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Re: Drastic weight gain after ssris
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Drastic weight gain after ssris

Don't forget the details/roles of gut flora in weight gain!

Ssri's are well-known for slowing the transit time of food through the gut- but it also changes gut permeability and immune system response.

It is possible you had some food particles and digestive flora get out into the bloodstream- that's called leaky gut syndrome.

Digestive flora can change their shape to suit the challenges of where they end up living- if they end up in an area where they are under attack by the immune system, they'll often hide by shedding their cell walls (the part the body primarily targets), and grow attachment protiens that mimic the body's structures.

When they have a good spot to grow and feed and hide, then you start to get bacterial colony goop between layers of tissue and not just in the gut. You've seen maybe the documentaries of folk who have had morbid obeisity and dieted themselves down a great deal, but still have loose, flobberty skin? That's a case of digestive flora colonies living where they really shouldn't.

The colonies can add weight and water weight, and be a prob- and it's part of why yoyo dieting happenns. You can change your gut flora to a degree by changing food intake, but it doesn't change the overall body pattern completely.

There's a lot of good reviews here for using extra virgin coconut oil for skin applications- it has acids in it that help break down those gut flora colonies.

There are several techniques that do it..

Azure's report of gaining weight on Iodine likely has several more aspects, and he's right about Iodine working with hormone receptors.

I figure there may be some gut flora colony activity happening there too- Iodine is pretty anti-fungal/anti-parasitic/anti-arglebargle.. and if there were candidic colonies to break down, one of the first responses of the immune system is going to be storing the toxins and sugars released by the candidic colonies in fat cells.

Insulin has both anti-inflammatory and fatcell-forming properties. Cell-wall deficient bacteria use polysacchiride (complex carbohydrate) chains to create their anchors (attachment points), and when those colonies get broken down and reduced to their component parts..

Well, there's a lot of mopup to do. The pancreas reacts not just to carbohydrate release from the gut, but glucose levels in the blood across the board.

Plenty interesting puzzle.

Candidiasis is an overarching term though, since it's hardly the candida family alone that create those colonies.
But I'm willing to betcha it's not fatcells alone acting as weightgain, but a few unwelcome hitchikers along for the ride too.

Oh.. yeah, even a really healthy Diet can still be used and abused when the gut flora is imbalanced. One strain of bacteria will ferment a food into a lot more glucose than another strain.
NŚŚŚh yeah..
It's a flouride-carrying ssri with a benzene ring in.
The fluoride molecule is added to get the body to suck the antidepressant into the neurons. It damages metabolisim by displacing the more important halides, iodine and boron.

Coming off the antidepressant, you'll need replacement halides and minerals to repair the system.

Flouride's considered a cornerstone of metabolic syndrome- especially the thyroid getting confused and trying to manufacture thyroid hormone off of the halide that most closely resembles iodine.

Well, there's part of the issue. :)

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