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Re: How to Cure a Systemic Parasite Infection, Start Sequence
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: How to Cure a Systemic Parasite Infection, Start Sequence

I tried not to.

I took a sequence, least invasive to most invasive.

Once I used Invermectin I knew I had round worms.
I knew that Albendazole, Mebendazole, were broad spectrum (in the old days), and that once I started working on round worms, it would dominate my future.

I decided the priority was:

1) Test while I could
2) Get my body ready for a fight, minerals, metals, ph
3) Determine if there were co-infections
4) Clear my GI trac (I did not yet know about risk of migration yet
5) Sample available anti-parasitics natural and Pharma (kind of in order what most people said to do
6) See what I had to deal with and make a plan.

The way it worked out, I tested IVM, knew I had a parasite, now I know it means round worm.

Then I cleared the GI trac with PinX, vomited for 3 weeks and huge worms migrated through my throat, sinus, behind the eye, and through the right ear, and lodged in my throat, GERD, Acid reflux, Burning upper resp. parts, coughing up, no swallowing and no breathing, rapid pulse followed.

That was my introduction to parasitology.

If I had it to do over again, I would dose Invermectin, do the small to complete dose of pin-x (gradually getting to a full dose) and clearing the GI trac preventing migration using Invermectin 200 ucg/kg/day.

Then, after a full dose of Pinx has been achieved (it took me 14 days of just a few drops, to a fraction of a teaspoon done at 10 PM, to finally the dose on the box. I spent hours vomiting into a huge sink, kept buckets by my side, I finally passed all sorts of parasites, I paid no attention in the early days, then when my senses started to return, I decided to see what was going on.

I then moved to Praziquantel for 14 strait days, and discovered I had flukes, Skitzos, and tapeworms. Why PinX did not remove the Tapeworm completely was anyone's guess, but segments were coming out, sesame seed eggs, tomato skins, and a blob, and a ping pong ball.

Thank god I kept up on Spirulina, charcoal, magnesium sulfate, MSM, minerals, and metals, or I do not think I would have made it through this part in a few weeks.

When I felt delicate I would crank Spirulina to keep my balance and bearings.

Once I cleared my GI trac, every 3 weeks I dosed Pinx to keep a canopy in the GI trac.

After I dosed praziquantel, I dosed PZQ every 3-6 weeks for several months to ensure I had eliminated everything worm like.

Then I went on to Albendazole, Flagyl for what I thought would be my finalae.

Well it was a wimper, when albendazole only killed one worm in my left nostril, leaving thousands of worms all over my body, because it took years to discover I had Ascarids.

I believe IVM, PinX, PZQ, are the correct initial sequence.

As for the middle, I like Boldo, Epazote
I like Piperzine, lower dose than published.
I like Alinia, worms hate it.
I like highish doses of Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate.

I like several natural products, piperzine, oregano, black cumin seed oil, etc etc etc.

I would stick with clear the GI trac first, have sufficent IVM, and PinX on hand to do 6 - 8 full doses over 3 months, to ensure the GI trac is clear. I was that infested.

I would have 60+ doses of IVM on hand, to start.

I would have 50 grams of PZQ on hand. I took this at 1 level teaspoon per large yogurt, 118 kgs. I found it rough beyond that level, which is way below some protocols, and above others.

I now find that albendazole works on worms, now that I am down to a few worms.

It would not touch my infection, because I had so many parasites.

Albendazole works well with my teaspoon of piperazine at night.

I am glad I took off several months, before trying albendazole again.

Dose when the parasites or your pulse is the highest, that is when the anti-parasitics will do the most good, they peak in a few hours, and last for a few hours, why dose at noon for a nocturnal parasite?



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