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Re: BIPOLAR ADHD ANXIETY - Homeopathy HELP please!!

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joegrane Views: 3,241
Published: 8 years ago
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Re: BIPOLAR ADHD ANXIETY - Homeopathy HELP please!!

== reply below. Joe

" I drink coffee because I need it to help me stay awake but it can make me agitated....

== I've been there! I was like a meth addict on a combination of coffee and Adderall for ADD!

... my mind has racing thoughts

== Did your hair test report very low lithium? If so I've heard from quite a few members of heavy metal (HM) detox groups that like the way a couple mg of Lithium (orotate) takes the edge off of intense personality. (this is not high dose lithium medication but an OTC supplement! )

Iím always shaking my feet with anxiety)

== Do you take any magnesium, maybe the glycinate form? Epsom Salt is Mg Sulfate. Both Mg and sulfate can have a calming effect but for different reasons. Some like the subtle effect of a foot bath.

I donít ever have guests over because Iím very anti-social,

== That's very common in HM detox groups. I once described my experience.

I donít sweat at all.

== That may not be a good sign. A close female friend is/was like that. Andrew Cutler, PhD Chemistry, writes in his book, Amalgam Illness, that people who don't sweat are more toxic than those who sweat excessively. I suppose this is because sauna / sweating is one way the body gets rid of some toxins such as heavy metals. Gradually my friend is regaining ability to sweat.

I hate cigarette smell, actually I am extremely sensitive to smells either good or bad, even perfume give me a headache,

== I was like that when my health was at its worst. Diesel fumes and certain hair sprays were difficult. I recall being on the 1st floor of my mother's home taking a nap near the bottom of the stairs to the 2nd floor. She sprayed her hair in the 2nd fl bathroom at the top of the stairs. I woke from the nap with something like an asthma attack. I had no history of asthma. I later had similar incidents with her hair spray. Thankfully this symptom went away around the time my chiropractor got me on supplements including minerals--selenium, zinc, etc. There are many people in detox groups who have various chemical sensitivities, for example, Patti. She was fortunte to recover so quickly.

also noises and light (need to sleep in the pitch dark with earplugs).

== I have/had the noise sensitivity for many years. I had to leave two weddings of relatives because my ears were killing me. That symptom did not begin to improve until after 2 yrs of HM detox.

== My close friend has the light sensitivity related to sleep. She finds the LCD on a clock annoying. She covers it at night. Others in detox groups have to turn off their wifi network at night.

Iím very impulsive, impatient, stubborn, irritable and can be dictatorial, I donít like authority but never had problems with police or anything.

== She used to be like that before adrenal support, extra Mg, Li and detox. I hope my friend does not read this : )

I can be violent and throw objects, Iím easily offended, feel like everybody is out to get me and Iím rude and make mean comments when I want to hurt people. I feel the World owes me because I have such disabilities and I can’t be ďnormalĒ.

== I know the feeling. I was not to the point of being violent, but I was at times quite intense. During the first week I was on Adderall (similar to Ritalin) I was like a meth addict when I drank some coffee with just a 5mg dose of medicine! I wanted to drive 80mph on a windy narrow parkway, etc. I once described my experience in some detail in a post in our group.

...or had terrible nightmares. I just take melatonin to help me sleep.

== My friend has a long history of poor sleep including nightmares. Thankfully a combo of melatonin, Mg, Theanine, 5HTP, meditation and very careful diet in the evenings, etc help quite a bit. She can still have difficulty getting back to sleep after waking at night to urinate, but the situation is definitely much better.

I have tried Ritalin etc, Lithium etc, Valium etcÖ and am not taking anything right now because none of them worked. Some made me worse, I was apathetic...

== Your situation fits so well with those in HM detox groups. We have these long list of symptoms that seem to be unrelated yet our standard blood tests--CBC, CMP, etc--don't look so bad. I think some of my doctors thought I was just a hypochondriac--until I broke my leg without any contact! Clearly they were having difficulty taking me seriously. Dr Hal Huggins, a pioneer in mercury (Hg) free dentistry once wrote an article on this phenomenon as it relates to chronic fatigue.

== A couple of people whose cases I followed for a couple of years in a detox group expressed some of the feelings you've communicated.

I also have a feeling of something in my thoat when i'm anxious and i need to breath deeper and I sigh a lot ..

== My close female friend with decades of PTSD is like that during an attack. I've heard reports from others in the detox or adrenal fatigue groups about that. It is so important that you learn about adrenal support. It has been life-changing for her! You'll almost certainly need support for both the adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla but this is complex and tricky. We have a good AF group here in Curezone.

of course I needed help to write this, i could never have explained these on my own...

== I understand. Just this morning I met with my friend and helped her type notes for her doctor visit @ noon. I went with her to her functional medicine doctor who is handling her adrenal and thyroid problems, etc. Understandably she does not do so well when she has to go to the doctor. He head is just not very clear, even with extra adrenal support and glutamine.

== I was fortunate to come across Dr Mark Hyman. In one of his books he writes that he went to ten other doctors before someone realized HMs were involved in his long list of disabling symptoms--a list as long as yours! He describes it in this video.

== I really admire you for continuing to look for better answers rather than resorting to drug use or worse. I've been following the detox groups for five years. People as sick as you are at risk of a very bad situation if they make the wrong decisions. Please do your homework and proceed with caution.

== It would be ideal for such people to be able to go to a doctor, be cooperative and get well. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons life is not so simple. We have to continue to search and struggle for better answers.

== Although I was grateful for Dr Hyman, I chose Cutler's detox protocol. After spending weeks reading about various detox methods, his seemed to be the safest effective method. I was fortunate that someone in my extended circle of friends got worse on his doctor's protocol and better after a number of years of Cutler. He kindly took the time to explain the controversies and theories.

== For example, the results of the Gregus study made me much more careful about kicking up mercury. The group of mice that received lipoic acid as a chelator did excrete more Hg than the untreated mice, however the treated mice ended up with *more* Hg in the brain and organs! Cutler explains that taking LA incorrectly will cause this to happen.

== Obviously I don't know what is causing your problems and most people don't have a HM problem, but your description does fit what I've been hearing in detox groups. At some point I suggest that you consider HMs as a possible cause or contributing factor. You might check out the symptom lists under the 1000+ tests at this site used by detox groups. Mine is 354.

I have tried Ritalin etc, Lithium etc, Valium etcÖ and am not taking anything right now because none of them worked. Some made me worse, I was apathetic

== If HMs are involved, they are damaging *many* processes in your body. You won't absorb nutrients properly. You'll retain too much of some things and not enough of others. Enzymes used to convert one body chemical to another will be fouled up and not work properly. Hormones (communications systems) in the body will be messed up.

== For example, Dr Boyd Haley, the former chair of the chem dept at the U of KY once said Hg binds about as tightly as anything can to a hormone receptor related to our stress response system (ACTH). It is no wonder that so many of us in detox groups have poor stress response. Haley has a number of Youtube videos that are understandable by average people.

== This video from the U of Calgary shows mercury damaging brain cells in a way that resembles the brains of those who suffered with Alzheimers.

== Therefore one pill won't be close to enough to compensate let alone resolve all of the problems! The right combo of supplements, diet and medications will likely help greatly; however, if a person with an HM problem waits too long, the damage to the liver keeps them from tolerating what they need!!!

== Those who are chemically sensitive usually have to try different forms of supplements and start with low doses. For example, magnesium glycinate is a good bet.

== A male friend with history of both lethargy and occasional intense mood takes a little ADD medication daily but carries a Lithium orotate capsule with him. When he feels himself becoming too intense he opens the capsule and takes a third of it under his tongue.

== I too understand how lithium and other mood stabilizers can make one feel lethargic and emotionally "flat." I have spent much time tweaking doses of supplements to create a balance. I end up taking varying amounts per day depending on how stressful it will likely be. On stressful days I'll take more Li and more adrenal cortex support (pregnenolone). On days when I'll be relaxed and at risk for being too fogged out and unproductive I take less.

== I could go on for a long time about all of this! The biggest take away is that you are not alone or as uniquely sick as you probably think! Others are struggling with similar problems and have gotten important gains. For example, I followed the case of this middle aged man for several years. At one point he was fired from his nice job for being lazy. However after a year+ of detox and discovering his need for lots of methylation support, he was hired back and later got a semi-promotion!

== Don't give up!

== Wishing you all the best in your search for clues,

== Joe

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