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Re: Liver Cleanse
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Liver Cleanse

Hi! I have chronic unrelenting constipation for over a decade. I hate when people tell me to eat more fiber, cause the problem is deeper than something that simple. Fiber is the obvious and easy answer for people who have normal systems I guess. No doctor would ever listen to me, and if I tried fiber I would only get bloated..and even metamucil, I took as much as they told me...until honestly that was all that was coming out of me - for real, no poop, just metamucil.

Well, fast forward to now, after a few grand on a naturopath and some tests... seems I not only MAY have lyme disease, and obviously chronic inflammation, but I have BACTERIAL BIOFILM. I havent even looked into it yet.

Lots of interesting parasites, and def looks like some liver flukes, maybe Ascaris too, after coffee and garlic enemas, etc.

I was nervous to take the Wormwood capsules that everyone raves about from NOW foods I think.. since I was so constipated..I thought all that dead.dying stuff would be stuck inside and make me even sicker.

I went to after I saw a groupon...and read the reviews for Constipation Stop .. and promptly bought it. Seriously, I pooped the morning after I took the recommended 2 pill dosage. And honestly two more times that day!!!! HOLY MIRACLE. You can probably understand my excitement.

I have been taking it regularly every night. I seriously can not believe the results.

Then I started drinking 1 part aloe vera juice with 2 parts water and 1 tsp psyllium husk, in addition to the C.S. pills and I can actually feel now when I am constipated rather than it being just a normal way of feeling every day.

If I drank more water I would probably go 2x a day at least with what I mentioned above.

I added a little ACV to the mix last night for good measure - it already tastes bad why take it separately..

And this morning, went again. I read that the psyllium is a gentle way to start cleansing the colon after you get a little more regular.

The pills have the milk thistle you mentioned.

OH, I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but my liver enzymes are high (AST/ALT/GGT)...and two months later were even higher. Have an appt with another dr in a few weeks but I also bought liver support pills from the same website. PS - I am not affiliated with them or anything shady.. just happy that I can poop for a change. Even so I am making progress.

Turns out with the food sensitivity test that I am intolerant to eggs, all dairy including cow and goat milk everything.. and would you believe cocoa (and if that's not bad enough, COFFEE!!!)

So I cut out all that, and added in lots of things I never eat but apparently should like beets, cabbage, sauerkraut, etc. Really avoiding mostly all wheat even though i am not intolerant..and that is helping me not be tired after I eat.

Apparently my genova stool test (which my NMD said is honestly the worst he has ever seen as far as bacteria... insert sad face) indicates I have a malabsorption problem and low diversity of bacteria which is bad- duh, the drs from decades ago should have figured out the malabsorption issue (you would think when I told them I was peeing orange Metamucil out my butt )- sorry, but I think it sounds funny and you cant touch many of these topics without a sense of humor.

Anyway, excuse my diatribe but I recommend the Constipation stop for sure. Nothing has ever worked for me, and I have tried too many to count.

Good luck and let me know if I can ever answer any questions.

I am happy to help even though I am pretty new to this.. about 4 months or so.


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