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Re: Review of SilverGen SG-6
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Review of SilverGen SG-6

This is NOT directed at you, I'm just sticking it here. This is for anyone else who wants to study this stuff in more depth.

I wish to Christ people would learn what the hell they are producing in their kitchens! Stop listening to the bloody Marketers and reading comics and think about how you are making this stuff in the home, you DON'T make the same stuff as is sold by Marketers!

*Every* person who purchases a "Unit" home generator WILL NOT PRODUCE Colloidal Silver ! It's that simple. I wish people would understand that the solution produced in the kitchen IS NOT COLLOID SILVER as is bought in a bottle from Sellers or Shops!

Do some research on the definition of a Colloidal substance for Christ sake, what it consists of and how it is made.

By definition, a Colloidal solution will contain OVER 50% metallic Silver in particle form, with lesser Ions by ratio, this is NOT the same as what people make in their kitchens! That so called "CS" solution WILL NOT BE PRODUCED IN THE HOME KITCHEN USING LVDC GENERATORS!

The home generator producing using 99.9% and over pure silver and DW will produce an Ionic solution by ratio, which contains silver atoms MINUS one Electron, hence the silver atom will be reduced to Ions and become Positively Electrically Charged when one electron is lost from the atom by electrolysis. Any smaller than an Ion and the Silver will cease to exist as silver.

The "particles" people waffle on about their home generators solution are NOT metallic particles per say. Those "particles" are Ions surrounded by water, and each Ion adheres to other Ions by Attraction and Repulsion, called a 'cluster', but EACH of those Ions IN that 'cluster' are surrounded by water forming that 'cluster' of Ions, like a bunch of grapes for simplicity sake, with each grape surrounded by water, hence people think they have Metallic particles, but they don't. Those 'clusters' will break up when enter the body. Again, study up!

The "CS" bought from health shops, or anyone else who sell it comes in a bottle, is produced NOT BY LVDC.

How the bloody hell can you make "X" ppm when there is a soluble limit to Silver under electrolysis? You can't! Once you exceed the solubility limit then the water becomes saturated, then some other shit has to be added to stop those "particles?" being pulled out by the law of gravity out of the water and end up as mud on the bottom of the vessel.

People need to STOP calling their home made stuff " Colloidal Silver ", it's outdated and a misrepresentation from by-gone days when they used powdered silver to make it, "Movidyn" for example, and some probably still do, the truth is YOU CAN'T MAKE Colloidal Silver with the LVDC electrolysis home generators!

Study up people and STOP calling the home made stuff "CS"! There is a difference between what you make in your home and what you bought in a bottle from a Marketer or a shop.

Why the hell do you know the FDA, and other Nations Regulators, have never mentioned the home made product in their BS blurbs, because they are NOT quoting the home made stuff, they are quoting the "CS" product or the Colloidal Silver product, because they have nothing to report from the home made stuff, i.e. the Ionic Silver Solution!

This is why many people don't have a clue about the difference between "Colloidal Silver" and the "Predominantly Ionic" product as made in your kitchen!

I'm over this "CS" bullshit, do some study for Gods sake.

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