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Re: Children, need help please!
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Children, need help please!

Hi there intotheworld,

Sorry that you're sick right now. I do understand about how this situation suppresses the immune system, same happens to me. It sounds like our mothers are quite alike! However, it's very odd that on some unconscious level my mom believes what I say about this disease. She won't eat nor drink after me because I warned her that it is contagious. Two days ago, she looked at me and said, "you're going to get a miracle (healing)". It seems quite strange for someone to say that if s(he) doesn't believe in the illness.

My husband's parents are very conservative, medically speaking. Whatever the doctors "say" is all that matters and must be truth. I definitely do not have this mindset. My in-laws even thought steroids or Remicade or anything the GI suggested must be right. I took those things, though I didn't want to, to partially appease them and hope that they'd work. Obviously, with (later) diagnosed parasitic infections, it is no wonder that they made me worse sick. Dr. Sarah Glover at UF Health denies worms. She knew that she mistreated me when she basically told me to get lost if I believed in them.

My husband has turned into a "mainstream medicine monster". I do understand that changing his (faulty) thinking would be much like you said about religious beliefs. When we got married, we were quite liberal. I have no clue what changed in him. Like his folks, whatever the doctor says must be "gospel" to him. He is SO WRONG. It is a travesty that he believes the white coats over me. Yes, they went to medical school, but the one page they studied on parasites certainly has left many of us helpless in trying to get well. The doctors don't believe this is a US problem. Unfortunately, parasites don't stop off at the border. If the doctor has no knowledge, nor experience, with steroids + parasites= hyperinfection, than it "must not be so!" I would have had their same mindset, and scoffed about worms being invasive/deadly, before this happened to me.

My husband still cannot wrap his mind around parasites. He trusted me until talk of this turning extraintestinal. Then, I just became "delusional" and "crazy" to him. Very sad that he cannot accept this, as this is infectious, and it is making our innocent children ill. He doesn't see this now and when he does it will be too little, too late. My three year old says that he doesn't like school because "too tired, mommy. I don't like it". My heart bleeds for him and my daughter. Just as bacteria and viruses are infectious, so too is parasitic hyperinfection. Even with the few diagnosed parasites I have (I know that I have more), he still doubts the test results. It's unreal and quite disturbing.

You suggest explaining it in more human terms. What would you say? My children need help. This is no delusion, I truly wish that it were. I'm glad that you did have the support of your grandpa. My condolences to you on his passing. Please, whatever can I do to help my little angels?

I am so glad to hear that you will have imminent success. Keep up the good fight. People will take notice when you are healed. Blessings to you along the way.

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