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Re: when a dental infection has gone too far...
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: when a dental infection has gone too far...

IN PAIN could use some help

I am currently in a good deal of pain and dont want to go to the dentist as the tooth is very close to the 2 front teeth and my insurance will not cover anything like partial denture for 8 years if I pull it which she will want me to do as the tooth broke off in past and she was at my request giving me temporary filling which was supposed to last 2 weeks but have lasted several months but if I lose the tooth it will not work as no real tooth to grab it on to.

I had some pain off and on for a few years and got rid of it but about a week and a half ago I got an abscess with a lump near the nostril and also pain in the area and in the tooth each time I bite. I never had a lump abscess there before.

Once I help another tooth I did not wan to lose off and on with natural treatments but then it spread to surrounding teeth, I had to have 2 removed but they did not show. had kept the tooth about 2 years by then.

I cannot really take Antibiotics as anytime I do, I now get urethral yeast infections that have spread to the surrounding tissue that I cannot get rid of..

I had to take an Antibiotic after my Breast Cancer surgery and that was 1 and 1/2 years ago and I still have it. It is driving me crazy.

I have tried every natural treatment I could find and also Dr drugs and nothing works..they tried to give me Antibiotics for it but I was afraid to take them as it would get worst and it is a nightmare now so since I have very bad diabetes I found out that those with uncontrolled diabetes get yeast infections all the time and hard to get rid of sometimes. I had no idea they affected that too

Before I only had a couple in life and always got rid of them either with dr drug or natural mean right away so to have it for 1]8 months is horrible, but now I am afraid to take these and the dentist might not give me anyway as she said the tooth will have to come out soon before.

I don;t want to tick her off as she is doing things for me that no other dentist would do allowing me to keep more of my teeth.

For this recent and current tooth infection, I did take ibuprofen for that pain and painful neuropathy recently daily which I rarely do as taking ibuprofen caused pentameter kidney damage in my mom and caused her death so Adria to take too much but have been since this pain as it helps the pian in the tooth and in my legs which hurt tremendously due to parasthesia and neuropathy.

I also shave been brushing with Sea Salt /water as heard that was good in clearing tooth
decay but have not use it in last 3 weeks. Maybe I should at least rinse with salt water. I had put thief's oil/clove oil but both did not do much.

I know this sounds bad but took a thin neewdle, sterilized it with alcohol in echinacea (hich is good for teeth) and tried to prick the painful areas near the two teeth..I tried to squeeze once and blood popped out from the gums of the tooth next to it and when I pricked the gum of the problems tooth, a lot of watery blood started rolling out and this relieved a lot of the pain.

I am assuming now it was due to releasing the pressure someone spoke of above. On must be careful to try to sterilize things including the fingers you are using holding the needle and lip.

Actually I did this 20 minutes ago and the pain is very diminished but also took ibuprofen so maybe it is that but I think this release the blood/pus/water and infection helped before..that is why I used it now.

I then rinsed the area with the echinacea tincture with alcohol to re-sterilize the area.

I took Colloidal Silver --the daily dose and swished it over the painful areas before swallowing.

It seemed to go away after 4 days of this and I stupidly ceased using it.

UI was fine about 4 days and today both the abscess and the pain is back and hurts so bad but maybe less than when at its peak.

so tonight I remembered oil of oregano and put a little on gums rapidly followed by water as it burns.

I have also been holding a piece of garlic between gum and lip close to the abscess so near the top of the gum (abscess is at bottom of nostril). I can get close but not on it via the mouth and also over the tooth. One has to be careful they get a garlic clove that does not burn like heck. I held it there a few hours at a time.

I also have a garlic tincture I made where the garlic is soft and has lost some of its fire due to going in to the vodka and I swish with the garlic tincture and then put a small piece of the less burning due to volatile properties going into garlic liquid so I hold a few of these softer and milder garlic there overnight as I know these dont burn flesh away.

I know grapefruit seed extract is also for viral and bacterial infections but dont like the taste..worst thing I ever has..I might try some olive leaf extract though as also good for infections.

I am hoping it will go away and not return this time but am worried now the tooth next to it front tooth hurts when I bite down..before it spread upwards but now spreading to the side..I am grateful to learn that oil of oregano will stop infection from spreading to the heart. How often should I use it and how much,..I think the bottle says 4 drops is the dose but take a little more than that.

Is there anything else I can do as I really want to save these two teeth as I cannot get partials, implants or any of that as not covered and live under poverty line and I will look terrible with missing teeth in the top front.

Any suggestions or idea how much oil of oregano or Colloidal Silver to take or any other ideas to get rid of or at least control the infection to keep tooth as long as possible.

I aklso swish a little of dr schulze tooth and gum formulas on there( but it is very hot due to habeneros in it so can only leave on there about 5 seconds before drinking some water.

I did take the thieves essentuial oil with the ingrediants i had on hand on the gums but not internally but it was not from young's living oil where I saw all these testimonies of getting rid of infection and saving teeth but mostly aura casia brand as I have these but cant afford to buy young's but I have since misplaced it. If I find it will resume that also.

Before when one has a cavity hole to put the clove oil ii, I used clove oil with cotton ball but discovered after using it maybe a week one starts to get a metallic taste in mouth and the only way to get rid of it is to discontinue its use then it goes away.


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