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Re: Liver Flush tested scientifically and debunked? Yes partially and new better method developed.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Liver Flush tested scientifically and debunked? Yes partially and new better method developed.

It was liquid lecithin and not granules. The lecithin in water did not look like this it was smooth and milky. You don't need base to saponify, you just need an emulsifier.

no you need a base

A strong base can create an emulsifier out of oil

emulsification and saponification are completely different animals. do you know the difference between chocolate and soap. chocolate is an emulsification, soap is saponified oil. you need to go back to school homey.

but you don't need to create an emulsifier because bile already is one. Lecithin is the closest thing to bile there is.


use ox bile in your next experiment. why make assumptions, use real bile.

Also the chyme is basic once it leaves the stomach because it is neutralized by bicarbonate from the pancreas.

omg you are so off base (pun!).

chyme is acid due to hydrochloric acid. in a perfectly healthy person the combination of bicarbonate and bile acids will neutralize the ph of chyme, it is not alkaline per se.

but you're living in a fantasy world because people that are doing flushes have liver problems, and usually liver problems mean pancreas problems as well.

But obviously you have never taken the time to learn biology.

back at you.

And if you took advanced biology/physiology you would know the stomach doesn't secrete acid unless protein is present.

not true, many people suffer from gerd on an empty stomach.

grapefruit juice is an acid.

Saying bitters can't be used because they stimulate bile secretion but olive oil can because it stimulates bile secretion is total hypocrisy.

wrong, not what i said, learn to read.
i said that raw olive oil is a better bile stimulant than bitters.

bitters are good, no argument there.

just not as good as olive oil.

now go give some advice to pancreatitis sufferers and tell them to drink orange juice, they will wind up in the hospital. do your homework. citrus juice is excluded from the pancreatitis diet because it stimulates bile and also pancreatic secretions.

The whole point of this is to stimulate bile secretion right? I have not seen any evidence that citrus stimulates bile secretion but bitters have been scientifically documented and known for millennia to do just that.

no, the whole point is to help people heal by clearing out the liver. your approach is heavy handed and lacks a fundamental understanding of the physics when stones are involved. when stones are present if you push on the gently (bitters) you will just aggravate the situation. if you push on it strongly enough (olive oil) with enough dilation ( Epsom Salts ), then you set up the right conditions for the stone to move. you should be paying me $200/hour for this education.

bitters yes, already agreed. olive oil is better though. this is why Liver Flushes are curative and bitters are maintenance. bitters are for healthy people or people who are very close to restoring their health. flushes are for people who have serious endemic bilestones and stones.

if you actually did a flush you would understand the process.

The great thing is this is Science and you reproduce it!

lol. this is Science so let's use 'the closest thing to bile' and not actual bile.

so use ox bile not lecithin and let's see what happens.

anyway, people doing flushes often have no bile flow or impaired bile flow so you're way off again.

If you want to debunk it to yourself try the experiment yourself and see if you can. If you have any respect for your body you will learn the facts before you set up a Science fair experiment in your intestines.

there are over 1000 participants in the Liver Flush survey here. it was an overwhelming success.

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