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Re: They are in my brain
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: They are in my brain

 Here’s some explanation for those who wonder how I reached my conclusions.

* Took Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for a month and had a large scale parasite disemination

You can feel them making holes in the gut. It isn’t painful so much as sort of itchy but I’ve learned to associate that itch with entry/exit of parasites. This is later confirmed by whether anti-parasitics facilitate the subsequent expulsion of anything in MMS enemas I do. Then you can either see things or it is very evident simply from how sick you feel followed by how much relief you get. If I don’t see anything I usually assume something was there is the stool was inconsistent in concentration.

* Been killing parasites with herbs, drugs, and energy ever since and making lots of progress

Evident from a reduction in symptoms. Main symptoms have been shallow breathing, fatigue, sensations on body, including in eyes. Other weirder ones have been arrhythmia from heartworm (responded to spooky treatment *very* well with a headache herx), issues with retaining urine (responded to bet wetting treatment with spooky very well), headaches (responded to parasites due to headache program very well), pancreatic fluke program produced very clearly visible flukes in enema following day.

* Reached a point where I believe more or less only have Ascaris left so I decided it was time to start chemical detox

This is probably the least certain of my assertions. Basically all I’m going off on this is the fact that I did a very long spooky pulse scan and then removed the frequencies that were common with suboctaves of ascaris programs, run them, and then sort of just assumed all I have is ascaris left. How reliable that is really depends on how reliable spooky pulse is.

As for how I know what I have is ascaris at all. Well I know that from the fact that it gives me mercury poisoning and also a virus when it dies. Also ascaris is one of the most common parasites. I had lots of different species maybe over 10 so it would be a lot weirder for ascaris not to be there

* Now remaining ascaris in my brain is weak and now just randomly dies every now and then of its own accord
* Every time an ascaris dies I get mercury tox in my brain giving me a burning sensation in my brain and all the other effects of mercury

Mercury symptoms are disturbed emotions, increased allergies, burning sensation, paranoia, feeling like I know what other people are thinking (that’s actually a feeling we all have normally but it gets stronger and more paranoid), confusion, cognitively dulled. Those symptoms come on me and then I take IMD and glutathione and they go away (provided I’ve had a good meal that gives me the nutrients for all the other aspects of detox involved).

* My kidneys get blocked up so try to cut back and fortunately things die down and kidneys start working again

Urine is pale, thirsty a lot, feel rubbish

* I still have larger ascaris worms in the rest of my body

Still get sensations in my body. Guessing that it is ascaris. But TBH if it isn’t ascaris I’m much less worried because only ascaris releases mercury when it dies.

* Figure that each time I take my detox products for brain mercury I'm stripping mercury off those other worm's skins also
* Worms start to move. They are short of mercury so are travelling to the only place where there is still a lot of mercury about

This is inferred from the amount of worm death I got from overdosing on the chelator and also from the very first book on parasite killing I read that suggested chelation was essential part of recovery. I think it is a very important point. You become vulnerable to parasitic infestations by having toxins. The more toxins you have the more species in the more places especially unusual places.

* One worm enters my brain. I feel a bit strange for a bit then forget about it and feel fine

Basically I could feel it. Can feel it even more now. It’s like a constant unwanted presence at the moment.

* Coming right up to date: a couple of hours ago I eat some kiwi and figs and take 3 clove caps. Worm isn't happy and now I feel strange again. Some neurological effects and I feel some pressure in my head

Had this sort of sinking feeling, breathing was a bit harder some how, sense of pressure on my ears. All of these passed. Now I just have a sense of pressure and burning in the center of my head. Come to think of it that burning is probably mercury. Um, that's making me think I want to act sooner on this one.


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