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In defense of Dr. Shelton

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Published: 5 years ago

In defense of Dr. Shelton

Some of you may have seen this crap:

I encourage you to attack the liars that oppose fasting. Here is my reply to the author:

I came across the aforementioned article by Dr. Stephen Barrett,

This article is scientifically reckless. Also, it would be legally reckless should Dr. Shelton still be alive to defend himself.

The article claims that because a few people died while in Dr. Shelton's care, and that a court awarded one victim's family money, that shows that he's (was) dangerous.

OK, then by those qualifications, ALL HOSPITALS are dangerous! Medical mistakes are the THIRD LARGEST CAUSE OF DEATH IN AMERICA! And you want to call out Dr. Shelton because of 6 deaths!!??

All doctors are then quacks, because almost all doctors lose patients. And we know that the death rate at hospitals lose an enormous amount of patients. And we also know the statistics of deaths due to mistakes in hospitals. In fact, I have no doubt that you've seen the information going around that compares accidental deaths in hospitals to gun violence, and it makes gun violence look like walk in the park.

Dr. Shelton was reported to have fasted somewhere in the vicinity of 65,000 patients in his career. How many of these could die and still be statistically safer than visiting a hospital? Hundreds, if not a couple thousand. Please, let's be intellectually honest for at least a minute. You have a civic responsibility to do so.

Another thing to consider is that Dr. Shelton often took in patients that mainstream medicine gave up on. Dr. Shelton was their last hope. More often than not, he saved them through the natural process of fasting. In fact, if you would just read chapter 2 of his book, you will agree that fasting is natural:

If it's natural for animals to fast, as clearly shown above in chapter 2, then why not humans? Oh, Oh, I see, because you can't make money off of it! I condemn any doctor that puts money above the patient's best interest. I'm beginning to put doctors in the same category I put attorneys.

Dr. Linda Hazzard is another infamous fasting doctor. The articles online are slanderous and have spun her to be evil, saying that "15 of her patients died under her care". That she, "starved them to death".

Let's remember two facts.

1. These people voluntarily went to her, almost without exception. Often after being let down by "modern" medicine.
2. Dr. Hazzard fasted around 45,000 patients. that means that only 0.03% died! What hospital comes anywhere near that? Modern medicine should bow to her, based on this alone.

I'll give you another statistic: 100% of doctors that think that fasting is unsafe have never tried it.

I personally manned-up and put it to the test myself, and I give it an A+. I've been sick for years, and you guys, that is doctors in the modern medical industrial complex, have LET ME DOWN!

AND you've STOLEN MY MONEY. By rendering services without results, I have been robbed. God have mercy on you.

So I had to take matters into my own hands. I figured out that I have LYME, and that even according to the overly-conservative CDC.

Fasting has saved my life. I've water fasted for up to 3 weeks. AND I'M NOT DEAD. In fact, the more I fast, the better I feel. I've dry-fasted for up to 5 days. AND I'M NOT DEAD. I feel better than I have in a long time.

Doctors should be scientists, but most aren't. Reckless fear of the unknown and raping statistics for the betterment of their own pocketbooks should be a crime punishable by death. But for some reason, doctors, most of which are simply idiots, continue to enjoy undeserved hero-worship by the dull-minded public.

To be fair, though, I must say that I am appreciative of a small handful of doctors that make their own path, often attacked by establishment hacks fearful of anything they don't personally understand. These have helped me understand my condition and continually improve my health.

Yes, fine, go ahead bully a dead man who can't defend himself (although just shy of 65,000 of his patients might), while discussing topics, such as food-combining, that you can't possibly prove or disprove. You must be so proud of yourself.

Oh, and by the way, at least one of Dr. Shelton's patients went on to be a doctor himself:

PLEASE, I DARE YOU, call him out as a quack as well, because he's still alive to defend himself.

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