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smoking weed on extended water fast summary journal
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Published: 5 years ago

smoking weed on extended water fast summary journal

Hi there, this is day 24 of my Water Fast and I just wanted to give a summary of how its been going so far, especially since I have been smoking marijuana during the entire fast (a very contraverstial topic with highly oposing viewpoints from both marijuana community "why would you stop eating, you crazy?" and fasting "why cant you stop of a couple of days, you addict?") Please note, pure weed only no tobacco, I quit that a few years back.

Anyways, here goes:

day 1 - 5 was highly energetic, I remember literally jumping out of bed with a little hop one morning, hehe. I also smoked the most weed during this time. Physically I felt great too, no symptomes of detoxing.

Day 6 - 12 Detoxing yo! and felt it too, extreme heart burn, which I dont get, very cold hands and feet and I am a hot blooded one, though it is in the middle of our winter. Drank two cups of berry tea (organic, dried berries yum) that week. Was beginning to feel more weak, did less around the house, climbed the four flights of stairs slower. I smoked a bit less at night because of the hart burn, which got worse before bed, but still waked and baked and baked some more the mornings hehe

Day 13 - 15 I started to feel better and it seemed like most of the really bad stuff was out of me, prob the normalizing stage. smoked a bit more weed at night now, also change from normal tap water to bottled spring which I bought in 5 ltr bottles, with ph of 7 point something.

Day 16 - 24 I am feeling great, every day better, but still my energy is low and if I go too crazy and move too fast I get lightheaded quickly, otherwise I can do a good half and hour of standing and mild labour and only then get dizzy, which I dont do, Im pretty tuned in by now on when I should go sit or lie down. Interestingly I have developed an aversion to smoking too much weed by now. Im only taking a couple of drags at night, and in the mornings when I start to wake and bake I only again take a couple of drags then Im kinda sick of it. I will maybe have a couple of drags during the day too, which is a drastic change from my pre-fasting smoking habits: pretty much all day every day, complete stoner girl, 24/7.

A bit on bowel movements and menustruation if your interested (what a random thing to type... of course youre interested! haha)

Pre fast i did three days with grapefruit juice
(fresh from juicer) about 400ml a day. The night before my Water Fast I drank the juice before going to bed.... wow lets just say it really helps with elimination... weird looking ones too, I almost felt alien, or like I used to eat aliens.

During my entire fast I have had bowel movements, mostly twice or three times a day, sometimes a bit, sometimes just a tiny bit, except for the first 5 days I skipped day 2 and 4 with nothing going on. The smell has decreased over the days although just before my time of month, another evil smelling one turned up.

I am currently menustruating as well and feel great still, not as much of the tearing pain aroung ovaries as usual. The old blood already came down from day 15 but only started on day 22.

One that familiar note, I'll say wish me luck for the next couple of days, I dont have a number just going by my gut and good feeling on this....... but yeah its 40.

fiy I only put energy into good things (posts), worthy of my attention.


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