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new thoughts on hsv2: resolve herpes the real deal.
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Published: 8 years ago
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new thoughts on hsv2: resolve herpes the real deal.

hi everyone:

I apologize for taking so long to answer. I was actually out of the country for a few years working and could not access anything appropriately enough to respond.

I reiterate what I posted before years ago: nothing really works but just regulating your diet, and avoiding the trigger foods/situations that will cause an outbreak.

Any food with a higher level of arginine to lysine in it will probably cause an outbreak.

For example, almond milk won't work for me because it will cause an outbreak, so will cashew milk, hemp milk, chocolate, peanuts, etc. however, ..regular cow's milk will do fine. so i drink fat free or skim milk.

Please search online for the many lists/charts of foods that show the ratio between these two amino acids.

Regarding herbs: Don't be fooled, just because something is an herb, be aware that there are herbs that will trigger an outbreak, it is all trial and error and everyone's physiological make up is different.

There is no magic bullet, there is no one food or pill that's going to make it all go away. There is no cure.

However, if you keep your lysine intake higher than your arginine intake, if you lay off aspartame, high fructose corn syrup and preservatives in food, you have a fighting chance of leading a life of some consistent relief.

Oddly for me, white Sugar is okay, as long as it's not high fructose corn syrup so I was happy when, manufacturers began selling 'organic' soda....soda with regular Sugar and not HFCS.

I recommend only this: Start the day with 2000 mg of lysine on an empty stomach.

Eat fish, cheese, try to keep things low fat so your cholesterol levels won't climb.

And keep those arginine levels lower than lysine. I know it's hard when you're not home, but drink water in place soda when eating out and when you travel and you can't look at the backs of labels to see the ingredients, then take 500 mg - 2000 mg extra lysine with each meal.

I repeat: no, no, no resolve herpes does not work, herpes solution does not work, there is nothing that can cure any strain of herpes (oral or genital). Stop looking for a cure and start looking to live with it honestly for yourself.

After you have your plan, go out, live your life and save your money ... I've spent all the money there is spend and agonized enough about it to learn that life is too short.

Let me say this:

If you want a cure just so you can avoid THE CONVERSATION, that is, telling a future partner that you have herpes, please understand, that won't happen either.

Every time you meet someone with the intention of exploring an intimate relationship with him/her, you will have to have THE CONVERSATION. Yes, there is a risk, they can walk away, there is a risk they will tell everyone they know about it. Yes it is not just embarrassing but probably one of deepest confidential secrets each HSV2 person carries that exposes the very worst part of ourselves.

I'm not perfect, I admit, I struggle with it every time I have an outbreak, subconsciously spewing hate toward the person that gave it to me. Beating myself up emotionally for being so careless with my body.

But here's the thing, outbreaks don't last forever, and I'm learning they do lessen with time as long as I do what I'm supposed to do (and I've had the virus since 1988).

I am learning, we can only do what we can and live with: we have to be honest with ourselves and live with the reality of that we will have to have THE CONVERSATION with each and every new partner that comes along.

Comfort yourself in knowing that the right person you have THE CONVERSATION with will appreciate and be impressed with your honesty. They will be so impressed, they will do all they can to hold on to you. They will love you so much, they will protect your secret more than you will.

And who knows, you may have to make a decision with someone who has to have THE CONVERSATION with you and it won't be about HSV2, it will be about HIV.

I am learning to have some perspective and my hope is, if you have HSV2, you will too.

take care

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