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Re: Potassium Chloride
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Potassium Chloride

I haven't been on here for a while but I'm in school.

Oookay....just to tell you a little bit. My God told me years ago Psalms 91:7,8 "A thousand shall fall at thy right hand and ten thousand at thy right hand: but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shall thy see and behold the reward of the wicked."

He also gave me Hosea 4:6..."My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..."

I am literally seeing hundreds of people I know dying and getting body parts cut out of them on a daily basis while I get stronger and healthier every day through getting knowledge.

I have increased my dosage of SSKI to 3 squirts twice a day which is 6 squirts of the pipette in a 1-ounce bottle. I also take 1/2tsp twice daily of potassium chloride. When I went from one to two squirts of SSKI twice daily worms started coming out of my nose with blood. They came out dead I think, but they were surrounded by I don't know, snot, mucus so maybe they couldn't move because they were in that thick, sticky goo. They were about 1/16th of an inch I guess. I kept that up for about week with the same results then I increased my dosage of SSKI to 3 squirts two times a day and started taking 1/2tsp of potassium chloride once a day for two days or so then increased my dosage of potassium chloride to 1/2tsp twice a day. I take each cocktail of the SSKI and potassium chloride with 2 gms of ascorbic acid and swallow 5 1gm Ester-C pills. So that's 14gms total vitamin C a day.

I had to nearly stop using the Zapper and iodine because I needed time to use the zapper and special circumstances to use the iodine (no vitamin c can be taken with it) so I had to rely solely on my potassium cocktails to help me out.

I kept up with my potassium/vitamin c cocktails for about three weeks and I saw a decrease in the worms that came out of my nose day by day. I don't know if they were coming from my brain, sinuses or what and I don't care, they just needed to go. It's been about two months since I started my new cocktails and have no more blood coming out of my nose and no big worms. It's like I'm down to the tiny ones that I can barely see and there's not many of those at all, just one or two it seems every time I drink a cocktail. As SOON as I drink the cocktail I can feel something in my sinuses moving so I know those worms don't like my cocktails,'s "Happy Hour" and they must drink up. I can also feel the worms in my deeper tissue like muscle tissue start shaking because they don't like it either I think. When school is out I'm going to do Ivermectin and Albendazole to knock them fools out.

A lot of things are healing in my body. I don't seem to have such issues with sugar anymore. I ate a King Size Hershey bar with almonds last week because I was happy and just freakin' wanted it KNOWING I was going to have to PAY the PRICE with a migraine. It was ok because I was on my way home and figured by the time the migraine hit I could have me a coffee enema brewed up and take that. They get rid of migraines...even sugar induced. I got no headache from eating the chocolate bar. I was amazed. Soooo of course my sugar intake has increased because my body seems to tolerate it rather well now, but I DID go overboard after the chocolate bar because I thought I was home free and a few days later I ate sugar all day and got a headache. lol No big deal...I took a coffee enema and I was as good as new.

Oookay, I just made a new batch of SSKI, I needed to. I used about 140gms in 100ml water. I just counted 25 drops from one squirt so that's 75drops in one cocktail...1500mgs of KI in the SSKI twice a day=3gms a day minimum of KI. That's not including the KI in the Lugol's I take at least 3 times a week at 36drops of Lugol's in a cocktail. I drink 3 iodine cocktails a week roughly. I put 36 drops homemade 5% Lugol's, 1/2 tsp celtic sea salt, 1/2tsp MSM in each cocktail and drink it down. My KI intake is also not including the full tsp of KI Chloride I'm getting each day. Do you know how much KI is in 1tsp of KI Chloride?

Anyhow, I'm getting 3gm of KI in SSKI each day PLUS whatever the KI content is in 1/2tsp of KI Chloride twice a day PLUS the 1.35gm total KI in the Lugol's I take 3 times every week.

My body seems to love the stuff. Also When I up my dose of SSKI I break out in zits on my rear end and upper thighs. One of the zits I squeezed and I saw 3 skinny white worms come out of 3 tiny pores in my skin where the zit was. I think my body was getting healthier to kill them. I squeezed the zit every day to see if the worms were there and after about 4 days they disappeared and the zit went down. This SSKI stuff is GOOD Trapper.

I had a friend of mine just get a partial hysterectomy, her thyroids taken out, now is going for a full hysterectomy. No matter what I say she trusts the doctors. I tell her I'm getting healthier every day and she can too, but sorry, the mainstream idea is that we should trust doctors so she keeps getting body parts cut off of her. Sorry, but they ain't taking ME out like that!

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