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Re: Liver Flush tested scientifically and debunked? Yes partially and new better method developed.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Liver Flush tested scientifically and debunked? Yes partially and new better method developed.

When you hydrate lecithin granules they do look exactly like liver sludge on their own, no need for adding oil or Epsom Salts .

This has been gone over a billion times. People who don't understand basic chemistry keep trying to use the 'some sort of chemical reaction' argument for disproving the liver flush's validity. There are no alkali solutions in the basic ingredients, and those are what is needed to saponify oil. The stomach secretes hydrochloric acid, not alkali, and the small intestine is not able to release anything near the alkalinity of lye, which is what is used in soap and candlemaking. If you were to drink lye you would die, end of story.

I give you credit, but it's not a good test at all. I'm not sure how much lecithin is stored in the liver if any at all, and it what form - certainly it is not stored in dehydrated granule form.

Why don't you do a few flushes yourself and then you will experience the truth of it.

Citrus fruits are a bile stimulant.

That is why people with pancreatitis are advised to stay away from citrus.

The ingredients in the Liver Flush all have a purpose.

Epsom Salts are to both dilate the bile ducts and to clear out the intestines.

grapefruit juice is to help emulsify the oil, make it taste a little less nasty, and possibly provide a little extra kick for the bile stimulation.

olive oil, specifically raw oleic oils, have been shown to be the most stimulatative in bile release.

Bitters are good, but only after the liver is fully functional.

Taking bitters while the liver and gallbladder are plugged up can cause serious problems.

That is why many bitter herbs contain a warning on their label to not take it in the case of liver disease (aka plugged liver)

Your reasoning is faulty that in the same mass of stones and sludge one substance would be completely different than the other, in other words that the sludge is pure lecithin but the stones are real. And you are providing evidence for the validity of the Liver Flush being able to expel stones.

You have officially been debunked, have a nice day.


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