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An update on my dysbiosis/leaky gut/sibo improvements.
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Published: 6 years ago

An update on my dysbiosis/leaky gut/sibo improvements.

I had forgotten about cure zone, after looking at some of my old posts on here, I realized I've come a long way in the last 6 months, and that its worth documenting on here.

What I've noticed with healing, is that it can be such a slow subtle process that other people notice you're getting better before you do. Every fast I've done has lead to gradual improvements, improvements that may have taken weeks after the fact to fully actualize.

I used to find I was sensitive to juicing. Really, I have a congested liver, and I can't really eat in the mornings. So, whenever ide take it upon myself to have a tall glass of beet, carrot, apple, celery juice in the morning, I would end up just feeling plain awful. This was also because my food digested so slowly, the juice would basically come down on top of whatever I ate the night before.

Juice fasting was a different story, and, for me personally, I usually only have juice in the context of a juice fast. I've completely a 10 day juice fast and a few 3 day juice fasts, and I am currently started on another 10 day one to get the christmas funk off me. Every time I do a juice fast I notice a permanent increase in my vitality. I don't get colds and flus any more, ever, and I expose myself to the public and friends who have flus enough to get them.

I have also been experimenting with gaps/scd principles for leaky gut, which I plan to continue into the New Years.

I spent 2 weeks basically on a GAPS intro diet, I made chicken stock every day, strained off the some of the fat (not GAPS tradition, just feels better for me personally, animal fat IS inflammatory), add scd friendly vegetables like turnip, carrot, broccoli etc.

After 2 weeks of doing that, I felt out of balance, brought back the rice and lentils, and started eating either 1 meal a day, or two small meals a day right up until the holidays really got started. I didn't focus on "getting enough calories", I ate to my actual appetite and ate nutrient dense foods.

I basically have a flat stomach all the time now, it's my new normal, my brain fog is 80% gone, I can actually think and speak coherently again. The stiffness in my joints is drastically improved, my sleep quality is great, except I feel that I might sleep too much. (9 hours average)

My biggest remaining issues, as I see it, I still have many food allergies (though I seem to be tolerating avocado again). I still have a digestive system thats wonky, and will leave me at times fatigued or feeling itchy/gross/foggy after a simple meal. The difference is simply that it's not as severe and it passes quicker.

My liver is congested, I can feel my right side clenching and complaining whenever I eat anything. I will also be doing liver flushes 1-2 times a month in the new year. My first flush is going to be on Jan 11th. (rather it's my second, I did a liver flush about a year ago and indeed I got a lot of stones out)

I still cant eat anything until around 3 in the afternoon, without throwing it up basically. I definitely have adrenal fatigue issues. My energy levels are at a point, where I can get out and do things, so long as I have LOTS of rest in between. I sleep a lot and I also am frankly quite sedentary. But I do go for walks and do some light yoga, but not every day, it's more of a 2-4 times a week affair. So I have adaptogen tea for the adrenal fatigue, red reshi, cordycep mushrooms, rhodiola etc.

I started the new year with a 10 day juice fast, after that I will go on a nutrient dense diet based on scd gaps principles for about 4 months before reevaluating what I'm doing.

For me, that means a staple of lentils and salmon. I want to make lentil soup every day with lots of good quality vegetables and eat lots of raw sushi grade salmon. It's all gaps friendly, and I personally find meats like poultry and to a greater degree pork and beef, to be too difficult to digest.

I take 3 herbs for sibo specific to overgrowth citrobacter freundii, clove oil, eucalyptus oil and grape fruit seed extract, I take 1-2 drops of each a few times a week, I find it too potent to take every day. I've started taking a clove, blackwalnut, wormwood tincture to prepare for liver flushes.

I think I should also start on urine therapy again, it's a medicine I have forgotten about, but it's done great things for me before.

I try to have an optimistic outlook, one of the things that helped me, is to not label myself as "sick" but simply "I have a delicate body", that shift in attitude made a huge difference to how I feel.

I try not to get stressed over the small things. If theres some problem in my life, I ask myself, Is this really worth giving a **** about? And often, the answer is "definitely not"

Theres some good de-stressing exercises you can find under the title of radical undoing, theres a channel called command z on youtube, the basic exercises they teach for stress are really effective, and have played a role in my healing.

So that's all for now. I started out in a pretty miserable place health wise, I was in worse shape than anyone else I knew. And I'm making real progress. The only advice I can really give, is do lots of research, be open minded, and don't feel like you need to follow a protocol exactly, I've only found success when I tweak protocols to my personal needs. Don't listen to dogmas listen to your body. Some people would like to tell me that I "need" breakfast, but it would ruin my whole bloody day, so I don't, ever, and I'm healing, because I listened to what my body wanted.


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