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Re: Extreme low energy-desperately need help
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Extreme low energy-desperately need help

Here are my answers:
Thanks a lot!

Looks like you could use more adrenal/cortisol support but I would not expect that to be the entire reason for your problems.

===I take 650mg adrenal cortex extract and 300mg whole adrenal

Pregnenolone. Did you get a followup blood test while on it? Did you seem to get heart palpitations while on it? With low AM cortisol and other symptoms I'd be inclined to continue to use some of it, maybe 10mg x2 or 3 and then get the followup test.

===I started again to take pregnenolone (2X10mg) for 1 week. We do not have tests here for that. No effect so far.

"Overthinking". Have you ever tried a couple mg of lithium orotate. With the heart symptoms maybe you'd be better off not doing that until you've gotten some test that is suggesting you'd benefit from it. There is a blood test for it.

===I sterted to take 10mg Li orotate for 1 week and I feel a little better about overthinking (it's a mental agitation in fact).I didn't look for test; I will.

With your symptoms I'd get a DDI hair elements or TEI hair test. From the hundreds of hair tests I've seen in the heavy metal (HM) detox groups when Li is very low in hair and the person has a history of intense mood, a couple mg of it can take the edge off. I certainly would not expect it to be a fix-all for your situation.

I say that because I once had the intense, competitive mood and "overthinking". A Spect brain scan at Amen Clinic reported "hot spots" the doctor felt were consistent. The lowest dose of a mild mood stabilizer--trileptal--initially did a nice job although it made my personality a bit less creative than I'd like.

Since Dr Amen is semi-natural he also suggested fish oil, etc. Some combination of the supplements did a nice job. However after Amalgam filling removal months of HM detox--Cutler--extra Mg, and Li, I was remarkably chilled out. It was the most unexpected side effect of HM detox that I was doing for a bone density problem. My prechelation hair test is #354 at this site with 1000+ tests + symptom lists used by the HM detox groups.

DHEA/Libido. Low libido in a female could easily be low testosterone. Since this has been going on for so long and you have DHEA on the low side of normal, you have to get T tested, probably estrogen too. You'll see the relationship here.
( Note: DHEA is not abbreviated & progesterone is related to a woman's "monthly cycle".)

=== I will test testosterone soon toghether with all the hormones.

Was DHEA or DHEA-S tested? In a person who is chemically sensitive this can be quite important. Poor sulfation can be involved when a person has MCS so the DHEA-S would be affected. You could have much higher DHEA (non -S).

===I will test DHEA-s soon.

In the HM detox groups many people are low in T but can't use DHEA to support it without their MCS being triggered. Again I'd be concerned about a possible exacerbation of the "heart" symptoms.

===Good news: I don't have heart symptoms any more. Meaning that I have a little more energy.

Obviously most people don't have a HM problem but at some point if your doctor does not get to the bottom of your problems you might consider the involvement of HMs. Your symptoms are very commonly reported in detox groups.

If Hg is involved I'd also expect a few more symptoms maybe constipation, weak muscles, food and or chemical sensitivities, tinnitus or tingling extremities, etc.

How did your respond to it and at what dose?

===I suppose you talk about ALA. No visible effect.

In the Yahoo Cutler detox group, they expect people with a significant mercury (Hg) problem to have some reaction to taking lipoic acid (ALA).
Commonly reported symptoms are increased brain fog, fatigue. In your case I'd expect poorer stress tolerance and more emotional sensitivity. A few people get some improvements in symptoms, maybe lessening of Depression for a number of hours and maybe a bit more energy. These may not be related to Hg.

I could go on for quite some time about your symptoms. They are a combination of many of my symptoms plus my close female friend's symptoms. I recently posted in an autism group about her long history of PTSD. Fortunately she did not have MCS.

With your symptoms I'd start with adrenal *cortex* glandular until the heart symptoms settle down. I would not initially use whole adrenal glandular.

Eventually you might benefit from some adrenal medulla support, but probably after dealing with the heart issues. You could look up the symptoms of catecholamine depression.

Look up aldosterone. Any chance your potassium is out of range?

===Potassium is ok. I will test aldosterone but it's expensive. And all my blood test are ok...

So much more could be said! The good news is that there is hope! Unfortunately it will likely take quite a bit of chipping away at the problems.

Dr Mark Hyman went to ten other doctors before someone realized HMs were involved in his mysterious list of symptoms longer than yours!

This woman's list of symptoms is rather common in the detox groups. I followed her case during her two+ years in the detox group.

You'll likely identify with Robert C's fatigue. He was concerned that if the house was on fire he might not get out.

In contrast, my "fatigue" is due more to catecholamine depression. Even though I'd feel glued to the sofat, if there was a fire, my foggy brain would respond well and I'd start fighting it. This is probably due to having more of a lead and cadmium problem than a Hg problem.

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