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Re: terminal cancer I need help with something
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: terminal cancer I need help with something

hi I know about the bowel flush and someone a while back gave me excellent info on vitamin c but so much is going on the the protocol so extensive I am not fully on it due to other things happening so have not gotten to it all but am restarting the iodine and there is 3000 mg a day on that and more in a few of the other supplements.

I am juicing 9 cups a day and know that increases oxygen as does drinking a lot of water. I bought some 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide but have not started yet as forgot about it and it is in the back of freezer and cannot stand long enough to get it due to 25 car wrecks so have to have my sons get it for me on Easter.

But someone told me how to inhale it and people doing that for cancer and respiratory problems so did that twice so far..I just used the regular one that say inactive ingredients purified water but have on in the freezer form health food store that I thought was food grade 35% (a smaller bottle than the other one) and just checked it and it say food grade and I believe it is 3% not 35% so that will be purer it froze so this also tells me it is not 35% but 3% and waiting for it to thaw so can use that instead.

I often also wear magnets over area of about a million Gauss or more. In japan they cured breast cancer using magnet of 21 million Gauss but could not find anything close got tiny magnets of 13,800 Gauss and put a lot of them in a metal container pie dish looking container with the same on top to hold all the magnets in right place and side and tape that big thing to my chest and a smaller one to breast where cancer is.

they say oxygen it brings is one of the main reasons it works well tot he depth it can penetrate and if magnetic field is unbroken hard to do with this homemade version..they said eventually going to make you swallow magnet ions and then the MRI machines will heat it up and that will kill cancer down the road..since on can only do that in medical facilities this might be a good money maker for them so they may eventually come out with that,,.in the meanwhile trying this to the many other things trying to do.

It is supposed to bring oxygen to the area and also alkalize and that is why they think it works but search for the one in the article and cannot find it anywhere. I may later ask my cousin if he can help as he makes things for MRI machines and went to japan with his company and may be able to speak some Japanese or find it I am going to ask him if he ever heard of that company as they also are doing thing with MRI machines. Maybe he can help me locate it as it would be much more comfortable and not so bulky etc if I had the high powered quarter sized one made like a necklace.

I do not get out much now but have started opening windows more to bring in fresh air and I use a bipap for sleep apnea thank god as it is the only way I can sleep lying down and breathe reasonably well..I have taken to putting eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree oil in the tube to help with stress and breathing and killing germs in lungs..they use bipap as a treatment for breathing difficulties of lung cancer.

I will try to research that when I can for more options as I know cancer cant live in high oxygen areas.

My goal is to begin my juice fast tomorrow as had to put it off a few days. It is hard to start but after a few days becomes way way easier. Hope to do some colon cleansing from Schulze with it.



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