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Re: some guy really upset me why would he do this
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: some guy really upset me why would he do this

Thank you so much. Jessica's hope. Yes I have been seeing through them for some time and rarely use their drugs etc choosing to go naturally and have had a lot o success using natural healing both on myself and others.

Due to my 37 year study of alternative health, herbs and nutrition and long history of doing what I think is best, it helped me to be able to withstand them telling me over and over i would die without their toxic treatments.

I did feel a lumpectomy was ok as I wanted to get the big tumor out to buy me more time to work on curing myself and I did some pretests to be sure as best I could be that it had not spread through rest o breast or lymph nodes.

I tuned down lymph node removal and biopsy to prevent risk of lymphedema and impairing my immune system further. One doctor agreed with me it was not really needed since I was not doing chemo as it is only to stage my cancer.

They did find it in a blood vessel inside the tumor so I am not sure if it spread. I ave refused to get marker test to this point.  I did start on modified citrus pectin a week after surgery ass soon as I found out it can prevent the metastasis of cancer by making the cells slippery so they have a hard time sticking together in tumors and in distant spots,. It also prevents angiogenesis, promotes cell apoptosis (death) and removed heavy metal and has been shown in studies to create less metastasis compared to a control group plus a bunch of other things.

I feel I made a good decision not doing the chemo etc but once in a while  someone says something and I get scared I made the wrong decision but I knew I could never, would never get chemo once I knew the often permanent and serious side effects particularly to the brain and the organs one most needs (lungs as cancer lives in low oxygen area) an liver (as one must detox). I am so glad I did not get chemo as I heard it can make the cancer more aggressive and it is already aggressive,..right now I feel the same as always and not sick though I do have a lot of pain form other things.

I really appreciate your last sentence as it gives me hope and I am so starved for understanding and hope as have found noone in my personal life or online except this site for any understanding of why I chose what I did and some support for that really meant so much to me when you said I will do well and waking up gives e an advantage.

I do feel fortunate that I have studied for so long and already knew many things to do to help me stop cancer and cure which left room for researching the many things I did not know and that i found the excellent quest for the cure videos.

I was lucky a few relatives helped me buy some things..just today a relative bought me an enema bucket that costs $60 so I could do coffee enemas saving me that money to use for something else and that I have found good sources of a lot of produce and some things are going my way..I was able to get exactly the treatment I wanted even though doctors said noone would do that.

I also have gotten so much info and so many sending me ideas of what might help so I am blessed even though I get down sometimes

this site and the people are it are so wonderful.

I will try the baking soda baths..I have some on hand as am taking a little orally each day and it is very cheap. would it hurt to add other things like hydrogen peroxide, seaweed, organic bath slats and/or Epsom salt with it or should it only be used alone?

Yes I think money is overrated but right now in need of it but I always felt and lived my life helping others and enjoying my children and life and nature

I appreciate you orienting me to your site where to find those things which I did not see before. thanks,

it is completely unconscionable what these corporations do with not a thought. I often wonder what happened to these people?

yes I think that guy must have grudgingly gone on along with what his wife wanted to do (eat better etc) and her death must have left him with someone to blame and he took his experiences and then disbelieved all the many who healed themselves classifying them all as liars to not go through cognitive dissonance. I told him many studies are done on natural treatments but do not get widely seen and also some things are so diversified and use so many things, they are hard to study but you know you can't often reach people like that.

Dr Lorraine Day who cured herself of a serious cancer with alternate health and faith told us in her film cancer doesn't scare me anymore why doctors never see these studies and how the big pharma uses their big buck advertising to shape what the magazine publishes or does not by withdrawing advertising money and closing magazines that lose that revenue and that precedent keeps the other medical journals in check but with the internet things are and will change..

Doctors will se more and more people like me who tell their doctors they think the treatments are too dangerous and they will be doing aggressive alternative health treatments and if Drs do not change they will be seeing drops in patients I feel though that may be a little down the road but I did know generally in my life I tend to do things a long time before others and almost always it later becomes more widespread or trendy or popular so thought the doctors now se me as different and foolish, I am confident one day they will be encountering more and more people like me and then after that a lot more I predict.

Speaking of corporations, we need to end corporate person hood.

I would love to hear what you can tell me to help so I will be sending you an email My first name is Jane


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