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Should you really control acne with a product? Or, should you try to prevent it ?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Should you really control acne with a product? Or, should you try to prevent it ?

Underlying cause of Acne is dysbiosis and damage to the liver, intestines, hormones, kidneys, etc.

Dysbiosis and damage to the liver and intestines is often something you inherit from your parents, or it is caused by something your mother have done, like if she has taken Antibiotics before, during or just after pregnancy, or if you were given Antibiotics when you were baby, or any other medications, including but not limiting to artificial hormones and birth control.

Also poor diet of mother, stress during pregnancy, may also affect baby.

Also, vaccination may induce dysbiosis and damage to the liver and intestines.

How are dysbiosis and damage to the liver and intestines manifested.

Dysbiosis and damage to the liver and intestines are manifested often by leaky gut and limited ability to tolerate some foods or some chemicals.

Acne is often a direct symptom of food intolerance.

If you get a new Acne today, ask yourself what you have eaten yesterday ?

Our tolerance to food is individual.

The healthier your liver is, the healthier your intestines are, the more food you can tolerate, including bad foods like processed foods, food additives , food preservatives , sugar, alcohol, pasteurized foods, homogenized foods etc.

Some people can tolerate everything, thanks to very healthy liver, very healthy intestines and very healthy kidneys. They are on the one side of the spectrum. They are healthy even when they abuse their body.

Other people can not tolerate anything, and must be placed in a bubble, as they can't even handle dust or pollen or anything in the air.

They are on the opposite side of the tolerance spectrum.

Most other people are somewhere in-between.

You are somewhere in-between.

You just have to figure out what it is you react to?

It can even be dust mites, or cat dander or your laundry detergent or your makeup or your favorite shampoo.

Some people just have problems with milk, and get acne when drinking milk or consuming dairy.

Others have just problems with sugar, vinegar or alcohol, and get problems when consuming foods with Sugar added, vinegar added, or drinking alcohol.

Others have problems with eggs, food preservatives , additives, nitrates , nitrites , sorbates , benzoates , sulfites , citrates , glutamates, etc.

Others have problems with soy, shrimps, tomatoes, potatoes, nightshades, salicylates, ..

Others have problem with gluten, or wheat or corn, or corn syrup...

Others have problems with Genetically-Modified-Organisms foods.

There is no one single acne trigger.

There are different people suffering from intolerance to different foods, and or skin products, and as a result, those different people get acne, triggered by different triggers.

There are 2 major ways to cure or to control acne.

Diet seems to be trigger in waste majority of people, so, controlling diet and eliminating dietary triggers is one very common way to fix acne.

Rea those stories:

As dietary triggers are different for different people, one single diet is not going to fix acne in every single person.

If milk is your only trigger, eliminating it from the diet will fix the problem, but if milk is not the trigger at all, or if there are other triggers beside milk, eliminating just milk will not work.

To find all dietary triggers, you need to trail strict scientific Elimination-Rotation Diet for several weeks or longer, or you may need to adopt some other strict healing diet like for example GAPS, FODMAPS, Paleo, etc.

Another approach is to try to fix what needs to be fixed, like your liver, your intestines, your kidneys, leaky gut, dysbiosis etc.

Natural ways to improve liver function are liver cleansing, liver flush, coffee enema, FMT, yogurt enema, herbal enemas, healing diets, Dr Budwig Diet etc.

Natural ways to improve health of intestines, is by both cleaning the liver, and also building intestinal flora and healing the leaky gut.

All in all, this all tells you how to fix acne on the long run, diet + natural healing, but if you are just looking for a single product, like a pill or a topical, ... there is no single product that can fix dysbiosis, liver, intestines and food intolerance.

You should not actually try to fix acne. You should try to fix the underlying cause.


To understand why... here is a little story.

Dashboard and the red light

Do you drive a car?

Why do I ask?

Cause I drive a car. And .... if I get a red light on my dash board (looking like a drawing of a small car engine), what do I do?

What would you do?

Here are a few options often discussed on Acne Forum s, unfortunately:

1. Take a duck tape and tape it over so you avoid being irritated by that red light.

2. Continue driving, ignore it.

3. Hypnosis: If you hypnotize yourself into believing red light is not on, you can just continue driving, cause the red light will be off in your mind.

4. Cut the wire leading to the red light, so the red light will be off.

5. Wash your dashboard often, it may help.

6. and so on ...

So, if you drive a car, and if you wish to drive your car one year longer or maybe 3 years longer, I am very sure you would quickly be able to figure out that those solutions discussed are not actually the smartest solutions.
I am not saying that all of those solutions are not going to get rid of the red light.

Some of them will work for the red light. All I am saying is:

THE RED LIGHT is not your real problem.

The acne are just like the red light!

Your real problem is what causes the RED LIGHT in the first place.

What is the dashboard of the human body?
What are the red lights on the dashboards of the human body?

Human body have actually multiple dashboards.

Here are just a few of them:

- face: skin, nose, lips, eyes, smile, teeth & gums, tong
- body skin
- hands
- hair
- Body Odor
- body posture
- body shape
- body symmetry
- voice
- nails
- all our senses
- and so on.

So, if there is a red light on that dashboard (your face ), do you still believe that treating the light itself (acne) is the best way to solve the problem, or do you maybe have some other idea?

Is it better to try to figure out why is the light there in the first place?

When you take Antibiotics or accutane for acne, it is equal to cutting wire leading to the dashboard of a car.
It works, it removes the red light.

But is it a smart thing to do?

Would you do it to your car?

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