplement and a thyroid supplement.

I am not happy with the last bunch of supplements. I am rather thin to begin with and don't have much of an apetitite. I have done cleanses in the past which forced me to lose more weight stressing my body out even more.

Again the thyroid connection doesn't make sense either. My blood tests show low T3 but I believe this is because of stress. I am on thyroid supplement and now that you mention it, I feel worse.

I thought I read that thyroid needs cortisol to work. Their thought is if you are getting energy from your thyroid that your adrenals can rest and try to balance out.

Again..I didn't have that debilitating fatigue or overweight. I don't have a raspy voice or cold body temp (aside from occasional cold feet). I'm afraid if I try the thyroid supplement in addition to the one I am already taking that my adrenals will get worse.

as it stands now, I already feel more hypogylcemic on their diet. I have terrible blood Sugar regulation to begin with (eating Sugar does make me feel better).

This morning I woke up at 4am wanting to jump out of bed from anxiety. Adrenaline? cortisol?

Who knows. All I know is that I don't think my problem was a thyroid issue that impacted my adrenals - just the other way around.

Do any of these symptoms sound similar to yours? What supplements are you currently taking?

They say it takes about 2 years to completely heal your body but that you should start to see some improvement in a couple of weeks. Doesnt sound bad except I am working with an ND now. Whenever I told her I was having an adverse reaction to a supplement she told me I wasn't giving it enough time and to just stick with it. In the meantime I got worse.

Hence my apprehension to take a supplement for something I don't think is the problem.


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