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Re: How to really get rid of parasites--no need for all the buy this, buy that stuff...
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: How to really get rid of parasites--no need for all the buy this, buy that stuff...

Many of us are completely uninterested in your interpretations of Dr. Clark's work. Just quote her, don't misrepresent. These things you say you are 'sure of' are nothing more than little opinions which incidentally hold less weight than those from people who have actually followed through with the dental work.

For example:

You have been ranting about cadmium (as if it is the only toxic metal, more shallow skimming the surface soundbites btw).

Cure for all diseases Page 417:

I was astonished to find thallium in mercury amalgams! It couldn't be put there intentionally, look how toxic it is:


Thallium pollution frightens me more than lead, cadmium and mercury combined, because it is completely unsuspected. Its last
major use, rat poison, was banned in the 1970s. Every wheelchair patient I tested was positive for thallium! One current use for thallium is in Arctic/Antarctic thermostats. When added to mercury the mercury will stay liquid at lower temperatures.

Are mercury suppliers then providing the dental industry with tainted amalgam?


So while you rant about things that you are 'sure of' you are missing gigantic pieces of information from her books and advocating people be sloppy and unthorough. Tap tap tap. And then you segue into utter complete fantasy with the idea that tapping will detoxify cadmium, which is most assuredly not Hulda Clark territory.

Further, your ad hominem attacks on people here for being part of the 'cartel' followed by your defensive braggadoccio posturing about your double masters degree is quite humorous. Half the time you seem to take pride in being outside the system, but when your weak debate points are threatened you sure do hold that diploma tight to your chest (if the diploma even exists).

I hope you realize too that you are doing your friend parazapper a disservice with this post. His parazapper MY-whatever costs over $400 - and it's not even a true rife device. So do $400 non-rife zappers fit into the category of 'no need for all the buy this, buy that'?

Unlike you, I back up my statements with experience. I took a short break from zapper-bashing because I had not done it for many years and wanted to be fair to your claims so I tried it again for a few weeks. The results were craptastically underwhelming. Literally nothing happened, nada, zilch, zero. Not even the slightest infinitessimal reaction whatsoever. So I am doubling and tripling down on the zappers are worthless toys slogan.

An entire used-car-salesman-like culture of zapper salespeople has sprung up since Hulda Clark left the stage, the whole thing gives alternative medicine a tarnished reputation. Ironically you are contributing to that which you rail against, unless you actually are a shill, hmmmm.


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