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Re: Aquaphor
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Aquaphor

Thank you for responding. I completely agree with you that my previous videos I rambled. A lot. No doubt about that. You know why? Because you guys were the only people I had to talk to about this. So yeah, I pretended the camera was my best friend and sat there giving my thoughts to it (you guys). That was my ability to cope with this condition, and ultimately get through it.

If we are going to quote each other, you kind of missed what angered me in the first place:

"I was aware of daniel miller for sometime. In his case it appeared as though his lips didn't stop peeling entirely, he mentions that the white gunk still builds up but nothing like before."

Not once in your post did you actually mention that I was cured, so obviously I'm going to assume you aren't aware. From my viewpoint you have no idea, and seem to think I'm still struggling with this condition.

Now. As far as diet. I don't think diet is a major factor simply because the body is amazing at rebuilding skin, no matter what you are eating. As long as you get the basic foods I would imagine you would be fine. I did not change my diet when I started using the Aquaphor at all. I changed my diet about 1.5 years BEFORE that to very healthy foods, and my problem only got worse. While I had Aquaphor I was eating fast foods a few times a week, and was not that focused on my diet (even though it was still healthy). AFTER I moved to California and became healed was when my diet REALLY changed like I stated in my last video. I have since become mostly gluten free and for the most part only eat organic foods.

That doesn't mean I support fast foods or Genetically-Modified-Organisms foods in ANY WAY at all. I hate those companies and would never eat at them if I was starving. However I still don't believe that those foods actually rob the body of the basic skin building/repairing blocks that it needs to recover from this condition. And that's entirely my opinion, and based on the amount of research and trial and error I've gone through with this, my opinion is more than just me making things up in my mind. It actually means something.

To answer the question: "how can you draw the conclusion that aquaphor healed your lips when there are all these other co-factors ? ... please respond to this question ... "

I never said that. Ever. I have always said the Constant Moisture Method healed my lips. I never said you had to use Aquaphor, I simply said this is the only product out of the hundreds I tried that actually had positive results. Every other product I tried, including coconut oil (and I purchased the best and the most raw form available) caused irritation or some other issue with my lips keeping me from progressing.

Yes I eat dairy products, I buy raw milk (and drink it) And I also grow my own kefir from it (which is a bacteria that eats the lactose in the raw milk, and has a ton more probiotics than yogurt, and is very beneficial for your body. I also get coffee (I am switching to only organic coffe, but for the past several years it has been starbucks or similar)

The most important, and constantly annoying thing for me, and I do apologize for being somewhat short with people, is that they SAY they've tried my method, or they've TRIED Aquaphor, but did you give it a full and ENTIRE shot? Did you do what I did for a year? I highly highly doubt it. And that is seriously what frustrates me. I honestly believe that 90% of everyone on this forum will become cured if they do exactly as I did for 12 months. Give or take a month or two. No one has done that yet, everyone is looking for that instant cure or the 2 month cure.

So as you say: "If you are claiming something cured you, it will need to stand up to scrutiny."

Then my response to that is, if you haven't tried it for the duration, or even half of the duration I did it for, then you don't deserve to give it any scrutiny.

"To parrot what I already said, you don't make it easy for people to understand you. You are not clear a lot of the time, this is why you are getting frustrated. "

This is the entire REASON I made my last video. That video is perfectly concise, to the point, there is no blabbing about anything. It's a step by step guide to exactly what I did. It's extremely easy to understand. I included eating only organic, non processed foods, etc in the video to rule out any possibility of food allergies causing the lips to peel. If I put it on the list in my video, then I believe it was some factor in my healing. Meaning that if it wasn't there then it would probably have taken longer to heal, or that I might not be healed at all today.

As far as a choice of moisture, I encourage you to find an organic/natural alternative. Just be sure this alternative does everything Aquaphor does--that is creates a constant barrier, allows the lips to receive moisture and breath.

One final thing: "Basic understanding of biology would say that if the lips are peeling and trying to crust/scab/heal over, they are doing so for a reason."

The lips are a mucous membrane, and mucous membranes do not form scabs. It's simply skin that keeps building up because something caused a problem and they became inflamed. This can be from Accutane which dries the lips and you pick them, then they become inflamed, so the lips are producing too much skin to cover the lips and the only way they can recover is for the inflammation to COMPLETELY go away. If you're sitting there picking and peelings the skin off, then the inflammation will never go away, and they will continue to peel forever. If you notice on my weekly pictures my lips were huge. You probably won't notice on your own lips because you're used to them, just like I didn't notice. I didn't notice until I took pictures and the reduction in size was incredible. And finally when all of the inflammation was gone (even inflammation you cannot see that is simply an increase in the size of your lips), my lips slowly quit peeling.

I still am puzzled why so many are so resistant to doing everything I did for the entire time I did it, and would rather try to find some other method that heals them faster and go years and years with this condition. It does not make any sense to me whatsoever.

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