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For those with cysts and tumours that wane with the water fast, and then wax again, once back to eating. . .
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Published: 6 years ago

For those with cysts and tumours that wane with the water fast, and then wax again, once back to eating. . .

For those with cysts and tumours that wane with the water fast, and then wax again, once back to eating. . .

It was very clear to me a little while ago, with an AHA, that all these things will most likely diminish with a water fast. After all, the body in its wisdom will dispose of what is waste matter, what it can safely do without, in the most elegant sequence; such a beautiful choreography, really; we cannot know the exact inner order of operations to the sequence; but we can take a few educated good guesses. So, these things often get smaller. Maybe in some cases, something is gone for good. (Or until a person returns to their "old ways"<--- that's a good expression, it turns out.

However--when the fast is over, people often say, the cyst, encapsulation, or such, came back. We see this again and again; and people often feel they need to do several fasts, to be totally rid of a tumour or cyst. The return is easy to explain. The body's
'shrinking' or otherwise dissolving any mass denotes that not all of it is necessary. If taken in the light of Andreas Moritz ' book,

"Cancer is not a disease, it's a survival mechanism",
it's easy to grasp the why of an ecapsulation or a tumour, and to see that it is not a mistake. It's a sequestering, that morphs. He maps it all out. It's even a healing mechanism!, yet time and again, that very mechanism is interfered with. A person looks and feels their best: that's one scenario, and not uncommon. And they are diagnosed with cancer, and within a short time, despite how good they are feeling, they've convinced themselves they are dreadfully diseased. Some will scare themselves to death, or into deep unwellness.

Some will see the genius of the body, and take the diagnosis as a good wake-up call, and nothing more. And will remove the reasons for the mechanism to be turned on.

It's pointless to think of cancer as having "A CURE".
There are already many cures, but they should not actually be called cures, because the body itself can cure the cancer, as soon as the cancer is invited to leave. We have to remember too, the emotional component. The body will treat toxic or threatening emotions the same way it will an overload of mercury or some neurotoxin, or other. The same way it will treat an overload of the colon///

The book explains it. I'd completely forgotten how it saved me from all my fear about cancer! ( I only now have concern for those who don't know, and have succumbed to fear, and to the cancer industry. My wish is that they survive their "treatments" long enough to complete them, if they indeed start them, and that they then can see clearly how all this works. And have the enthusiasm to rebuild their immune systems.

Good health is not a huge mystery. "Cures" like black salve and so on are fine to destroy tumours, but really, that's a attack on a survival mechanism; so what are the chances the body will perceive the attack?

Best would be to change the terrain of the body (and mind) so that the body can dissolve and excrete the tumours, so they 'disappear'.

But why these things come back? Because fundamentally, once a person is back to eating, and back to the status quo, the body is 'able' to get back to why it's created the "cancer" in the first place--and to keeping that mechanism in good functioning
order--because it's a survival mechanism.

Not something that needs or ought to be fought, and "survived", and all these outmoded crusading ideas like "the war on.." the industry likes to promote. If the reasons for the cancer are addressed--(and Andreas talks about how a high fever can clear it, for example, if not interfered with. . ) If the person changes their toxic load; environmental, and so forth, and changes their diet to a living foods lifestyle rather than a quick fix purge, cleanse or tonic; and most of all, uncovers and dissolves the negative 'mind control' , let's call it, that can come from totally well-meaning minor traumas accumulated over time, and some not so well-meaning, perhaps; but often, just from the 'food' a person has fed themselves, mental, emotional and physical--

then the cancer has done its work, and may be thanked, and invited to leave.

Apologies for getting on a bit of a rant, if anyone reading this is now short of breath.

Please enjoy this:


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