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Re: some guy really upset me why would he do this
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: some guy really upset me why would he do this

Thank you Yes I found out he does not believe in this when I mentioned a number of people who did cure themselves (like Dr Schulze's patients, people interviewed on chrisbeatcancer, people in quest for the cures and the film dying to have known (about Gerson therapy) one still alive given 3 months to live for about 60 years at age 86()..he replied

"I only believe in science, not anecdotal stories. People lie"

So his mindset was made up and he probably felt his wife a fool to add nutritional things etc and blamed that in his resentment and superior attitude he had instead of the chemo etc

yes food etc is not really alternative but what we are supposed to do and eat yet they call it that lumping hundreds of things together as it is not their profitable big three.

I am being in low end of poverty unable to afford organics much of the time as I get
free produce from produce giveaways a large variety but only about 10% is organic. I do the best I can given my very limited funds and a few donations from relatives.

I am going to after mother's day do a lot more detoxing and also thinking of starting coffee enemas to detox the liver.

Yes I agree that natural healing programs do not lend themselves to testing as many of them consist of multoiple things and not a single agent like a chemo drugs. Indiidually though many thing shave been tested but the studies often do not get press due to their conflict with big medical and pharma profits. when one hears anecdotal case of success one after another if people are smart they will start noticing. I hope one day to add my story of success to give others with cancer especially triple negative breast cancer hope as they have no protocol specifically but even if they do I probably would not take that drug, preferring natural as smarter and better personally. Build the body and give it what it needs not poison and tear it down.

Because I am taking a lot of supplements and tinctures, your point made me feel I should at least take digestive enzymes with them to help the body assimilate and digest them better.

What are some of these treatments outside the us to help me know what to research?

Yes I am taking things that target killing cancer stem cells etc.

I did go to your site but I did not see much on what to take to help cure cancer..maybe I am looking in the wrong spot if so, can you direct me specifically what to do to get to this info there.

Thanks for your continued support.

Yes in retrospect his contact helped me. I had one sleepless night but it encouraged me to pray and listen and I feel God gave me some hope and direction. After that, I feel more confident that I may have a chance of living so in the end, it was all good.  

I also attended a lecture recently on Gerson with a doctor who uses it and they had live blood cell tests there.

I had had every cell free radical damaged when I had radiation therapy 20 years ago when they had to give me more than normal despite only having 1/2 of the 6 side effects they said I would have most for life. so these supplements mostly antioxidants helped me hopefully to absorb or have less damage than I could have had but still every cell was free radical damaged when I had a live blood cell test a week later. I have not had any since and figured my blood would look horrible.he asked several times if I took blood thinners which I did not unless one of the supplements I take has that.

But he said my blood was unique and only 2% of people had one like is not perfect but very good he said. I am the only one he did not recommend his supplements for and I was surprised that they only found 2 cells in the sample of about 200 that was free radical damaged..they said they had never seen a cell look like that though (maybe due to all that radiation) but only 1% of the cells (mostly red blood cells) in that sample had free radical damage compared to 100% a week after radiation so I concluded something I had done in the pat 20 years or currently must be helping o making a difference and that really gave me some hope too.


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