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Re: Deliverance by Laying on of Hands
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Deliverance by Laying on of Hands

"What they needed all along was a body of believers who actually did the things Lord Jesus instructed His followers to do."

But no where in the scriptures did Jesus instruct His followers to cast demons out of believers. And that is what the initial post was about, casting demons out of believers. So how is casting demons out of believers doing what Jesus said to do, when he never said that?

I have a feeling I know what's happening with all these people that are coming to you that are tormented by demons, saying they are being raped by demons, hearing demonic voices, etc. These people coming to you are more than likely suffering the consequences of the demon obsession that comes from deliverance ministries. If all the people hear about is demons, demons, demons and that every problem in their life is a demon, then no wonder they are going to be obsessing over demons and having all kinds of demonic experiences. This is what I saw with the group of people that I hung out with years ago too. They were obsessed with the idea of demons being the cause of every problem and so they constantly talked about the weirdest, scariest stuff happening to them all the time. And the situation never got better. Why didn't I have the problems like they did? Because I wasn't giving the demons the time of day. And I'm not saying demons don't try to bother me. In fact, I know they do. And I'm not saying they don't affect my thoughts sometimes. I know they do. But the answer for me to get the demons off my back is to remember my safety in Christ, that I am his, that he has won the battle and so I'm secure in him. What more do I need? Putting my mind on Christ, and not on the demons, that is the answer! So I believe it's the thinking and talking and obsessing over demons all the time that is the problem, causing these people to experience so much demonism because they are being taught demon obsessed doctrines. The scriptures say Jesus sets us free, but our eyes have to be on him, and not demons. Obsessing over demons will not set us free but put us in bondage.

"Ideally this concept would be embraced and modeled by the church leaders, but alas, in the vast majority of cases within the church system, people like John MacArthur run the show and walking in the authority the Lord Jesus has given to those who truly follow Him is simply not what we see. Indeed, the blind are being led by the blind and the result is a weak and ineffective counterfeit system of religion that lacks the power we see in the early church."

I really find it surprising when you say stuff like this because I am apparently not seeing at all what you are seeing. Your side is winning Ed! That's what I see. People are leaving sound doctrines in droves just as the scriptures prophesied would happen. Check out the NAR numbers alone, not counting all the other groups that believe as you do too which includes huge amounts of people in every denomination. People that would be on my side are dwindling fast. So don't worry, your side is gaining major ground everyday. You don't see that?

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