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Re: I can't get rid of parasites
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: I can't get rid of parasites

Several suggestions. Google Dr. Andreas Kalcker and his protocol. He uses mebendazole, caster oil, neem, chlorine dioxide and stone breaker. You have to do enemas. He says that you have to do the cleanse for 12-18 months.
You can watch him explain it on YouTube at the Autism ONe 2014 conference. Also watch Kerri Rivera at the same conference. You can get Dr. Kalcker's extensive protocol for free on line or you can buy the book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism by Kerri Rivera . parasites infest children easily and combined with vaccines cause regressive autism. Part of the protocol involves using Bravo probiotic, which I highly recommend. There is a whole protocol for just the probiotic. You have to make a yogurt from it. It will bring back your immune system which will help fight the parasites. Amazing stuff. You can watch the creator at the same conference. Dr. Marco Ruggerio. He and his wife (also a Dr.) developed the product.
In your attempts at diet, you did not eliminate carbs. parasites feed on glucose which comes from carbs. Try a ketogenic diet, which is 15-20% carbs, mostly from veggies. No sugar, very low fruit. See the protocol from Dr. Ruggerio for more info. Google ketogenic diets.
You can also try using activated hydrogen water. It was recommended to me and I have found it helpful in my protocol. It may be a key item or not. I am still doing my protocol but I haven't seen any activity in 10 days. I had continuous activity for months. I have eliminated 3 major nests of worms along with flukes and god knows what else. Lots of critters.
parasites can create a bio film. The bio film is calcium, magnesium and iron. Stop taking any supplements that have these. Stop taking all supplements. The parasites feed off of them and you are making them stronger. They particularily like iron and B12. Dr. Kalcker's protocol uses the chlorine dioxide to eliminate the bio film. I used bromelain between meals.
My protocol is on my blog. #4190 Getting the parasites out. I am about to start on Dr. Kalcker's protocol.
From your description of the worms, it sounds as though you may have pinworms. These can be transmitted readily and you have to do a lot of laundry and house cleaning daily!! Do some research on them specifically. There is a simple test for them that involves scotch tape on the anus first thing in the morning. Look at the tape under a microscope! They can also be transmitted by others in the house, so treat everyone. If you have children, they may be getting reinfected at school or daycare. If you have a dog, get rid of it. They can shed roundworm larvae like we shed dandruff. If you have other animals, do your own research. Parasites infest animals readily.
Don't go barefoot and clean your veggies and fruit in a chlorine dioxide solution.
Don't eat sushi or other uncooked meats. Avoid pork, watercress, water chestnuts, shrimp, ceviche and be careful of under cooked meats.
Lots more info on my blog. I am a little obsessed but that is also a symptom of parasitic infection.
Western medical doctors are worthless along with their lab tests. A Naturopath has helped me but ask for results with parasites before spending money with someone. Avoid anyone who wants to give you drugs for 3 days and then tells you that you will be cured. This is a long term do it yourself project. Good luck.

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