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Re: I finally know where my palpitations come from !
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: I finally know where my palpitations come from !

i hate to register, but i did so i can post this and perhaps to help others.

First of all, i apologize for my English, it is not my first language, i am from Europe.

I totally agree with the user Albatora. I am quite sure there might be people out there with extrasystoles caused by stomach issues.

Not sure if it is because of reflux or some other stomach issues.

I had extrasystoles for last 12 months. It started slightly, a few per day, but later, after 2-3 months or so, i had like 10,000 (ten thousands) per day!!

I went to five cardiologists.

I had tons of heart tests done including 24h holter (which confirmed the extensive count of extrasystoles)

No patology. All good.

Such a waste of time.

So once again, i had like 10,000 (ten thousands) extrasystoles per day. One of those cardiologists told me, quote "you can not have that much extrasystoles, there is even not that much heart beats per day'.

First i though he is joking. I have to explain to him, that there are about 100,000 heart beats per day.

However, i went to other cardiologist, then other one, and so on. The whole result of these visits was a prescription of beta-blockers, which i have declined for strong side effects.

One of the cardiologist also suggested so called 'ablation' a surgical procedure on heart.

Fortunately, i am not that crazy.

I tried to explain to all of these doctors, that i am looking for the cause of my extrasystoles, that i am not interesting in healing symptoms. (not at this point).

However, forget about doctors. They like their daily routine, or, they just can't help.

I almost forgot, most of the doctors will tell you, it is because of stress. They don't know you at all, but they are so sure about it.

In my case, I was sure they are wrong. How did i know? It is simple. First of all, i don't have any stress. Second, when i stand, there are basically no exstrasystoles. When i sit or lay, in that moment it starts massively. Ten extrasystoles per minute. Yes, that is correct, one exstrasystole every 5-6 beat. I have to say i am sitting like 10 hrs per day (working on PC) So can you imagine how i feel the most time of the day.

After my experience with cardiologists, i knew i have to figure out on my own. I have read some stuff on internet, i also had to analyze/ recall what has changed during those last 12 months in my behavior, diet, and so on.

Basically, in 12 months nothing changed.
Nothing changed in my personal life, no stress, nothing.

However, there were few things, first I though of my teeth, i have visited a dentist at that time when it started. Though of some infection. I have a dentist RTG, 2 times, two different dentists. Nothing there.
I even had a teeth extraction to rule out the teeth connection.
Was my personal decision. I have to admit, i was wrong, but i was desperate.

I was still confused why the extrasystoles start when sitting and when i am standing basically no extrasystoles. It appeared to me, like something is pressing in my belly when i sit which triggers the extrasystoles. Then i read on internet about stomach connection.

Then i realized, the only thing what i changed in my diet was a food with chilli peppers. I went every Saturday to a restaurant to order a meal with small pieces of chilli peppers. Approx a half of a chilli pepper was added into that meal. I loved that meal and i was eating it every Saturday for the last 12 months.

However, a week ago i decided to stop eating this meal.

After one week without this meal, the extrasystoles are almost gone!

It stopped suddenly.

I am not saying, that the chilli could cause extrasystoles, but the whole meal as it was, it was spagetti with raw garlic, chilli, some orange sauce, some vegetables. Perhaps this combination caused more stomach acid, or a general stomach irritation, i don't know what else. I could be very individual on this.

However, after i have stopped eating this, i have only few extrasystoles per day in opposite to 10,000 per day. I also assume, that the stomach needs some time to regenerate, so perhaps in time, the exstrasystoles will fully stop. Don't forget i was eating it for the last 12 months,
although it was only 1 day in week.

Some doctors would say, it was in my head, it stopped because of some kind of placebo effect.

Then i have read some article about a research done in Mexico in 1990, that the capsaicin, the stuff which makes chilli peppers that hot could be a strong carcinogen (stomach cancer). O have to say, this research has not confirm that, but why was the research even done?

However, although i am not a doctor, i am quite confident there might be a stomach/extrasystoles connection.

Doctors are saying, there is no mention about such connection in literature. So there should be done some deeper research on this topic.

From what i could see over the internet, i am not the only one who is seeing such connection. The changing of position sitting/standing/laying triggers the extrasystoles, how this could be caused by stress or mental problems? When i am sitting i have more stress than when i am standing?

I got the count of extrasystoles confirmed by ECG while i was standing and sitting. I forced the doctor to do the test in both positions so he believes what i am saying and see the count difference on his own eyes.

Finally, i hope that this post will inspire others when looking for the reason of their troubles with extrasystoles.


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