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WF day 1, of who knows how many to follow
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Published: 6 years ago

WF day 1, of who knows how many to follow

Day N+1 here. N stands for introductory meal reduction and cleansing for 2 days.
52 hrs + from my last meal. Full ketosis (16 in urine), 3.4 mmol/l blood sugar.
I've checked some other early value and everything seems to be OK. I am at 50 kg today, 2 kg difference compared to 52 hrs ago, but the loss is greatly due to GIT content absence now. BMI 18.59. I set a weight loss of 10-14 kg (21-28 pounds) at most. This could possibly get me to a BMI of 13.38, but I need to specify that I have fine bones and about 25% fat now, so it should not be to tasking on my muscle loss.
I am not hungry, but feel very tired, due to some nasal congestion and very little sleep as a result it the last 2 nights.
I have reduced water intake for the last 19 hrs resulting in a very concentrated urine and a somewhat congestion relief.
My GIT is nearly totally empty after a laxative tea on hour 9 hrs after the last light meal and a home-performed colonic the previous day, with partial cold brewed organic coffee. There was some mucoid bowel movt, three times the last 2 days, but not smelly and it looked maybe like the last meal.
It is funny on voiding - there is very little to push from the top when my stomach is empty and I need to actively participate in it, in contrast to it under normal conditions :)
I also have to specifically contract my abdominal muscles, because it feels like my body is not very integral when walking, if I don't do it. Like my legs can go, but the trunk will not necessarily follow well if I don't contract abdominals. I like it though, nothing to protrude, if not for 3-4 handfuls of fat. The fat that is going to very useful now.
I will post when energy permits and will try to be useful, rather than complain :) I am resting plenty, but also need to accomplish some work. So pardon, if I don't log in too often. I just can't set an expected log interval. I may very well just post the end of it. Of course, I will be here in time of crisis if I can't handle it on my own.
So far I have attempted long WF fasts, but the longest was 7 days, and it was interrupted not too right. I've also done three 14-day fruit-herbal fasts as well.
I am looking at joint healing - multiple joints with osteoarthritis, hopefully some alignment in my spine (I have scoliosis of 20 degrees, max at L1) and my neck - Arthritis and bad curve following many trauma and misuse, same for my knees. Hopefully fast + pristine diet afterwards will help ward off some osteopenia I was diagnosed with and a high Prolactin level (60), which was incidentally found and was about the same for few years.. In the meanwhile the sinusitis will surely have to go. I feel it was mainly caused by wheat and dairy, plausibly also due to Body low pH and Sugar consumption (not heavy consumption though) - mainstay of the diet in my early years. I feel my inflammation is somewhat autoimmune related, because I've had Psoriasis like lesions occasionally, and my GIT is quite sensitive to wrong foods, besides often having fibromyalgia-like complaints.
I have been heavily raw in the last few years, not yet 100%, but after this fast it will be very close to 100%, excluding some cooked rice, lentils, beans and potato, that I will hopefully sprout for the major part, or at least soak the seed/beans before preparing.
Not to mention I need to stay away form wheat and dairy. Which causes for certain majorly my sinus problems, and without any doubt my joint issues with inflammation and under-healing. I had nearly not consumed meat in the last few years, never liked it, but my extended family have it very often and during work trips it was sometimes preferable to have meat, instead of wheat or strangely looking food items. I was full vegetarian for 5 years in my adolescent and before that had small quantities of meat occasionally - part of mom's dishes.
Till next time,

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