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Re: K-B kidney cleanse tincture detox?
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: K-B kidney cleanse tincture detox?

I would suggest making your own,. I have saved up to 90% doing this,..these formulas do have a lot of ingredients so might not save that much but one of the biggest expenses is vodka to make the tinctures but this is only one tincture and one tea so only need vodka for one

this is from the manual..if yoiu send an email address to my inbox I can send you the entire chapter via an attachment.

Below I will tell how to make them this can be the 2nd strongest out there after schulze which is before herbpharm which is  great company. I would use a 50-50 mix of vodka or liquid to solids (herbs) when the bottle settles adding more vodka or herbs as needed to be half herbs at the bottom of the glass jar and half liquid (or vodka) at the bottom..the herbs will swell so may need a good bit of vodka

Here are two formulas you will need for cleansing your kidneys.

One formula is prepared as an herbal kidney tea. The other is a tincture which gets squirted into the tea before you drink it.

Here is the kidney/bladder tea-.

2 parts Juniper berries
1 part Uva ursi leaves
1 part Dandelion leaf
1 part Kidney Bean pods

Add to this, one part of any of the following you can get:

a) Corn silk
b) Parsley root or leaf
c) Carrot tops
d) Watermelon seed and rind

Pour sixteen ounces of boiling distilled water over one rounded tablespoon of this herb tea, and let steep.

Add four dropperfuls of the
following kidney/bladder tonic.

Here is the formula for the kidney/bladder tonic:

2 parts Juniper berries
1 part Corn silk
1 part Uva ursi leaves
1 part Horsetail herb
1 part Pipsissewa leaf [optional] ^^
1 part Burdock herb
1 part Goldenrod flower tops [optional]

On the incurables program, you are taking two cups of the tea three times a day, and you are putting a dropperful of the tonic in each cup of tea. If you need to, you can go to six cups of this tea a day, with twelve dropperfuls of the kidney/bladder tonic per day.

The reason one formula is a tea and the other a tincture is because some of the chemicals in the herbs are water-soluble and could come out in the tea better. Others could come out better in the tincture.

When you use the tea and tincture together, you end up with a full spectrum
array of the chemicals in these plants.

In this formula many of the items can be gotten in the produce usa, meijers sells parsley root but have sen this at giant eagle sometimes too and bigger krogers.

Getting the herbal ingredients in this way is totally different to getting kidney herbs in a capsule full of dry powder. According to Dr.Schulze, when you're dealing with a capsule of dry powder, the volatile oil content is probably very insignificant. If you are taking herbs in this form, Dr. Schulze says he wouldn't expect anything to happen.

According to Dr. Schulze, Dr. Christopher carried fresh juniper berries in his first-aid kit.

That's how he got his cures. He had people
make teas and tonics. If you are getting your herb formulas in capsules,

I'm not surprised that you're still quite sick.
1 have never seen anybody whose kidney/bladder/urinary track infection wasn't gone in a week or less.

How to do the kidney flush. This is required on the incurables program.

when it says parts that means to use a unit of measurement depending on how much you need can use a tsp, a tbs, a tea cup, a coffee cup, a bowl or a pan

If it says 8 parts and you are using cups use 8 cups if it says one part use one cup (or tsp or whatever you are using) if it says 2 parts use two cups and order the amount from the bulk herb company in the approximate amounts you will need.

Juice of one lemon and one lime
16 to 32 ounces of distilled water
A pinch of cayenne pepper
maple syrup to taste [optional]

Fifteen minutes after drinking the kidney/bladder flush, drink 2 cups of a kidney/bladder formula. Also drink 1 to 2 cup(s) of this tea in
the early afternoon and early evening.

In each cup of the Kidney/Bladder Tea, add 1 dropperful (35 drops) of a kidney/bladder tincture.

Go here and read both posts the first and mine that follows (knowledge seeker) on how to make a tincture once you do it you will see how easy it is to do your own herbal products

for each herb you need type this into the search engine  for example dandelion leaf

type dandelion leaf organic bulk herbs 1 oz

or can type 4 oz instead or as well.

I have found mountain rose herbs is a good company has a large selection of herbs, they are all organic or wildcrafted which means they contain 7 to 10 times more healing phytochemicals that prevent or heal diseases and they cost just a little more for 4 oz than many companies charge for one ounce

if you want the full kidney chapter send me an email address and I will send it out free

if you make both formulas might be cheap enough to make them both. You will also learn valuable info on how to do it yourself in the future saving you many many dollars. It can and will be as strong as anyone or company out there except maybe schulze according to a study done by Sam B_is_er who worked with schulze in this series and you can also increase the proportion of menstrum (vodka) to herbs to maybe 75% herbs or what not to make it extra strong if desired.


may have to paste and copy the links as don't seem to be clickable.


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