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Extreme low energy-desperately need help

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barbarosa Views: 1,472
Published: 8 years ago

Extreme low energy-desperately need help

Hello everybody,

I am desperate, so please give me your insights.
A brief review because I haven't written recentely:
I am a 40 y old female with severe health isues for 7 years (after a long period of stress, trauma).

Main symptoms:
- extremely low energy (for 9 months I can only stay in bed and using the bathroom, otherwise my heart start to beat rare and strong - the cardiologist said they are extrasystols),
In fact I move a little more because I jus can't stay in bed all day and my mind is very active and wants action and because I am afraid of other damage of my body. But when I move a little more my heart becaomes fatigued. And I have this before resting so much so it is not caused by not moving. I try to move my body even in bed or on a chair.

- total insomnia for 7 years (using Remeron for 6 years and get soe artificial sleep),
- masive overthinking because of the panic,
- anxiety, hypersesitive, hipervigilent.

How all started: overworking (programming), bad couple relationship (no sex life in the last 15 years), a very strong psychotherapy for my car and plane phobia, massive stress (tryin to change my life all of a sudden), the stress of not sleeping at all for 1 whole year because I didn't accept medication in the begining, a personality that doesn't know to take care of oneself

What I've tried so far:
- antideppresants for 7 years(Lexapro) - they control my anxiety up to a certain point;
- dr Lam's approach on my own: Lipo C 3-4g, asc. acid 3g, panto acid 1000mg, panthetine 900 mg, Mg, Ca - felt some initial improvement but long term I continued to get worse.
- diet: protein+carbo+vegetables+fat at (almost) every meal - good results but not enough
- Dr Myhill approach on my own: D-ribose (it increase energy immdiately after taking), Q10, Mg, Ca, AL-CAR (now stopped), Lipoc Acid (now stopped)
- dr. Neville's approah (consult with him once): ACE 250+250mg, pregnenolone 30-50mg, meditation. No results. I stopped the pregnenolone because I had a bleeding btween menstruations.

So, no I take:
Lipo C 2,5g
Pantethine 900mg
ACE 250+250mg
Fish oil 2000mg
Q10 2x100mg
Some Mg (citrate, now glycinate), Ca, skulcap, some Gaba, a drink with pulvic minerals

Blood work: thyroid - ok
adrenals (am cortisol and ACTH test)- ok
liver - a little levated
ASI test (done last spring):

cortisol 1: 13,3 (12-22)
cortisol 2: 3,4 (5-9)
cortisol 3: 5,9 (3-7)
cortisol 4: 2,7 (1-3)
DHEA 1: 0,75 (0,4-1,47)
DHEA 2: 0,71 (0,4-1,47)
Ratio 2,89 (2-6)

What can I do more both for diagnosing and treating? Also for relaxation and stop overthinking?
I need to increase my production of energy because my heart seems to suffer seriosly. I can't rest more than I do; I can' relax seeing in what situation I am.
Doctors here (endo) don't want to give me HC. If I decide to try HC on my own what should I be careful about?
Everybody is sending me to psychiatry but I am already there. Thay want me to try other and other antideppresants and they don't belive me I don't have energy (because I look normal). And I don't want more antideppresants because my physical state is so bad but my psychic is more or less ok.
Please give me some idea!

Many thanks!

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