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Re: Tumor no shrinkage
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Tumor no shrinkage


Refeeding should be gradual and minimal, building up slowly to increasing amounts of nutrition. This depends exclusively on bodily demand.
I would recommend fresh juices to begin with, and that is because unless genuine hunger has returned, which in most all cases it hasn't, digestion needs to be renurtured back into full activity, and juices provide an easy way for the body to digest the nutrition without the bulk of fibre and wholefoods which can be taxing and lead to putrefaction/fermentation.
Whole fruits after a couple of days that are in season are best.

2) Toxemia : How does one know what toxemia they have? If rawrnr did three lengthy fasts, and yet did not see autolysis, that puts the likelihood of autolysis into question. 25 day, 22 day, and 20 day are a lot, and the size of her cyst is large, meaning if the body did not draw from it for food now, it never will...

A. The real clue as to how toxemic anyone is, is that within the first four days of the fast. If there are no symptoms of toxemia during that time period such as headaches, listlessness, weakness, toxic hunger symptoms, shakes or slight tremors, a sickly feeling, nausea, then toxemia is at a minimum.
Much depends on the conduct of the fast as to whether autolysis will be successful: the max' amount of rest must be adhered to, free from anxiety, stress and worries, drinking pure water only according to thirst. Excess water inhibits detox and diverts energy away from cleansing and healing.

Q. Why should toxemia obstruct autolysis? Do toxins have to be purged before autolysis happens? I thought the two were simultaneous and complementary.

A. The greater the presence of toxemia, means that the bodily energies are mainly preoccupied with cleansing, and away from healing, although some healing will still take place. If toxemia is minimal or not present, the bodily energies are devoted to healing exclusively.
Autolysis is not affected by the amount of toxemia, because this is a discerning bodily process that is concentrated on being "selective": it is a natural process aimed at utilizing the least essential tissues first and foremost, whilst simultaneously leaving and preserving the more essential tissues alone, otherwise the body would feed on its essential tissues indiscriminately (such as the heart muscle) and we would die within a short time frame.

3) In my case, this is my third fast (Day 6 of perhaps 8) after two of 8 and 13 days each. But this time, I don't have a metallic taste on my tongue, and urine is a normal color. Does this mean I have purged most toxins?

A. Yes it does for the most part unless you are drinking water to excess as the reason your urine is a normal color.

4) What if a tumor has metastasized? Why will autolysis not happen then?

A. If a tumor has metastasized fasting is of little benefit, and was the experience of Shelton.

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