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Re: Edit: Re: You can
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Edit: Re: You can

I heard of taking frankincense oil on the global quest for the cure tapes when he told a homeless man to put one drop of his tongue every two hours..the man had actually considered suicide that that morning and tried to hang on than he had a chance meeting with Ty Bollinger and his film crew, saying god had sent them.

also a young lady in the tapes heavily credited frankincense oil with her healing from cancer and said she put it on the roof of her mouth trying to get it as close to the cancer as she could.

that is the first I knew it could be ingested..I did a search and saw articles saying it worked better than chemo so I started taking it though I do not remember it every two hours but take it when I think of it..often 2 drops fall out o bottle unto palm and I just lick it off my palm and chase with a little water.

I am not taking young living oils but the brand at the health food stores and have noticed no ill effects from it so do not believe the man who profits off this brand that it is the only safe brand.  It is too expensive for me as I am very low income.

I thank you very much for your prayers and relaying the story..but I have 12 tumors size of tennis ball to walnuts and 5 have grown since last cat scan 4 months ago and cancer had got 4 times bigger. /found out last week, during ER visit.

Although I am a Christian I do not think it would be piratical to sit there and wait till healed in my case.

I feel if God will heal me it will be through his creation and the amazing chemicals he put in his plants and other modalities of healing in nature, living better life etc and through things he might make me aware of somehow etc rather than a  spontaneous healing but surprised and glad this happen for the old couple.

I have been trying harder spiritually since my diagnosis and recently ordered Dr Day's healing materials and she heavily places emphasis on god and turning one's life to him completely as crucial to healing and I have been trying and will try more to seek him and trust him.

It is going to be hard as I am high IQ and knowledgeable and tend to try to figure it all out on my own and very strong willed and divergent and always march to the beat of a different drummer and stay firm in my beliefs even if ostracized.

For someone like that, it is hard to turn all things to god and I though saved by the blood of Jesus was afraid to make him lord..

Growing up in a very guilt ridden church catholic in the 50s, I had distorted and fearful view of god and feared hell as I just could not seem to be that good (though from earthly standards pretty much normal)  

At age 33, reading Romans when suddenly the page leaped out at me, it was stuff I heard all my life but in the different light and I saw we were not saved by faith and works but faith alone and all our righteousness was as filthy rags etc,

I saw before me a very clear choice to make a this fork in the road of my life.

 I thought do I turn my back on everything I had been taught and believed my whole life as a devout catholic told if we ever leave catholic church then going to hell and who as a kid went to mass 6 to 7 days a week OR do I put my faith in this I am reading in this certain light and trust and believe that and

chose that and I did and had a very very strong conversion experience =one William James in his book varieties of religious experiences term a strong conversion experience where you clearly now where it happened etc and when I did believe Jesus did all the work and I am saved and said yes I believe this, it felt like the holy spirit feel on me as a rushing of the wind and suddenly the bible which had seemed so confusing seemed so harmonious and much easier to understand  etc.

I had had a horrendous life with serious and daily problems often going on for decades every single day and had revelations during that time that god was trying to teach me to trust him as I am so bad at it

He was very faithful in answering prayers on a prayer chain for decades..and I got maybe 85 to 90% answers to prayers not always like I thought or did not realize till years later but he was very faithful in answering these prayers and gave me amazing bible verses having maybe over  a dozen words directly related to a specific problem I was dealing with.

He told me I can trust him..still I failed miserably at it as often took it back right away and tried to solve it myself.

when I almost died about 5 years ago in a 55 mph wreck where I would have been dead but for a split second of acceleration as the car was utterly demolished when I later had a weird thing happened that the women with me freaked out over and felt I had an encounter with an angel but it was very sure proof to me that god worked that day I trusted him and did what he asked not what I wanted to do and then thing happened showing me it was all god trying to teach me something

Also first I missed death all said who saw the utterly demolished car by one second or one foot and then I almost died twice as went into shock 9 days later as was bleeding internally from lacerated spleen and live that they missed. a series of events got me there sooner than expected or they said I would have died, organs would have shut down and then nothing they could do.

later I asked God why did I survive ,,I said it must be cause I am helping all these people right? as have helped many thousands of people and God clearly said no ...I am still trying to teach to teach you to trust me..finally maybe when cancer appears a few years ago, at some point I told god I wanted him to be lord..something I was really scared to do for all these years I have been a Christian..still not perfect at it but I see the circumstances he allowed in my life have helped me make some progress there though far from perfect at this.

not sure how good I have been but finally was open..lately especially after getting Dr Day's info and reading materials on god etc, I am thinking about it a lot more and trying to do what he wants or I think he wants and when I do trust him I get almost immediate results. It is uncanny.

I am talking about little things like cant find something and then the minute I pray find it within a is helping me to know he will be there even if he feels far away.

So my faith is not what it should be but he says  even when we are too weak to have faith, he remains faithful to us.   

I cannot say I have not worried at times will I get to heaven or I am wrong or did it wrong etc as I have had the funeral I want the song just as I am played and one verse says

Just as I am, though tossed about
With many a conflict, many a doubt,
Fightings and fears within, without,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

And hopefully, that will be as it happens just as I am...saved by the blood of the lamb. But I will always be a work in progress I guess till such time our sins are forever removed.


PS oddly today, I found out my ex-husband's 2nd wife who he left me over and who went after a married man with young kids and so ruined my life died today..I was shocked. My son said she died from effects of her rheumatoid arthritis made her worst last few months. I did not know people could die from this disease,

He lost his brother 3 months ago and now his wife and If I die his exwife all in fast succession..let's hope I am not the one to make this comes in three thing happen.. I appreciate your continued prayers last few days felt very ill super weak, malaise-y, and fever of was so out of breathe when got from car to house and worried is the shortness of breathe starting. Hope I am not getting worst and time is short as I felt pretty good mostly just coughing and wheezing I know this fever means the body is fighting hard to help with infections but mom my had a lot of fevers and then died so a little scary.

Thank you for your update very kind of you:)


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