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When I started Dr. Clark's protocol...

Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 6 years ago

When I started Dr. Clark's protocol...

Back 14 or so years ago, my health was draining away, one thing after another, and then diabetes.

I was appalled. I just had to find a way to stop this downhill slide. I started searching the internet (still had dial-up, it took a while) for any and everything that might help restore me my health. After my bachelors I was good at it. I went to the libraries, looking for books on the subject. It became my life quest pretty much.

I found CureZone. There was lots of information, but nothing really caught my attention until I stumbled on Dr. Clark's book 'Cure For All Diseases'. I remember thinking, Wow, that's a pretty bold claim. But there were posts affirming what a good protocol it was and what they'd cured because of it.

So I finally got a copy downloaded (not so easy in those days) It took a good 10 trys to get a good copy. And started reading it, and for the very first time, health issues started making sense. I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of it before.

I read it thru twice, (thank goodness for good reading skills; it was a bit of a challenge) and then dug into the how-tos for getting rid of parasites in my pancreas. And how to watch out for wood alcohol in things.

I read about the zapper, and everything she said about it made total sense. And it's predecessors, the frequency generator, and the sycrometer. I got excited about getting a zapper and did a search for them. It took a bit, even then, but still not as hard to find as Dr. Clark.

I found 4 or 5 models after going thru 6 or 7 search engines, and picked the one that was in my price range and seemed the best product for the money. There wasn't much comparative literature yet, but there was plenty of lectures about how bad zappers were, even then. I was surprised by how virulent some of them were.

But it seem like too much really, and made me actually more anxious to try one. So I got the herbs she recommends and waited a couple days for the zapper. It was long enough ago, I can't even remember the brand.

But the day arrived and I started the two week cleanse, slowly as she recommends. I figured with all the small health problems I was dealing with, and looking them up in her book seeing they were parasite problems, I probably could get that herx reaction pretty easy. I never did have a single problem with it though.

My blood Sugar started dropping 10 ish points a day, after the second day, and was completely normal after a week and a half. It probably went quick for me because the blood Sugar wasn't quite high enough to warrent insulin, so not much damage had been done yet. And the hiatal hernia, which had gotten to happening almost weekly never happened again.

I had those other little things one of which was my thyroid, which ended up a not so little liver issue of not making enough T-3 out of the thyroids T-4 and some other things I don't remember mostly went away, no further ado.

The liver issues ended up a bit more difficult because an infection was involved. So it persisted even though the parasites were gone. I read about what it might be and went and got the herbs to kill those kinds of infections. It was on of the heps apparently, which is a virus.

I had found enchinacea purpurea previous fighting off the constant viral colds that easily over took my weakened immune system, so I started on a regular schedule aimed at killing the virus. I discovered the Beck Pluser around then and added it to the attack on the hep. It's amazingly effective. Between the two, my liver was back happy and well in about 2 weeks, after a week or two of getting the program going right.

Other things of course have cropped up, toxin-related, chiropractic related, liver stones , and after not zapping for a couple years but still taking the herbs thinking that should be enough. But I've already talked about my 'cancer' issue.

But my base level health improved 100% after doing Dr. Clark's protocol. It was the key. And the zapper is the key to her protocol.


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