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Re: Been diagnosed with early stages of argyria
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Been diagnosed with early stages of argyria

Here's another one? I may seem rude here, but I don't mean to be.

Quote: "1-3 12oz glasses a day, and over several years?" Let me think...Hmmmmm, 3x12oz glasses (350ml each glass thereabouts) every day for several years would equate to 36 ounces, or 1 litre for every day for several years...!! WHAT THE...???

Well, which is it then? 1, or 3, or somewhere in-between of 12 oz glasses a day for several years?

Could it be contributed to the silver or something else other than the silver? I doubt it provable.

Did you know your issue needed that much to help. Yes/No?

Did you know or understand that amount in the long term may cause some side effect? Yes/No?

Was it home produced? Yes/No?

What was the approximation ppm? Remember, all readings in the home kitchen are only "approximations" of ppm, a ball park figure. No home used meter are accurate and are NOT calibrated for 'silver' in solution!

Was it produced using only room temperature DW with no other fancy additions to that water? Yes/No?

There are many questions which could be asked here?

People need to learn more about how this stuff works before just shoving something in their mouths before getting some understanding of what they are using?

Make the distinction between the shop bought product, (so called 'CS'), and the home made product such as the Predominantly Ionic Silver solution will cause Argyria?

Ascertain how, can, why, when, what product, short or long term ingestion etc etc etc before making statements and/or assumptions?

You obviously did your own thing, and then make a wild statement people "can get Argyria" unless you supply more information so they can draw their own conclusions?

NOTE: I don't want you to tell me any of this because I don't care what you did, I'm making my own 'wild statements' here. By your own admission you obviously did something *wrong*! I'm just highlighting the inaccuracies in your statement, and this 'blue' bullshit will have other people thinking they might turn 'blue'...*IF* they do as you have done?

YOU did something wrong, so now help educate other people to know what YOU did wrong so they don't make the same mistake before they do? Don't just say this will cause Argyria because that is simply not the truth?

I've said it before, people should STOP reading those comics that abound on the Internet. Study up more. Research and read more relevant information and people might learn more.

EDIT: If you are talking about the so called 'CS' stuff as is bought from the store, then all bets are off! Everything here can be ignored. Have a good day.

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