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How can people who have not used zappers claim that they have?
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Published: 5 years ago
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How can people who have not used zappers claim that they have?

>- thought parazapper admited

No, ParaZapper is not going to publish any evidence in order to stay out of jail.

>- This seems to be true, several people with gigantica worms arent getting healed by the zapper.

Where is this posted? On top of that, I have never even mentioned gigantica. At least as far as I recall. It would have to have been a very long time ago.

A while back, I published a list of success stories that came from CureZone. Everyone who wants to deny zappers having success seems to ignore those. On top of that, that was less than half of the success stories of zapping worms that have been posted on CureZone. I did not have time to get them all.

The truth is that those who are against zappers do not want to acknowledge those posts at all. They have an agenda and the successes do not fit their agenda.

In addition, if those individuals had tried zappers and failed, it was probably because they did not read the book " parasite Zapping and the Zapper". Yes, I wrote the book 10 years ago and actually started it in 2001.

Also, non of them used ParaZapper. Even the cheapest ParaZapper is a world of difference beyond the old single frequency Hulda Clark Zapper that output a frequency of about 30,000 Hz. The book explains the problems with that design.

Non of those people properly used the 4 point contact system, 3 points positive as far as I have seen which can more than double effectiveness.

The whole point is, how the heck can you claim that you have really tried something when you choose a poor quality zapper with minimal accessories that are known to produce poor results.

Even with those zappers that are not very good, they at least sometimes show good results.

>- just people with parasites stating their results with zappers

No, the ones that I refer to as trolls are ones who attack and never mention their use of a zapper, do not even disclose what zapper they used, how they used it, or how long they used it.

>- has lost respect on here because of

Then why am I getting calls from people on here telling me to keep up the fight?

>- zapper looks way more sturdy made than

The point of looks can be very deceiving. #1, having been to graduate school in Biomedical Engineering, I would never ever use stainless steel as an electrode. It would only increase the risk of cancer and possibly other problems when used by humans or even in water.

Another reason to not have that zapper is that travel becomes a problem with a higher risk of having your baggage searched and possibly even detained.

On top of that, you seem to forget that I was diagnosed with 3 different types of helminths, medicines did not eliminate them, but I did pass them after fasting, zapping, and cleansing ( no herbs ).

I had previously fasted and cleansed without zapping and did not pass them that time. I have never seen proglottids in my stool since then.

I am aware that you had zapped to some extent and that you say that it did not solve your problem but I have never called you a troll for that or for what you posted above. That alone nullifies your claim of my calling people trolls just because they do not agree with me.

A troll is someone who is here to disrupt the fair and even flow of information. They are not here to support. I use that term when I see particularly disruptive individuals posting repetitive attacks and who extensively use flaming techniques.

I do suggest, however, that you go back and re-evaluate what you might not have done correctly or possibly left out of the protocol.

Dr. Clark said that zapping was supposed to be done as an adjunct to help with the herbs, flushing, and cleansing.

Are you free of the worms now? Has anything worked better for you?

The absolute best results that I have had was from zapping which is the reason that I promote zapping.

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