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Dr Schulze on Appendicitis
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Published: 5 years ago

Dr Schulze on Appendicitis

Since my brother John almost died last week due having a ruptured appendix for possibly months, I thought i would post this in his honor to help others--I know I also thought one could not live with  ruptured appendix but Dr said often do not feel pain...can die from infection but the body tries to wall it all off in a big inflamed ball,,he wound up having to remove a grapefruit sized ball with appendix and parts of his small intestine and colon..Dr said it as a major a surgery as you can get, he does have a bad diet. He had complications and had to be put on a ventilator and medically induced coma so be careful..

Some of his symptoms were low grade fever, chills,. pain in right side, he also had been saying everything tasted awful and several times got sick and vomited all night saying it was food poisoning. 

But it was unrelated blood in urine that turned his urine like the crayon orange and then like a dark tea that brought him to the ER and saved his life. that is one severe urinary tract infection i am glad he had or he might have suddenly died.

he went through the mill but being released tomorrow and in good spirits. He had little pain except once in a while and very very little infection but massive inflammation that lead to removal of some of his intestines.

Also see the link I gave below to herballegacy site note - If you had it out might not want to read what appendix does



Appendicitis is basically advanced constipation.

The appendix is a collection of lymph tissue.

It is designed to excrete immune system material into the bowel.

It detects if there is bacteria and/or fungus in the bowel. It detects something in the bowel, and it will excrete white blood cells and immune cells to destroy that infection.

When you cut out that appendix, that's like if your hand hurts, cut it off. It doesn't make any sense. We need to save these appendices. In fact, modern immune studies out of UCLA Medical School textbooks saythat when your appendix is removed, other parts of your immune system don't work as well.

They have even done studies showing that your spleen won't work as well when your appendix is out of there.
Stop all food, and do a high enema immediately.

INTERVIEWER: What do you do in a case of severe appendicitis?

SCHULZE: When someone has appendicitis, the first thing you do isyou stop eating — because appendicitis is caused by constipation and
your fecal matter being pushed into the orifice of the appendix. It inflames and it hurts, and it can get so infected it will leak pus, and, of course, that is very dangerous.
No more food, go only to juices. Drink a large amount like a gallon a day of apple juice and/or add some prune juice to it, too. Do the high enemas we discussed earlier. In fact, you wouldn't want to do a
colonic — you don't want any pressure in there. You just do that high enema and get that constipation out of there.

At least do a rectal enema. If that goes okay, then you go on to a high enema. Basically, what you are doing is stopping any food from going in, and getting out what is in there.

INTERVIEWER: You use this even in life-threatening cases?

SCHULZE: Absolutely.

INTERVIEWER: What if it's hours away from rupture?

SCHULZE: That's what happened to a friend of mine in Florida. He was freaked. He was ready to take his daughter to the hospital because she had a 103 degree fever.

What to do if perforation has already occurred.

INTERVIEWER: What do you do with the fact that it's swelling up? How do you
deal with it?

SCHULZE: The thing is that appendicitis usually happens after the person has had some bout with constipation, or over-eating or
something like that. The minute you stop eating and you give a high enema, it takes the pressure off. And, of course, if you flood yourself with gallons of juices, then you don't have to worry about the fever.

If you feel you have an infection, then load yourself up with garlic and echinacea. That is in case there has been some perforation, or if there is some pus. If you have a fever, there has been some perforation.

So take a lot of garlic and echinacea. Echinacea, you can take a ton of, like two dropperfuls of tincture every hour for the next couple of days. Half a bottle a day.

INTERVIEWER: How much garlic should you take?

SCHULZE: Six cloves. That would be over the course of a day. You can go more, but you'd better take it easy, because some people throw up on that. Then you can also do a liver flush immediately.
Flush that bile, get that oil in; oil is wonderful. Get some intestinal formula # 1 in (see the bowel chapter) and get that bowel working. Then 4^, you have gone in and done all the enemas, so you have relieved it from
upper and lower — meaning, no food from the mouth, and all wastes out of the colon.

Use castor oil packs 24 hours a day over the appendix.

INTERVIEWER: What do you do right on top of the area?

SCHULZE: Castor oil fomentation. Definitely. They are a must. I heardone woman who just had it with her son who did it continuously. They did it 24 hours a day.

And why not! You are talking about a situation in which most people are hospitalized and have surgery. That's exactly right. Castor oil packs 24 hours a day. I also like to do light massage over the appendix — even though medical doctors say to never touch the area.

INTERVIEWER: Don't touch it, it's inflamed?

SCHULZE: I like to do light massage, and you are doing massage from the hip bone towards the navel or the groin. You are going from your lower right hand side up towards your center, and from your pubic bone
area up towards your center. You can actually drain it a little bit. Just lightly, with the palm of your hand.

INTERVIEWER: It doesn't cause a rupture?

SCHULZE: Again, you have to use your consciousness. If it hurts tremendously when you are doing it, ease up a little bit. But you are trying to work that pus and fecal matter out of the appendix. I've never ruptured one doing that. I don't know a natural healer who will even do that. I've had a lot of people on my table with full-blown appendicitis and
I've done it and it has helped.

INTERVIEWER: You mean the swelling goes down?

SCHULZE: That's what happens. I had one interesting story I'll tell you. I was needing some money to do some traveling and I didn't have it. Some woman called Dr. Christopher and said, "My husband has
appendicitis and is in the hospital." She said, "There are two surgeons there and they want to do surgery immediately." Dr. Christopher gave her my phone number.

She called me and brought her husband over, and we worked on him for about four hours until he was relieved. Then I gave him a program for two or three days, and he got better. She was a very influential person and sent me probably a hundred clients in the next three weeks. The long and short of it was I got the money to go on my trip. I've never had a person who had to be cut open.

You know, when my friend from Florida called me, she was pretty far gone. She was really sweating bullets. Her daughter had full-blown appendicitis, 103 degree fever.

INTERVIEWER: What was she doing for it?

SCHULZE: She was doing some stuff, but she didn't turn the volume up enough. She was doing a little of this and a little of that. She said her
daughter didn't want to.

INTERVIEWER: Didn 't want to what?

SCHULZE: I don't know...drink something. I said, "Julia, there is no time. I said, "Either you do this, or you go to the hospital." She had considered the hospital, and hey, I can understand it. I have a son now too. It's a scary situation. I said, "If you take her to the hospital, and then you don't want to do what they say, you are stuck because they can take
her away from you."

Any hospital in the United States— if you take your kid in with appendicitis and you say, "I want to take him out; I don't want to operate," then they will arrest you for endangering the welfare of a child. She got so scared, she decided to get on with what I told her.

INTERVIEWER: The little girl could end up not being her daughter anymore.

SCHULZE: Exactly. They could take all her kids away if she had pulled some stunt like that. That scared her enough to go to work intensely. And sure enough, in 24 hours, her little girl, Maxine, was fine.


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