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Re: For those with cysts and tumours that wane with the water fast, and then wax again, once back to eating. . .
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: For those with cysts and tumours that wane with the water fast, and then wax again, once back to eating. . .

Hi Sarahi15,

I've come to the conclusion that really nothing is 'set in stone',
no matter how it looks, feels or what the experts say. which is ironic when you think of how we fill up these beautiful graveyards with stones. :-)

If we can look past doing anything physical to improve the body's health, and just ask some open-ended questions like "what would I do differently, if I KNEW what I don't (now) know?" this is so different in vibration from any thought like "What should I do?!".

You can instantly feel the difference in your body, between the two questions. The first one has a kind of blocked and contracted feeling, almost like a trapped animal. The sad thing for animals is that they don't have our ability to look at our own minds, and how they work.

The second question makes it very clear that there is an inner core of complete peace in a person, that we usually don't experience, because we're looking out FROM this place, looking at everything external as if it is more real than this inner place, which is much more who we really are.

(Edit:I've mentioned this in another post, but "visual centering" is a beautiful way of returning a person to seeing from this inner place of calm and balance. There are videos on Youtube teaching it. It's amazing.)

Many of us came to curezone with some level of persistent or recurring anxiety and/or depression, and some very fixed psychological states that we keep mentally and emotionally repeating. But we didn't know that, because we felt so stuck IN it. We just thought, this is the fact. A lot of the roots of these triggers and reactions (and "allergies) and so on, are so minor and forgotten that it is simply the unconscious repeating them now into being true, that keeps them going, like running a piece of film very fast, showing the same scene, as if it's seamless.
The body will oblige, by trying to create a physical "symptom"
that will allow it to, as a whole, carry on without being destroyed.
Life really is amazing! And the body is wonderful, precious, and yet nothing compared to the grandeur of the one inhabiting the body. That one has the power to make this Earth a Heaven, and
leave nothing and no one excluded.

If you break it down, and stop the flow (some people have said "Stop the insanity!") -and ask that one question: you can change it to "How would I see in a completely different way, with Real Eyes (realize), if I were able to?" and apply that to any thought
or emotional contraction or judging thought that comes up, then just let it go--with no expectation, this is like inviting Truth to come into your heart, - inviting intuition- heal from the centre, through every level of being.

Someone from CZ long ago turned me on to Byron Katie, and her "The Work", and I didn't much resonate with it, at the time, but the principles of it are so good. Her "judge your neighbour" concepts.. Her "worksheet". (I think I had a school hangup/trauma that turned me off.)

But the roots of so much suffering are embedded in this judgement 'field' or vibration, and some of us were raised by parents who took some pride in teaching us how to judge others--or at least, to judge one's self as "different". That's what they were acting out; they had learned the script well.

That can translate, when you get older, to feeling deeply alien, and disconnected. It can cause people to not want to live-- and this can translate into some encapsulation somewhere that persist, because it's just behaving like a good garbage bag would.

But it turns out, even that (the judgment, whatever happened with the family and others) is a great gift, because it might drive someone to finally almost give up, and to 'look within',
and then find this place, where you really are. Before any of the other stuff. The real you, beyond health and healing, perfectly fine, and lovingly watching the whole show.

Then you can actually view these mental and emotional veils and scales when they come up, for what they are--just that. Not part of You at all.

This morning I sat in bed and was inspired by a scene in the film "Oh, Lucky Man!" that always struck me as brilliant. It's the last scene, I don't want to spoil it for anyone -- but if you can watch this film (if you find you like it), it's "vintage" -- then one day you may find yourself just automatically viewing every person you've known, just as if they were playing a part. That happened to me today--quite spontaneously. I saw us all, as if at a party, and
greeting each other as great friends, being very amused by all our roles. (everyone looked quite well, which is the part that feels REAL; the scary disguises were gone...)

I think watching some of Andreas Moritz last night
must have inspired this. And for good measure, I did some tapping (the "faster EFT" kind) while appreciating everyone, for such good work. This didn't feel fake or forced like it -and "affirmations"- can feel, if you try to do something your heart isn't genuinely in.

There are so many paths in the woods.
We're all here to inspire one anther. It seems delightful to me.
The air sparkles, as if it agrees!

Best, Chiron

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