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Re: For any ailment that wane and wax again
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: For any ailment that wane and wax again

Lili, these days i have such a strong sense that looking into the physical as if IT is the place to 'fix' is like the proverbial horse and barn metaphor- except it's like putting the empty barn on "lockdown", almost, looong after the horse has left. We have been so programmed collectively to view everything with a "the war against X" mentality, and a "survivor" consciousness (which suggests one is in great danger, likely unseen, all the time), that it makes for a wild, runaway ride.

The mind is sometimes called a horse, the 'horse of mind', the way it gallops away. . . breaks and runs . . .

There are some great lines and scenes in the film L.A. Story. And insight about the mind. I love it because it has such a joyful, overarching quality. I saw that film after coming out of two and half weeks in hospital, with menningiacoccal pneumonia, (sp?)
in which it was thought I might die. I was also misdiagnosed, and given blood thinners first off, which were quite dangerous to the condition. Then I was given incredible amounts of some heavy-duty antibiotic. Anyway, long story short, whenever I view the film again, I feel a deeper healing. replacing all traces of memory with joy. It's all about how we view any thing. And where the memories reside in us. Most of what we are dealing with is the past, and only remains because we keep it alive. I had a hard time accepting this for years. I insisted 'the past is alive!" because it felt so close.

I like EFT and the Yuen Method and EWBP=an offshoot of the YM, for release and re-calibration, and Matrix Energetics, and the Emotion Code, and Mooji's teachings.

and Bashar's and Balanced View, which is wonderfully wise. It's like Mooji-101, and completely non-sectarian.

And for working from the level of 'just exactly where a person is', I think Andreas Moritz is one of the best there is. I'm sure he's doing the same kind of thing, wherever he is. It's interesting that he wasn't a big proponent of the water fast. Well, his work
with Liver Flushing is profound.

Among physical things to do, to restore health, I'd put it waaaay up there. The fear so many people have of doing one just says to me all the more, there are layers of emotional sludge that need releasing. Some, maybe a lot of that can be done, in my view, with the Yuen Method, and the Emotion Code, and EFT/FASTER EFT, which is something you can get running in the background, if you want, once you teach yourself the tapping points and how it feels. I think that's genius.

My favourite part about the water fast, after just getting 'over the hump', which feels like literally detaching from the world, un-sticking oneself like a piece of glued paper, is the peace of mind, when you get into the zone of remembering that the body is something you have, not something you are. Even the mind, that is the deep-in-thinking-thoughts mind, is another something-you-have, but a very deeply-held something, almost like your most precious object.

My grandfather had a shetland pony, a beautiful horse named Dusty. Among horses, he was like a boy in grade six, back when they used to keep long bangs, just brushed over one eye. Dusty's mane was always falling over one eye. I just realized that connection between the horse and my first boyfriend, typing "among horses". When these visions come up, it's like the last layer of 'stuck' memory falling gracefully away. Now I can Dusty just looking, and grazing. Just the beauty of those two boys. :-)

This is what I mean when I say, we're all here to inspire one another. And we do, in so many ways.

This forum is a good place.

Thank you,

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