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Molasses baking powder cancer fungal cure
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Published: 5 years ago

Molasses baking powder cancer fungal cure

The molasses and baking powder(bicarbonate of soda)cancer cure is used to fight first cancer but also psoriasis, eczema and other yeast and fungal/staph combined conditions, I have followed this popular cure on earth clinic and other sites, that namely professor Simoncini a doctor in Rome has concluded that the origin of cancer is fungus, because of the white colour of what he has found inside tumours etc when examining patients, he then apparantly injects the bicarbonate of soda into the infected area of the patient as well as the patient taking the bicarb mixture a teaspoon of this in a glass of water and apparently he has an 85% success rate, much to the chagrin of the medical establishment who although quick to call him a quack have now set up in the U.S a study for the
possible benefits of bicarbonate of soda on fungal conditions especially in the activity of cancer. In my own condition I have concluded that I have staph and yeast possibly candida also because of my Sugar cravings whitish tongue etc, also note what eventually happens to our lips they go white before peeling off, not to mention the white gunk a lot of people complain about.
The molasses and baking powder diet is taken by dissolving 3 parts or 2 parts of molasses/honey
maple syrup mixture to 1 part bicarbonate of soda, a teaspoon of this mixture is then taken by which it is dissolved in a glass of warm water and drank first thing in morning and last thing at night (it does not taste that great folks!) One woman has cooked the molasses/honey/ maple syrup with the bicarb about 5 minutes careful don't burn it! she said it resembled toffee by which she breaks off a bit morning and evening and swallows it straight without having to chew it and takes it with some water the quantity being about 1 teaspoon of the already prepared mixture morning and night. I got this from earth clinic, another lady said by doing this the fungal infection of her toe cleared within 9 days, or so. If we all mostly have an underlying yeast, fungal condition I was thinking what if we adapted this diet for e.c I am cheating a bit with the diet, I had a small cube of swiss chocolate because of cravings, but I am currently having Coconut oil a major anti fungal microbial superfood in my porridge in the morning also in my
coffee and just about before every meal to fight
internal infection. The weird thing is that although I feel full up my insides feel empty like there is something missing from my diet.
The rationale behind the molasses baking soda cancer/fungal cure is that by taking the mixture of the sweet agent say molasses and having it mixed with the bicarbonate of soda as you drink the mixture the candida/ fungus rushes to gobble up the sugars in the sweetening agent but is then killed by the bicarbonate of soda it encounters also in the drink. I am going to try this and see how it goes, I fancy it cooked like toffee so that if I break it off and take it like a tablet I can by pass the weird taste, I am curious to see what happens. Note I am using molasses because of the high iron amount in it, candida loves iron! Note Simoncini did not use molasses/bicarbonate he used bicarbonate of soda alone in his cure, the sweetening agent was added by another doc not sure of their name but this version has slipped into the alternative healing culture with a lot of testimonials for its efficacy.Update I mixed 3 parts molasses to 1 part bicarbonate soda and heated it in a stainless steel pan, I don't know if woman on earth clinic added water to hers after just under 5 minutes on low heat the mixture resembled chocolate mousse lol, I put it in a glass dish and put it in the fridge will take a teaspoon of it morning and night in warm water. Check out Dr Sircus baking soda.

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