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Published: 5 years ago

breathe the clouds, brother

Manataka American Indian Council

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Do You Have Any of These Ailments?

Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, Emphysema, Lung Disease

by Lee Standing Bear Moore


Over fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed by the VA with severe or "Last-Stage" Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD.  Breathing was extremely difficult and restful sleep was nearly impossible.   Phlegm build-up in my lungs and throat was a constant problem causing coughing, choking, gagging and spitting up throughout the day and night.  My energy level bottomed-out and my attitude toward life was strained at best. The VA pumped me full of synthetic drugs, gave me bag of plastic bronchodilators and corticosteroid inhalers, strapped me with heavy oxygen equipment and sent me home to slowly die of suffocation or pneumonia.  Doctors gave me two-three years.  It was a nightmare. 


Then a medicine elder in his mid-nineties came to Manataka, witnessed my problem and advised, "Go to the top of a high mountain and breath the clouds, brother." 


At first, I did not pay much attention to his advise thinking to myself, "I can barely walk much less climb a high mountain."  I lingered on trying to follow the doctors orders, but nothing really seemed to help. A few years later, I was at the VA hospital admitted for severe respiratory problems.  Two days later I left the VA hospital without doctors orders to attend a Manataka Gathering. While sitting in a wheel chair in the sacred circle, an elder of Manataka told me about a simple, inexpensive, natural remedy that he learned about from his wife's aged father who also suffered from COPD. 


I never take hearsay medical advise without thoroughly researching it first.  After months of searching, I finally discovered the secret of remedy in the clouds above.


Clouds are made from rain droplets, ice crystals and oxygen.  Water and oxygen make hydrogen.  No clouds are not made from hydrogen, but their components do.  So, this led me to finally discover that 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide was the answer to my COPD problems.  Last year, the VA diagnosed me with "mild" COPD.  I have successfully reversed my serious condition by drinking a simple glass of spring water mixed with a few drops of H2O2 (hydrogen) every few days.


The water and 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide quickly breaks down in the stomach and the oxygen moves into the bloodstream while the water is purifies your body and is flushed out through the kidneys.  The pure-form oxygen in your bloodstream goes to the lungs, heart, brain and other vital organs and all parts of your body.  The water and H2O2 acts like a cloud in your stomach.  As the cloud falls to earth due to gravity and barometric pressure, the cloud separates water (rain) from the oxygen. The same happens in your body as your drink it.


Over a period of over two years, the MAIC Health Committee researched dozens of scientific articles on hydrogen peroxide and found the information provided by Dr. David G. Williams and his associates to be the most balanced, complete and informative.  Before you read his article link below, I have a few comments that are important to remember.


۩   35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide is colorless, tasteless, odorless and completely safe to take, provided that you follow the directions.  It has zero interaction with any other type of medication you may be taking.  It has zero side-affects, provided that you do not eat 30 minutes before or after drinking a glass of water and H2O2 (hydrogen) --  Or it may make your stomach gurgle because of the extra oxygen. 


۩   35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide is easy to find in the refrigerator at your local health food store.  It is inexpensive and easy to the take -- provided that you follow directions to the letter. All you need is a small bottle -- do not purchase a gallon or quart-size bottle.  A half-pint or less is plenty to last several months. 


۩   Do not leave the bottle on the kitchen cabinet for more than 10 minutes -- Otherwise, the liquid material dissipates quickly, goes flat and it will not be good any longer.  Always store the bottle in your refrigerator or freezer. The liquid will not freeze. 


۩   Take only as directed.  The specific number of drops in a glass of water once or twice a day is extremely important.  Mark your calendar in advance with the number of drops required as the treatment progresses.  This point is vital to your success.  I started the H2O2 with two treatments daily, then as my condition improved I decreased treatment to only once per day.  Finally, I was able to decrease treatments to once every three or four days.


۩    If you are taking prescribed medicine, inhalers or oxygen equipment, do not stop using them without a doctor's permission.  Stay on your medications and eventually you will discover the need for them lessens and it is time for the doctor to reevaluate your situation.


Now, it is time to read The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide.  This article became my guide post that led me back to easy breathing, much less phlegm, restful sleep, and enough energy to carry on my daily work and activities -- All without the need for toxic synthetic drugs and the potentially harmful methods of oxygen delivery into my body.


Many Benefits of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide therapy

The following is only a partial listing of conditions in which this suggested therapy has been used successfully. (Many of these conditions are serious, if not life-threatening.


Allergies Headaches. Altitude Sickness, Anemia, Alzheimer's, Arrhythmia, Asthma, Bacterial Infections, Bronchitis, Cancer, Candida, Cardiovascular Disease, Cerebral Vascular Disease, Chronic Pain, Diabetes Type II, Diabetic Gangrene, Diabetic Retinopahty, Digestion Problems, Epstein-Barr Infection, Emphysema, Food Allergies, Fungal Infections, Gingivitis, Herpes Simplex, Herpes Zoster, HIV Infection, Influenza, Insect Bites, Liver Cirrhosis, Lupus Erythematosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parasitic Infections, Parkinsonism, Periodontal Disease, Prostatitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Shingles, Sinusitis, Sore Throat, Ulcers, Viral Infections, Warts, Yeast Infections.


One last note about Oxygen Therapy

Short term use of oxygen equipment at home is okay.   However, long-term use of a compressed gas system, liquid oxygen system or portable oxygen concentrator will, in time, cause your lungs to atrophy.  Lungs are actually muscles and the main

reason why muscles waste away is a lack of physical activity. When you use oxygen therapy over a long period of time, the lungs begin to waste away because they are no longer exercised sufficiently.  This situation can bring on serious infections, pneumonia and other life-threatening conditions.


If you are on oxygen therapy, call your doctor or go to the emergency room if any of these symptoms appear:


۩  You are getting a lot of headaches

۩  You feel more nervous than usual

۩  Your lips or fingernails are blue

۩  You feel drowsy or confused

۩  Your breathing is slow, shallow, difficult, or irregular


Call your doctor if you are on oxygen and you are:


۩  Breathing faster than usual

۩  Flaring nostrils when breathing

۩  Making a grunting noise

۩  Pulling in the chest with each breath

۩  Losing their appetite

۩  A dusky, gray, or bluish color around the lips, gums, or eyes

۩  Irritable

۩  Having trouble sleeping

۩  Looking short of breath

۩  Very limp or weak


H2O2 Treatment verses Modern Medicine


Graphic indicating the progression of severity for treating COPD (least severe to most severe):  Self-Management Education and Smoking Cessation; Bronchodilators; Inhaled Corticosteroids; Pulmonary Rehabilitation; Oxygen; Surgery.



This chart shows the standard treatment modality for COPD.  Modern Western doctors trained using Big Pharmaceutical company philosophy will tell you in a flash that COPD is an incurable disease and can only be treated with harsh drugs, dangerous oxygen treatment and surgery and nothing else works.  Bull----!  Don't you believe it!  Hundreds if not thousands of of people we have helped with the advise above is proof enough that they are more interested in money than finding reasonable solutions.  I am living proof of how well H2O2 works.


The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide By Dr. David G. Williams




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