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I am dying and literally begging for help
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Published: 4 years ago
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I am dying and literally begging for help

I really need help with this as I do not have long to live in just a few months terrible symptoms are going to start Drs said and I have noone to help care for me.

I do not have a lot of funds but do have a little but not sure if tinctures are as good as oil. I read they are not but would they help cancer at all.

please can some of you post links to effective but lessor cost websites that sell the kind legal in all states and how much of it does one take if you know.

I am unable to make it myself as have no idea where to get it and cant do in apt due to prohibitions on drugs, illegal in this state and risk of explosions. I cant be on the street when I am told will not be able to walk less than 10 steps and have severe, shortness of breathe. the elements in this bitter cold would give me pneumonia that I am now more prone to..they said if I get palliative or hospice and had a collapsed lung or pneumonia or something the er would let me die and not inflate it or help me even if it was fixable which I was shocked so scared to join those now.

soon I will not be able to walk they said so will not be able to cook, clean, go to bathroom or store and scared to death of nursing home. fear I will kill myself rather than lose everything like that. How can I do my programs juicing and special diet and stuff in there and I am told will lose my social security check and wont have money to buy anything and then will surely die.

My only hope is curing it. I feel if I cant my life will be only loss and agony. I dont want to die. I am doing some things but want this to be part of it.

Does anyone care out there (my family does not except for occasional I love you with no action) and none will help me even get food..right now I still can but not much longer according to Drs.

I helped over 10,000 people with all kinds of health problems. spending over 50 hours a week free for 15 years and now I have noone to care about me and I need help..I know there are good people on curezone and I am literally begging for help and prayer too).

The one person who was helping me (relative caretaker) said he now hates me and will never help me again (my brother) so lost who I thought was going to help me physically and it will all be such hell unless I can stop or reverse the growth..

I now have an aggressive cancer from triple negative breast cancer which is now† all over my lungs and back in breast too. they said there is no cure and I refused chemo (palliative chemo) as feel it will make me worst. You would not believe how coercive the drs are trying to force you to get chemo. They said essentially I cannot even get a scan to see if it spread (or I hope recedes) unless I am in continual chemo one after another. Drs get hostile even though they said it will not cure me..they like saying things since I refused chemo.

If I recover I will help others and be a source of hope as that is who I am I deeply care for suffering humanity but I need someone to help me survive even if only by researching where can I buy this oil. I cant afford much will I have to take even if cancer goes away?

I just need information and so overwhelmed I can barely research and noone in the world cares to help me or has time so I am on my own except for any good hearted people out there I hope God leads to me or who is moved to compassion or empathy and believes in the golden rule.

Please pray for me that I can get through all this and find the right thing to help me and do it right and as directed.

I am crying so hard as I type. May God bring someone to care. it is very hard to go through this feeling so utterly alone. I found out my other brother was real angry and said I better not ask him for help and I was taking advantage of my brother who has been my best friend for decades and now abandons me several weeks ago.his one brother influende theother who wont even talk to me now and said I was using him which he never ever said and I knew someone siad something and found out my only brother contributed to me losing this brother. I cannot beleive they are so selfish and uncaring. my brothers wholeft me was very mean to me and everyone just wants to stick me in a nursing home and are angry I dare to want to keep my ss check and possessions.

I have been almost stuck at home as going out is so hard now that I have noone to push my wheelchair and cant get it in and out of the house as easily without help. At least now I can still breathe and function but coughing my head off a lot.

Told by Dr she would not treat me or give me scans unless I do much coercion.

Only those who submit to their deadly drugs are allowed to have help it seems thus far still searching for agency to help when the time comes.

I am uncertain if the thing that help cure cancer is only the whole marijuana plant, or the cbd oil or is cannabis oil the same thing s as cbd oil? Can you explain this more. How might one get marijuana could you send me an email message if you know. I never took a drug in my life so know next to nothing. I do not ewasnt to get high only to live. the bill her ein ohioo fialed to pass. they are now thinkin of maybe trying medical marijuana only this next time but if I do not get help I might be dead by then.

anyhow seeking prayer, and links to cdb products that help cancer and can afford...(maybe $100 a month I could swing with the donations and Christmas money I got form a few. I want to hurry and get on the cbd oil or if it works tincture.

thank you and I am sorry my emotionality spilled out unto the page.

Jane/aka knowledge seeker


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