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Re: Need your opinions on best decision for a colon cancer patient
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Need your opinions on best decision for a colon cancer patient


ok I spent a long time on this answer and I hope it helps

Time--yes Dr Schulze turned an 11 year old around within 3 days with same problem (could not use the bathroom for motnhs)  and got him going to the bathroom and his scheduled colonoscopy canceled as he was then ok  with a lot of intestinal cleanse one and enemas as described below..unfortunately he no longer takes people or directly communicates with him but I certainly believe him,.,..they used only alternative but you should have gotten this at first suggestion and be on it already..I would order it and also make my own using capsuled herbs from the store if necessary to get fast till it arrives (organic if possible) and mix in the right number of parts and also immediately go to juice fasting
 He also mentions the boy here and says he was ok by the next day but does not say exactly what he used but it was a strong version of the intestinal cleanse # I am sure...also said the boy had not gone to bathroom in months

Relooking at your post, I was doing this with normal blockages not sure how fast it can reduce cancer but recall radiation can cause cancer later and I feel in my case it may have and got a new cancer and was  much more aggressive this time and I am told I will die as refused chemo this is like going to holocaust blast right after dropped and standing a few miles away even though doctors make it sound benign

Radiation does not get rid of shrinks tumors but make cancer more aggressive as t does not kill cancer stem cells as these are the only ones that spread and normally kill people.  what if it comes back and is now so aggressive it grows even faster...he needs to work on improving his strength and stamina also take digestive enzymes with food to help absorption and go to excellent diet. I would get the biopsy report and see what the grade of the cancer is so you now how fast growing it is 3 is worst and  is best and slower growing. I have a 8/9 on a grade three so 9 must be the very most aggressive see what it is now or ask them to pull up report and tell you this info It should be on the biopsy report

Look for things that shrink tumors quickly

I think raw foods vegan and juice fasting do that and do a search also here


also load up make tinctures from foods that kill cancer cells and cancer stem cells (see the post on stem cells I linked to below for things like raspberries, all berries, broccoli and broccoli sprouts, turmeric, real green tea (brewed not in cans or dairy case) etc also drink half his body weight in water with the right dose of the right salt I mention below. Maybe he can do a few radiation but not all to prevent some damage and up the alternative health but he must hurry and get on Schulze IC#1 right away the the things I just said. diet seems very connected to colon cancer and it response very well to a 100% raw, vegan whole food diet done in a comprehensive way..Chris of Chris beat cancer had stage 3 colon cancer and outlived his time period by a lot diet and other things were used by him but he did have surgery to remove the cancer. Still he turned down chemo they said he must have,.

I did have a brother in law with blockage but he a able to get need to pray about it and chose something it is normal to ask like you did and seek things to help you make a decision but in this case time is important. chose one and trust God with results even if those results are not what is hoped for. Your fiend is in a bad spot..

His lie is at risk and one can either put oneself in the hands of god leaving the outcome to him or do what the doctor say

I had radiation and unlike most on here had more than normal and I was ok for 20 years till I got this new aggressive cancer in the same breast and am facing a death sentence..On matters like this it is most difficult to decide as both options might be risky. I feel the radiation may have damaged glands a I was told it might and lungs but the quality of my life is certainly better than death. I did not fear radiation like I did chemo but that is most likely due to the fact I did not research its negatives like I did chemo. It is hard to advise you either way as both carry a lot of risk. and it is very unlikely that you can find someone in the exact same situation as him as most blocked colons have other causes and most are not in such a race to beat the clock..he must be sure of his salvation and decide to trust in god that whatever he chooses god will make right..he may or may not die or get is not ours to see the future.  It is not failure to do the best you can in circumstances...even if that means harm coming to  yourself as both options suck. 

Make a list of pros and cons and ask god's blessing making sure his affairs of greatest importance are ok if possible just in case. I feel bad I cannot give you the definite answer he needs none of us can really but if he chooses Drs way and is willing to do a complete reboot and lifestyle change till the rest of life and go raw vegan and a comprehensive program,..I would seek out other surgeons without telling them you went already and see if they will do surgery..immediately start taking a lot of garlic and trying to find ways to increase vitality like juice fasting etc. Even Schulze had many who did chemo and radiation and healed I one heard him say that if one had lymph nodes removed they can never heal naturally but Schulze did heal many who did it Drs way,.it makes it a lot harder but we are talking death here as you pointed out I am extremely into alternative health and even chose that and ignored Dr predictions of my imminent death but this situation is very critical..maybe a few hits of radiation to shrink it enough to get alternative health to then improve him to the point he can do surgery. I mean if he decides to do it and then quick after it shrinks x number of times he can always go to someone else if he later decides he should have done more radiation.I am sure many can do the meanwhile doing a comprehensive health building program and taking things that kill cancer cells cells or slow growth of tumors.

I did not know what I did then and I resisted radiation till the rd lumpectomy and a recurrence and was not in a life threatening situation like your friend

One sometimes has to do things that can be harmful I think you are looking for answers noone can give you.

Most do not know how quickly a tumor will shrink without radiation and what exactly will do that naturally..most people use comprehensive programs of healing so it is hard to ay exactly what did the trick

Maybe if you posted at Chris beat cancer someone there might have had a similr thing and could offer additional ideas I do know a blacked colon is very serious. generally people with cancer have more time to work out solutions and decisions..I would either way do an aggressive alternative health program and radical diet change.

...I give many suggestions here but as you said it needs to be hurried but know that Schulze got the bowel moving in all cases he had. Using mainly various kinds of enemas and implants and the intestinal #1 with intestinal #2 later but 1 is the important one now I would call 1 800 herbdoc and ask how can you get it there immediately the quickest way and then order some more for later taking more time. I have had 80% or more answers with this prayer chain (64-431-8217) Used over 40 years many many answers and ask for a right decision and that you can do everything needed and resolve the issue etc.

I do know that radiation causes cancers to become more aggressive. Maybe the site chrisbeatcancer has some other cautions..Schulze tells of women who had radiation to the area and it burned through the passage walls between the vagina and rectum area so that feces were coming out of her vagina and scarring can take place..

Can you get some other opinions from surgeons and not tell them you already sought help. Go to doctor rating sites like vitals and ratemds looking for doctors your insurance covers and see if you can glean from the comments what doctor might work with him. I was given more radiation for cancer than normal and got a live blood test a week after the radiation concluded and had free radical damage to every cell in the sample so one can assume the whole body was like that and I even took a lot of anti-oxidant herbs which helped me only have 1/2 of the 5 side effects (most permanent) that doctor said I would have now they do not let you take antioxidant switch chemo or radiation. some damage may be permanent, I know this is the case with chemo.

What he does can only be his decision but remember that Dr Schulze had 80% of his incurable patients cured only using the intestinal colon cleanses and he had a case of a baby needing colostomy bag and a young lad either of which could have a bowel movement--the boy in over a month and the baby had no nerve connection to the bowel and yet they were healed without surgery which is the only options doctors gave them and both were helped with colon formulas and had massive bowel movements and did not need surgery.

I went to my Schulze save your life films and listened to the ones on these cases and taking notes and this is what he said he did for blockages in this 11 years old and for colon cancer (the baby one was in another one I could not find but there)

colon cancer-11 years boy scheduled she called on Tuesday surgery scheduled for Friday

He gave the boy massive doses of intestinal #1 Boy had had no bowel movement in a month Schulze gave him massive doses of intestinal cleanse #1 and enemas

Then boy had massive very huge BM so hard and big and long, they  could not flush down toilet had to chop it  up with a shovel to get it to flush huge BM and he did not need the surgery

He said one must get the bowel clean and working people think it cant be done but it can for they have not used enough of things and strong enough aids so use stronger formulas like this His are very strong and even created peristalsis movement on a colon removed from a dead person at autopsy

Besides that he said for colon put herbs and food in the rectum and into the colon with a high enema (and as implants) use nutritional herbs like aloe vera, garlic solutions which destroy cancer tumors (use a clove or two lightly heated chopped up into two quart of water), in water put chaparral and red clover in enema, use cayenne in rectum (it burns like crazy but stops bleeding doesn't cause real burning or scarring) As far as aloe. he said get the best--if it say 998% aloe is only 2% real aloe so instead of any products, get your own aloe cactus plant and make your own from the real plant leaves..he said get oldest and  biggest one you can get and cut leaves like filet the edges and take gel out you can fill bowel with straight gel it heals is a cell proliferant and makes body heal 3 to 10 times faster He also put wheat grass or green juice like barley grass with chlorophyll into your bowels.

When doing the enema etc, do enema first (use water or add red raspberry) to clean the bowel out, and then put things in for tumor chaparral, if crampy catnip tea  spastic lobelia but not too strong..chaparral good for cancer greatest for the tumor wheat grass juice then do a high enema (videos and manual has directions).

For colon cancer do castor oil fermentation from pubic bone to under the heart all the way on leave overnight cover with plastic and heating pad for a while

A fomentation of cayenne tea will burn ride it out and with it. use a handful of cayenne to gallon of water heat up and dip towels in it if want more, add ginger and even more, add mustard seeds leave on for 45 minutes to an hour..will be intense if hot cayenne is used.

Also use hot towel and ice pack with tincture in it, alternated hot and cold this will increase circulation

For colon cancer, use full incurables program

He used cayenne if bleeding in rectum and also take it orally is intense in bowel

he started having dark pieces of tissue looking like liver come out and it was the cancer when it was biopsies --one day this man had explosive bowel movement and handfuls of this material came out man had it biopsies and was cancer..he got rid of cancer but then test showed he had polyps used intestinal cleanse #2, did colonics, more high herbal enemas..had sigmoid scope He had had 30 polyps and in 2 1/2 months, they were all gone

It was in his save your life videos I am sending you a personal message so please check it by going to your inbox. this particularly one is on video #4 of save your life but I wrote most of it down above.

How one normally starts on the intestinal formulas is by taking one intestinal #1 capsule with supper and then increasing dose by one per day and when you reach the dose when you go to the bathroom and say wow (stools will be light, fluffy, volumous not hard and sinking and also going once for each meal you eat, then that is your dose stay on that dose taking at dinner) then you can start on intestinal #$2 which is taken 5 times a day (I use the powder and shake in a jar with juice or water) but in your friend's case I might start at a higher initial dose and also take the intestinal #2 with it at same time as this will also soften BMS. Get formulas at

I think doing the two formulas the #1 in massive doses, and the juice fasting or at least 100% raw, vegan whole foods is very crucial as well as taking large amounts of raw garlic, 5 times a day ginseng tincture (if he weighs 150 if more of less see the patient handbook I linked you to under child doses in table of contents to see how Clark's rule of dosing works as well as the hot and cold shower to be increasing his strength. People sicker and weaker than him have done these program so banish fear and do them doing more and more of the other things I and others suggest. do a Google search for foods and herbs which increase strength and vitality. I know raw garlic, ginseng and hot/cold showers do.

Do lots of green juices and later greens and green smoothies when not juice fasting..if juice fasting, I break the fast with either steamed carrots, a small salad or applesauce..gradually work back into foods over 5 days..if eating meat (not recommended) do that last as breaking the fast is when one must be careful..

Aim for a long fast,.,.I have done 30 and 60 day ones before and am it at least 3 to 5 days...when you see one is fine then you will not be scared of longer ones but if toxins breaking too fast can feel weak and sick..then you might want to cut way back on fruit juices and dilute them 50% with water..fruits are cleansing and veggies building use fresh juices with a juicer not commercial..

If you do opt for commercial on very rare occasions when outside the home, be sure 100% juice and instead carry a lemon squeezer and things like lemons limes, grapefruit and oranges in the car with filtered water and a natural sweeter like raw agave, raw honey, or stevia etc..if you need ice, get some at gas station and make your own juices pretty easily when out or carry some herb-tea bags and get hot water at bp or speedway or bring your juice with you in a smaller cooler with ice pack. Store in a glass jar and fill to the tiptop excluding air which deteriorates it.

you can also drink herbal teas and potassium broth (see the patient handbook incurables section for Schulze's recipe in next link below (or use veggies and drain the broth..this helps when one is hungry and I have even had hot and sour soup strained when to feel like I am eating and get me over humps that I want to go back to food..all hunger goes away in a day or two and only when it returns strong again then is when going back to food is necessary..after the first few days, juice fasting is not near as had as one supposes.

Drink all juices without pulp or food when fasting and this way it goes to healing and repair not mainly to digestion... take juice on empty stomach when juicing but not fasting and no food for a few hours so it goes to healing and repair make fresh each time this is important and drink within 20 minus lest the vital elements dissipate..chew the juice to stimulate saliva. regardless of if fasting or not, take on empty stomach drink right away and take no pulp or food for a while so it can go to healing/repair.

Remember as far as the intestinal cleanse #1 Schulze said he gave it to a 11 year old in massive doses and within the 3 day period he had turned this around so might go even higher than 3 or 4 of the formula #1 of rise the dose up quickly as time is of the essence. More is better than less.

here is more on formula one and 2 for colon also click on incurables program for full program...his blog at herbdocblog also has free ebook on the right of screen scroll down for there are no incurable diseases and 20 steps. also search by disease on the left of screen /> especially #5 potassium broth recipe

on this first formula the proportions are

one part of each for each herbs except use 2 parts of aloe (or i part of its substitutes buckthorne bark or 2 parts of turkey rhubarb) can start cascara and senna with 1/2 part as strong if desired)

For formula intestinal #2 the portions are 2 parts of all herbs except use 1 part of fennel or peppermint and 7 parts of psyllium

do not take this intestinal cleanse #2 as same time as food, supplements, herbs or meds as it can prevent absorption due to the charcoal in it.

I would do water half his body weight and with that one takes the right salt at dose of 1/4 teas per quart of water use either Himalayan pink salt, Raymond';s real salt or Celtic sea salt all sold at health food store. read book obesity, depression and cancer by Dr batman---the author of your bodies many cries for water.

I would also go to juice fasting. good juices are green juices (mix fruit and some type of green) or this one Schulze likes

best veggie is 4% beets, 40% carrot and 20% kale, carrot or beet tops, collards greens or other greens

Best fruit formula juice is 40% apples 40% grapes (purple or black with seeds best) and 20% berries

for stamina take raw garlic 3 or preferably more cloves a day

also take organic ginseng tincture to help with weakness and stamina which garlic also helps

do hot and cold showers full body and also directed to colon front and back alternate hottest water and coldest one minute each for 7 of each do at least twice a day. Massage areas when doing it and also after..also use dry skin brush brushing towards the heart before getting in for the shower to open pores etc.

Take diaphoretic herbs like organic or wild crafted yarrow, peppermint or spearmint to increase sweating and diuretic herbs to increase peeing to help get toxins out.

see bottom for a list of these herbs use organic or wildcrafted herbs some can even be picked from the wilds if away from traffic and congested areas like yarrow or things like cornsilk or garden herbs from grocery store.

See here how Dave the raw food trucker get rid of colon cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and morbid obesity (lost 225 lbs) />
when not juice fasting do a 100% raw food vegan whole food and preferably organic diet.  Cleanse other elimination organs (kidneys/liver/skin/lungs/blood)

Also go here and see what foods kill cancer stem cells and load up on many of them
  (towards the bottom)

 added more in vaious plaes as I was writing so this may not make sense. Hope it does

Diaphoretic herbs are herbs that increase perspiration. Diaphoretics influence the entire circulatory system. There are three categories of diaphoretic: 1) stimulating, 2) neutral, and 3) relaxing. Diaphoretic: These herbs will aid the skin in the elimination of toxins through perspiration.  

Diaphoretic herbs

The following herbs have diaphoretic properties.

Black Cohosh    
Blessed Thistle==(Stimulating)     
Blue Vervain==(Relaxing)
Burdock Root==(Relaxing)     
Culver's root    
Elder Flower==(Stimulating)r
Lemon Balm==(Relaxing)     
Passion Flower==(Relaxing)     
(Pleurisy Root==(Relaxing)
Prickly Ash
White Willow==(Relaxing)     
Wild Yam==(Relaxing)     


Diuretic herbs are herbs that increase the flow of urine. Usually combined with demulcents to sooth any irritation from acids or gravel. Diuretic herbs can be used in the treatment of backache, prostatitis, sciatic, kidney stones, bladder ache, lymphatic swelling, scalding urine, gonorrhea, skin eruptions, water retention, and obesity. Diuretic: Herbs that increase the flow of urine and help in the removal of toxins from the system.
Diuretic herbs

The following herbs have diuretic properties.

Black Cohosh     
Blue Cohosh
Blue Flag
Blue Violet
Burdock Root
Celery Seed
False Unicorn     
Gotu Kola
Gravel Root=Queen of the Meadow)     
Hawthorne Berry
Juniper Berry
Kava Kava     
Mistletoe==American & European)     
Pleurisy Root
Saw Palmetto
Sheep Sorrel
Shepherd's Purse     
Squaw Vine
St. John's Wort     
Stone Root     
Uva Ursi
White Oak Bark     
White Willow


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