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some guy really upset me why would he do this
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Published: 5 years ago

some guy really upset me why would he do this

There was a girl on quest for the cures named Staci Marshall who shared her story of triple negative which is the kind of cancer I have. I got a death sentence from 4 doctors as I refused to do standard of care.

Triple negative is very deadly and kills 4 times as many women about 10 or 15% have this type of very aggressive cancer that is notorious for reinventing itself and coming back usually spread.

I wrote to this girl on her Facebook blueberry melt and told her how she inspired me. she had refused all the big three cancer treatments and went on an aggressive alternative health program and changed her diet and life drastically, she has a young daughter about 6 or 7. Her tumor went away and her marker test was normal..she had only been diagnosed about a year when she told her story at the end of the 2nd quest for the cure videos..she seemed to have a very positive attitude.

I told her she was the first person who I heard who was curing triple negative naturally and how it gave me hope along with my story.

the next day some guy sent me an unsolicited message telling me Staci had died and to check the messages to post and see one where her brothers posted he had died from some complication...he did not say much and appeared to have been related as she was in his pictures and she had died about the time all activity stopped on the Facebook. I was shocked she died as I saw her as hope for me and also felt bad as she had a young child and so wanted to live.

this unknown guy then proceeded to tell me without treatment one lives 17 months and this was within when Staci died and he told me I had no hope without traditional treatment. He said his wife died about a year or so ago in 2010 and had stage 3a and that she had chemo, radiation and surgery but to assure her from getting it back she did a "she juiced, followed a fairly strict vegetarian diet and took supplements. She believed but it did not work."

He credits the chemo etc with giving them 4 good years together not the stuff she did nutritionally.

Then he says "as my wife's advocate, I did a lot of research on alt med and nutritional "healing." These therapies are expensive and do not work. Your best and only hope is conventional"

what the hell?

this really pissed me off him claiming that no alternative health modalities work when it is so broad and includes thousands of things and how does he know it does not work ..has he interviewed all the people with cancer like Dr Schulze's patients or the ones on quest for the cure etc to know they do not work..does he know anyone who claimed they cured themselves or are still here who did not go doctors route but naturally.

they are not all expensive and like chemo etc are not...they are far more expensive and also failed a lot (too?) is he badmouthing them?

The whole thing very much upset me as he tried to take away my hope which is so hard to have after doctors drilled it in me I will die without thermic stuff and maybe with.

I am now 2nd guessing myself thinking like am I just fooling myself..should I have done it...and it is just super upsetting to me,

One is to think oh he was just trying to help but was he really or is he blaming the food and juicing etc for not saving his wife instead of blaming the cancer or the traditional treatments is he on a quest to scare everyone into doing it the traditional way which he apparently loves or is he angry she died and trying to take it out on people who try the way his wife did and tell them they too will die without it or is he on a quest.

I am really upset with this and told him so and blocked him..I don't like doing that to people who suffered a recent tragedy but feel I must protect myself from people like this as hope is everything and he tried to take mine..

anyone know or suspect why he did that and how to get myself believing again.  She probably did not do enough I suspect or maybe the chemo ruined her immune system or something.

I am also very saddened this girl, Stacie, who seemed to do it all right died,she really thought she was gong to live and I did too,,no I am wondering am I gonna die too as I have been in denial about I could die this whole time and I feel to even think I will die will ruin my small attempts at affirmations and trying to will myself and my mind to live. do affirmations and beliefs really matter.

 I would really appreciate some support right now.


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